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  1. I was resurrected via the power of pure bad idea. From a balance perspective purely, giving any of the Martial Arts to any job has to be heavily scrutinized. CQC itself has a two-click knockout (updated versions, unsure of present para version), and krav itself is stupid powerful (has a stun, a mute, and allows you to take items from other's hands using disarm) in the right hands. With a focus on protecting a total of five people in any given round, the odds of it being misused or just straight up awful to play against are so spectacularly high that I can feel the incoming salt physically, already. Blueshield has always been a problem child when it comes to overstepping it's boundaries, giving them the ability to leg sweep and judo chop anyone they can vaguely consider a threat sounds like a solid two steps in the wrong direction. You must be new to SS13, friend.
  2. Standard shift for scientist Riley Young. Making experimental chemical weapons in scichem, and assisting borgs in suicide via weldertanks. After awhile, Cosmos comes in and we fight eachother with our chems. This is when things are noticed to be not right. Scichem has 300% O2, and is constantly siphoning, is over pressured but you still get pushed back into the room like it's depressured. It never stops siphoning. I kick everyone but Slith out, and I begin calibrating telescience, for which he insists on being a human beacon. Immediately after I send him to chapel, it begins. Every window in scichem explodes, and I go flying into a corner. I manage to warn the crew of the hell that was wrought, as every other window begins exploding shortly after mine. Riley dies in the corner of an exploded station, blamed for the hellscape due to too many memechems.
  3. I feel like most of the people in this thread need to head to tgstation, or any other ss13 server, and get a good grasp on what powergaming really means. Because, in most of the written cases on here, it's literally just "good players who have boiled it down", instead of "playing with only winning in mind". Gateway is super cool and unique the first couple times, but you learn strategies, become seasoned, and still sometimes die in it. The loot is part of the experience, it's not the entire experience. Having magboots and tools isn't powergaming, it's literally using the tools you've worked on making unlockable for the past 20-30 minutes. Antag knowledge is very loose on paradise. If you see a chaplain with the wololo staff, any civilian can point out what it is. Limiting knowledge would work, if the server was anything other than lowlow-lowmed RP at any point. Presently on paradise, you wouldn't be able to enforce CMD, much less enforce fresh slates every shift. What's more, calling prep as antag powergaming is farcical. The antags that don't prepare are the ones you see in brig 15 minutes into a shift, or dead to 10 validers. Paradise is too highpop to not cheese, and it's not even cheesing to win, it's cheesing to make the round more that extended. This is a mess of a post, I'll probably edit it after work or something.
  4. It was in development forever, I agree. However, people's main complaints weren't really dealt with. I played engineering during the time fastmos was first being tested, and the item OHKOs were always a thing. The obnoxious stuntimes were always a thing. The only way for fastmos to NOT affect you directly is to be on of the barelyRPers that sit in bar and do nothing interesting, or live in magboots. (Also, why was red extract on magboots declared an exploit and changed? Use your head.) I've seen plenty of antags have their round ended by somebody just leaving a window open. Unless they powergame magboots, that's the end of them. I can barely think of even one time I've had my enjoyment enhanced by fastmos, that wasn't laughing at misfortune. It exists almost in it's entirety, to fuck people over. Make breaches more realistic, etc. But in a server of 90+ people, I'd argue enjoyment and functionality take precedence over realism, especially on non HRP. Only atmospherics really has any enjoyment from it, which explains the defenders, which is fine. But putting in an inconvenience for everybody, to make the jobs of 2 roundstart more important, is what leaves me dissatisfied. It was in development for awhile, shouldn't have been merged.
  5. And the lack of foresight to add such necessities to both mining and paramedic show that the merge wasn't thought out nearly as much as it should've been.
  6. This is a game about either RP, or antags. You can play building blocks, sure, but that's one department. Meaning fastmos, in my eyes, directly messes with what the game IS, for very little actual payoff besides saying "lul fastmos" when someone's round is ruined by a draft.
  7. Fastmos works on HRP, where breaches aren't that common, and antags play a more passive role. On paradise, holes in the station are a nearly bi-round occurrence, meaning everyone that needs to walk by a commonly bombed area (ie medbay, robotics, medbay) get fucked for existing. The only real defense for fastmos is that it adds more realism, but it comes at the cost of the majority of the crew's enjoyment. I still believe that the full merge was very naive.
  8. In addition to the item throwing, the stun is hilariously long. Oh, the wind was too fast, guess I'll lay on the floor forever.
  9. The tongue organ. I'd love to be able to surgically remove tongues like you can on other codebases.
  10. I mean, syndie outpost is cake when you've done it once, it's only the first turrets that can really mess you up at that point
  11. Yeah, him and me do gateway every round. I'd rather hack in and redirect disposals to HoP later than do paperwork and try to get a stamp.
  12. I recently played a round of vampire traitor where I didn't permakill anyone. Abducted the warden with a cohort, made it a hostage situation where we took limbs until we got the gloves from the HoS. Stole captains stuff, hung out on bridge since I not only had carp but also mistform. But the issue is, antags can only be interesting if 1. Security "allows" it, and 2. The crew does too. It was a Delta station test, so sec couldn't instantly meta where the hostage was, which helped. On our usual map though, a door would've been hacked by a patrolling officer with insulated gloves and a toolbelt, 4 flashbangs thrown in and sprinting in with buckshot on code green. At that point, the fun is over and you have to cut it off. Which is well and fine, antags aren't meant to be invincible, but trying to win is the fun for most people, and playing for other people's fun doesn't often overlap with winning. Then, the second point. If I want to take a hostage, make it interesting, odds are there'll be 5 civilians and an officer rounding the corner as soon as I try. There's an insane number of people on the server, making playing anything other than straight up murder a terrible idea. Because the second someone sees you doing anything shady, it's toolbox out valid time, and they don't stop chasing until they've fucked it up for the antag or are dead on the floor, salting in dchat. I guess my point is that interesting antagging is something difficult for the lone antag, since there's 90 people on the station and doing anything neato needs quiet time to set up or grab a subject. Which you won't get, because a greasy officer is in each maints patrolling on green.