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  1. Skrell? Forgotten they even exist.
  2. What do you do when CC sends someone to demote you for being a crappy head and letting prisoners die? Threaten to say the n-word, of course. Other things he did that round include the navy seals copy-pasta and saying he got demoted because he 'redpilled' command.
  3. CE decided to run 6 teslas in containment at once. CE forgot to set engine SMES to charging. Containment ran out of power. 6 Teslas were unleashed on the station, CC announced reality breaking down and then...the teslas turned into bananas.
  4. Gotta convince the maints and heads that the job's useful, if you want to get it implemented.
  5. Miners can busy pokeballs that hold simple mobs (probably all simple mobs, though I've only used them for mining mobs). They are meant to be used with lazarus injectors which revive a dead simple mob as a friendly mob, but if the injector is emagged, the resulting mob is hostile to everyone but you. I don't think it would make much sense to make a separate traitor item for what's essentially the same gimmick (throw pokeballs that release hostile mobs).
  6. Oh it wasn't on the wiki for some reason. I added it this morning after noticing it due to this thread.
  7. You...are aware that is already an item, right? Box of throwing weapons, 3 TC, comes with 5 throwing stars that are guaranteed to embed and 2 bolas. The stars even do exactly 20 damage.
  8. There is no job space that can be wasted. In fact, with the current constant highpop, creating new jobs that make sense is on the official desired features list. And people buy sec pod pilot for the pod pilot. Other people want to tutor newbies. Pod pilots would be pissed at the slot being taken up by someone that just wants to tutor people.
  9. On the '5 buckshot hits don't drop someone' issue, I've been thinking we could set health thresholds where you are guaranteed to go to the next stage. Something like...if at -200 health or less, you have 100% chance to go into shock, at -400 health heart attacks have 100% chance to occur, etc. So basically take the current odds but dial them way up at certain threshold values.
  10. I once had the idea for some kind of traitor item to enable hostage situations. A 'bomb collar' or something that destroys the brain when it goes off. But that runs into the same 'traitors just use it to perma-kill without any hostage taking involved' issue.
  11. After the singulo got released, engineering rebuilt containment and prepared for making a new singulo. but something about their setup seems a bit off...
  12. Just because you're an ant doesn't mean you can eat ants without harm, I don't get the logic here.
  13. Maybe we could even include a 'request more objectives' functionality in traitor pdas? As in, add a 'request additional objective' button, maybe with a reward if the previous one has been completed? With the ability for admins to intervene and manually add a more interesting objective?
  14. Nope, terror spiders take damage from lack of pressure. It is slower than humans, but it adds up.
  15. I think so. Though it is probably safer to simply pump distro empty so they take damage from lack of pressure. Same result, but no risk of horrible plasma floods.