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  1. Bluespace light replacer - Non-emaggable. Can replace and pick up lights from range through walls, (like RnD's machine upgrader). Can dump stored broken lights into lathes in a similar fashion. Because Janitors need more love and would prefer to not have to ask for escorts to replace a broken light. Bluespace™ Paint Brush - Paints a space tile blue. (Don't question it)
  2. Bluespace box: A handheld box that can send items put inside to other bluespace boxes. Boxes have their own frequencies, and will be sent to a set target frequency when used. If there are two targets with the same frequency, the receiver will be random. Works across Z-levels. Good for quickly/discreetly sending small items to others, provided it doesn't get intercepted, or someone sends a live bomb.
  3. Something that catches peoples attention without ruining other peoples rounds. Set yourself on fire in front of the bridge to protest to command. Get sacrificed by the chaplain. Challenge the captain to a brain burger eating contest, their participation is optional. The more station announcements about your non-destructive death, the more glorious it is.
  4. Pckables


    The Abductor ship healing Abductors sounds like a great idea. A common and frustrating thing i've seen with abductor teams - newbies (which is common with how uncommon abductors are) that someway or another get themselves injured, possibly trapped in crit, but are too inexperienced to steal healing chems, resulting in a long, drawn-out floundering that the injured abductor hates and the other stresses out over for the next 20 minutes. Plus it would make sense for an advanced alien race with a built-in high-tech surgery table to bring healing instruments with them. The ability to track and possibly remotely interact with abductees sounds like a fun change of pace as well, putting more emphasis on the abductors protecting their victims rather than dumping and forgetting them. The only problem with this is that it doesn't mesh well with the current goal of [Abduct X people to win], and is too much of a long-term thing for late-game antags.
  5. A hoard of fluffyvulp and wetskrell mags. I heard they sell for top dollar.
  6. You can't spell warden without WAR!
  7. How to retrieve the disk: Step 1: Highlight the NSS Cyberiad, either by clicking it, or drag selecting it with the box selection tool. Step 2: Select the translate/move tool (default hotkey "W") Step 3: Using the arrows that appear, move the station's Z positional value so it leaves the Z-level, thus leaving the disk behind. Step 4: Obtain disk.
  8. In regards to balancing the gap between newbies and experienced players, and the snowballing: When you think about it, experienced shadowlings snowball out of control because not only do thralls give them more power over the crew, but more POWERS, which just adds onto their immense advantage once they've got over half their quota. Inexperienced shadowlings often have trouble getting thralls, so maybe they need a few extra powers to, if not help them thrall, make the round more interesting before they die. Maybe instead, Shadowlings should start with almost all their powers, and lose them as they get closer to their thrall goal. This way, Shadowlings are more vulnerable as they gain more thralls, and are required to actually use them as bodyguards once they get close to ascension. Say you had a shadowling needing 20 thralls. At 0 Thralls, you have all your abilities aside from ascension. After 5 thralls, you lose the Sonic Screech ability. After 10 thralls, you lose Icy Veins, Drain Life, and Glare. After 15 thralls, you lose Black Recuperation, Shadow Walk, and Rapid Rehatch After 20 thralls you ascend, with all the perks that come with it. What powers you lose and when is up to balance testing, but it would give newer players a better chance by giving them the strongest start possible, and then putting them on similar dependancy levels as experienced players once they get closer towards ascending. This may also change the dynamic of "Oh Slings are almost ascended, let's just give up" to "Slings are almost ascended, they're at their weakest now! Hit them hard!"
  9. If you put a bulletproof vest on a space bear, you create an invincible bear. They can only be taken out with armor piercing rounds.
  10. Really? That's fantastic, clowns are great.
  11. Suddenly I have an urge to give clowns the clumsy disability as a geneticist.
  12. Players can now spawn as a shadow person in the character customization menu.
  13. Removes sound from *squish
  14. You can open and loot a bag on the ground by dragging it over your sprite. No need to actually pick it up. Useful for surgery or stealthily taking stuff from bags dropped on the ground.
  15. Also, "People with high enough radiation will start irradiating others around them" is not technically correct. People being radioactive is from the "Radioactive" disability gene, not from high radiation in the body. It's just likely to appear after a bit of radiation due to being a disability, but is cured with mutadone.