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  1. Was golem made by a traitor xenobiologist who needed captains gun. Golem was good boy. Master gave golem guest pass to science. Golem make sonic hammer. Golem drill into teleporto and captain office, from hallway, no one care. Break noise glass, steal gun. Golem escape into scichem from teleporper. Golem hand gun to master, hide in one of many locker, master hide gun in dispoble shoot. Three minute pass, security come with mech, ask questions, look for golem. They no find gun, master too smart. Security check every locker except one golem hide in. Golem smart. Security leave, master happy, Golem happy. Golem become free.
  2. Additionally Vox raiders Traders came during all this to sell wares, but once the coup was announced, the Vox were told to protect their valued trading partner, NT, and were given some powerful arms. They cleared out all the mechs in escape, but unfortunately it was too late, and they were caught in the nuclear explosion a few minutes later while trying to retreat.
  3. I still like my idea of the Pnuematic Stack Splitter for 6 tc. Holds one full stack of items (like a 50 stack of rods or 60 stack of floor tiles) and shoots them out one at a time until empty. Show them the true potential of floor tiles.
  4. Is there a reason cut and uncapped pipes don't constantly release gas stored in the pipes? Wasn't that a feature that was removed at some point way long ago? Having it so cutting air pipes creates a massive, high pressure vent that super-pressurizes the area would be a good deterrent to cutting the pipes.
  5. While a sort of cap on max welded vents would be nice in theory, I feel it'd end up pushing more people towards unwrenching pipes instead, which is a meta I really dislike. It would be nicer to see some greater long term harm from welded vents, but we'd never really see it due to most vent-welding events happening in the last 30 minutes of a round. Might make round-start vent threats a more interesting round type.
  6. Yeah, clearly this deserves a code 600. Such an unabashed crime carries a weight above Capital.
  7. Blob was spawned in the Russian Gateway, and it left a message for them. The Russians promptly nuked it out of existence.
  8. Nukies deployed a weapon of mass destruction.
  9. What if there was a non TC way to send a Fax to the syndicate, like having to use your traitor ID or Open PDA Uplink with the fax machine?
  10. A cult construct could drop a sort of cult-like scroll or glowing soul that functions similarly to a brain; like how a golem's brain is a magic scroll but is still valid to do brain transplants with. Souls stones do seem to be primarily used as a quick-and-easy way to perma-kill sec officers without the need to stop moving, and the added bonus of getting a powerful construct. Though now I'm left with a question about the possibility of a soulstone leaving a body with its brain missing, rather than dusting it completely.
  11. Since there hasn't been much discussion on the updated new crit, i'll give my two cents. I'm liking the updated new crit a lot. It's still very manageable to treat with the right tools, and still possible to stabilize people without. It even gave a slight buff to vampires as their Rejuvenate+ can now heal them out of hardcrit with no complications. Most of my complaints were with people not understanding the system rather than the system itself. Seems a lot of complaints are still centered around it being impossible for people to fully kill someone with brute alone. There might need to be a sort of "Ground Execution" system that can be done on people at -100 or lower so antags/spiders can actually finish off their victims rather than wait 2 minutes for them to suffocate. That or have ~300 points of brute+burn cause instant death.
  12. Runtime killed a mouse, like a good kitty. But it wasn't a mouse, it was a... BLOB MOUSTER
  13. Breen does a big dumb: A story told in two parts.
  14. https://nanotrasen.se/forum/55-unban-requests/ (Post any appeals in the Pending section) You should enter the server first and check if you do have any active bans. There should be a button in one of the tabs (OOC tab maybe) that lists any active job bans. Also early leaving is only a ban for Command Staff, I believe. It is preferred if you ahelp before leaving antag positions, though, so that someone else can be given your body/antag status in replacement. Don't forget to use the template if you find you do have any active bans.
  15. Just an average day in Engineering, no big deal.