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  1. The protolathe can definitely print pAIs, the name might be written out or something.
  2. >an antag that could probably use a bit of admeme help when all the cultists are deconverted in the first thirty minutes of a round. The super-antags are really not balanced, having them go up against crew just because cultists got caught early would be very unfair and total overkill, imo. You could argue for adding in a super-cultist but it wouldn't get used like that, I don't think.
  3. Masked Killer Haunting maintenance Break all electric lights, only torches and candles work Turn EVERYONE into a skeleton.
  4. The main issue I see with this is it encourages the chaplain to leave his null rod untransformed and pick his weapon form based on what the antag turns out to be. I prefer it if it's more of a fluff/personal preference choiuce.
  5. You could make a vox variant that's spaceproof pretty easily, or use the big vox caste for this. No reason that the vox can't make their raiders spaceproof with their skills in cybernetics and stuff. On the 'only trade with command' thing, maybe they should be made more like...smugglers. Make the things they sell explicitly contraband, encourage crew to meet with them in remote parts of maint for their neat loot, maybe even give them some surplus syndicate stuff they've 'acquired' somewhere else, then put it in space law/SOP that command must not deal with smugglers like that. Instead of one person just sitting in a meeting room with them they'd have to be.
  6. The main issue with vox raiders was, iirc, that every vox on station begins self-antagging and it's basically rev but all the revs are thieving space birds, and I'm not sure how you'd rework it to remove that.
  7. As the lucky ghost that got to play the masked killer, I agree with your recommendations. It was very sad I had to ditch the fire axe. Also it was good you gave me a health hud after the first victim, I didn't realize the meathook did that much damage. The meat wagon was hilarious but started to feel unfair with how I just outpaced security, which is part of the reason I decided to ditch it and give them more of a chance. Which promptly led to my death of course but it at least meant I didn't outstay my welcome.
  8. The big issue with that law you proposed is that the AI now has to open the suit sensors window and search for the crew member in question before answering any requests, which is a lot of hassle if it's getting frequent requests (and believe me, AIs tend to suddenly get a big influx of requests far too often).
  9. Other servers have a 'fugitive' event that spawns some people in maintenance without IDs and crew can chose to help them or not, though they also spawn some hunters with the task of capturing the fugitives. Reminded me of that.
  10. Maybe this would work better as a midround event rather than a roundstart role/antag? It would also be weird so see established characters suddenly be maint hobos when they were captain the round before.
  11. I've been working on a new station goal myself. It's still very much WIP but you can find it here https://github.com/ParadiseSS13/Paradise/pull/12062 and if you have any suggestions, feel free to make them.
  12. IMO, the main downside of a Borg vs. an officer should be the Borg being bound to its laws, but sec Borgs on paradise freely ignore crew antag orders and get out the harm batons so they really are just officer+
  13. Eler00

    mech nerf?

    The worst part of facing a mech as a blob is the mech gets basically infinite ballistics, since it can "reload" with some energy.
  14. I like the suggestion of making green webs speed up spider healing, it would give greens something else to do and reduce the time you spend waiting for regen. As for swaping greys and browns...that would deal with the welded vents issue, but will probably encourage crew to unwrench vents a LOT more. Hmm, maybe give Spiders an objective to reach? Like reach X total spiders, or create a T5 spider? But then again, I'm not sure how that would be better. Hmm, since spiders are a syndicate bioweapon, maybe they have a mechanism for spreading beyond hitching rides on space ships? Create some kind of special egg/a biological spaceship and launch it into space to spread the infestation, after which the spiders get a major victory? Might not fit the spider aesthetics.
  15. Seems like you put a lot of thought into these, but I'm not sure they're a good idea. Paperwork borg: That sounds like a lot of snowflakey code and effort, more than it may appear on first glance. I'd be surprised if a coder takes this. I'm also very unsure why it should be not linked to an AI, or why its laws should be unable to be changed with an upload console. Feels like snowflaking for the sake of snowflaking. Also, if people want paperwork they usually just go IAA. You're probably better off just letting pAIs edit documents and get a printer, if they don't have one already. Fire safety: This will be like playing IAA except people listen to you even less and ignore you even more. First aid: All powergames will unlock this for the free medkit "just in case" then only use it on themselves. If you want to, you can just...request some first aid supplies from cargo or medbay. Spiritualist: A neat idea, but it feels to me like this could be folded into the librarian (god knows he needs it) or the chaplain.