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  1. Just an average day in Engineering, no big deal.
  2. I'd like to add "Traitors who fill the shuttle with burning plasma without attempting to survive it themselves" for 400, Alex.
  3. Have a virus cured by ethanol but dont want to spend the next 10 minutes stumbling around drunk? Grab charcoal along with the ethanol, and preferably someone with a medhud. Take the ethanol, and once the medhud says you're cured, take the charcoal. The charcoal will instantly turn the ethanol in your body into Antihol, which will purge any excess ethanol and cure drunkenness.
  4. A long while ago during one of my cling rounds, we were a group that were clearly intent on helping each other out. Suddenly one of the changelings shouts over hivemind that they're about to get cremated, so 3 of us run into the cremation room and rescue him, killing the security/chaplain in the room in the process. Generally it was okay at that point, because everyone killed was an immediate threat to the changeling we were saving. Then while im trying to hack open the maint door to escape, the other changelings decide "no witnesses" and start murderboning several civilians in the chapel. Definitely a bad thing. We escaped into maintenance to recouperate and absorb some of the corpses. Killed a valid hunter abusing TK to push us back into the cremation room, which was an okay kill. Killing a random civvie that walked into maint or a paramedic before they can get a word out was over the line, to which an admin gave a message to everyone to tone down the murder. In general, chasing down someone who walked in isn't a great move. You'll just end up murdering in a public hallway. Witnesses that need to be killed are those already there before you start your plan of action, anyone who walks in later should be ignored if they keep their distance or dealt with if they interfere.
  5. Someone mentioned it on the SpaceChem steam forums likening it to the SS13 atmos system, so naturally I looked up Space Station 13 and it caught my interest immediately. Spent the next 3 days reading the Paradise Station Wiki trying figuring out why BYOND address wasn't working.
  6. If you're completely forced to kill someone in a public place, then you do the sensible thing and try to drag them away from the public place, dead or alive. Anyone that follows you into maintenance is free game, but you don't hang around and start massacring everyone for existing in your general area. You could also RP to get your target to move.
  7. To give even more context from the cultist perspective: The slippery cult sacrifice target was the pod pilot, who was AFK in their pod until security raided the engineering outpost base. After a lot of yelling over medcomms, we were joined souls out of security's hands and went full-on war. The target was finally out of their pod and heading to medical, so in response, cult went all out and killed pretty much all of security in medbay with a single attack... with the exception of the target who ran away. Now that security is dead, we've got a handful of people trying to capture the target, one or two people reviving dead cultists with resurrection runes, and the latter half getting new converts with no resistance. The sacrifice target manages to get into a gygax and starts gunning down every single cultist they find, until I destroy it with EMPs and get killed. Target gets a second gygax, again gets destroyed by EMPs and manages to run to the labor outpost with a borg. During all of this, the cult is continuing to convert non-stop and the round has been voted to continue because of the chaos. We chase the target down to the labour outpost, but the borg is on the shuttle console, forcing me to go around. Borg shoves the target into the locker and runs out into the asteroid, also killing the target via space, luckily a corpse can't run anymore. After a short bit of hide and seek, the borg gets EMP'd and the body gets grabbed and teleported back to station for Tribute. If there were any non-cult left on the station, they were holed up in the brig, helpless as the Cult casually summoned in the captain's office to their victory.
  8. Sounds like a really interesting rework that would spice up combat a little, disarms having to be tactically used for a combat advantage rather than a wild spam. Gives an interesting change to running away from an attacker too. I'm a bit wary about how much knockdown it would cause, if any downing at all; On one hand, disarm needs to be able to put people on the ground so the people blankly standing on harm intent in narrow corridors don't become impassable. On the other hand, a full knockdown is really strong, especially if its spammable. I don't imagine a Nukie would be happy stunlocked because they got disarm pushed into a wall. I like the direction, though.
  9. Meet the pinnacle of medical science: Buffpin and Ultimate ManLizard. Captain gave me the Medal of Nobel Sciences for this.
  10. Remember that Cult Buildings can be unanchored by hitting them with your tome. Take the pylons with you to the summon location for extra healing and cover.
  11. So after seeing this system in play outside of a medical perspective, all its really done is make being in critical extremely deadly. The big problem is that this is a huge obstacle for antags in combat. You can't just synthflesh your way out of a bad spot anymore. Once you go into cardiac arrest, which can happen at just -20, you're dead without medbay, something you can't get if you're wanted. It's become even easier for antags to die, both from security and validhunters, because the threshold for death has become so much lower. If anything, newcrit forces people to either be even more stealthy, or even more aggressive so that they never risk taking a bullet.
  12. I would like to add that if the sleeper change was to be reverted to some degree, it'd be much nicer to have Charcoal take the place of Ether in the basic chem line-up. It's odd to think that one of medbay's standard tools is better at infinitely loading up some poor guy with a knockout chem than healing a basic damage type without scientific upgrades. Ether feels more like a secondary chem that would be unlocked through upgrades; its need in medbay is astronomically less compared to charcoal.
  13. It was a really, really bad day. Edit: I enjoy how this page started and ended with my embarrassing failures as a cultist.