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  1. It's off by default for antag reasons, nobody else can scream for help while dead after all. A better idea might be to allow posibrains to succumb/ghost without losing respawn, assuming that's not already a thing.
  2. Malf AIs only occur during round with traitors, and automatically get access to traitor comms, so if you really want an ally with hands just...cooperate with your fellow traitors, in exchange for all the useful shit an AI can do for them.
  3. You can probably destroy a brain by deep frying it or maybe putting it in a microwave to make a burnt mess. I know you can destroy them in a destructive analyzer.
  4. What we could do is rework antag code so antag is rolled before race is assigned. So if you roll cling/vampire and you are an IPC, it uses another profile/gives you a randomized human name/char. The option would of course have to have an option to turn it off for people that prefer just playing their IPC.
  5. Imo we should increase sec playtime requirement and the introduce a security cadet role to compensate. That way new players can still play security but it is guaranteed you also have some veterans, and you can give cadets less equipment to make them less of a loot pinata.
  6. Those sentient mobs are pretty tough. Butterfly eats spider.
  7. Another pro of IPCs is they don't have blood so they are left alone by vampires.
  8. One thing is good abductors can be nearly invulnerable, which makes people salty especially in large amounts.
  9. So, as those of you on discord probably know, Kyet recently disabled the ability to set your own nickname on the server, instead creating a system where your name is enforced based on ckey and character name, with an option to use your forum username instead. A great many memes were lost in the change, for, in my opinion, basically no gain. This definitely feels to me like changing something for the sake of changing something, as if they wanted to experiment with forum-discord integration and just picked a feature at random. What do you guys think of this, do you perhaps even like it? Make sure to vote in the poll.
  10. Skrell? Forgotten they even exist.
  11. What do you do when CC sends someone to demote you for being a crappy head and letting prisoners die? Threaten to say the n-word, of course. Other things he did that round include the navy seals copy-pasta and saying he got demoted because he 'redpilled' command.
  12. CE decided to run 6 teslas in containment at once. CE forgot to set engine SMES to charging. Containment ran out of power. 6 Teslas were unleashed on the station, CC announced reality breaking down and then...the teslas turned into bananas.
  13. Gotta convince the maints and heads that the job's useful, if you want to get it implemented.
  14. Miners can busy pokeballs that hold simple mobs (probably all simple mobs, though I've only used them for mining mobs). They are meant to be used with lazarus injectors which revive a dead simple mob as a friendly mob, but if the injector is emagged, the resulting mob is hostile to everyone but you. I don't think it would make much sense to make a separate traitor item for what's essentially the same gimmick (throw pokeballs that release hostile mobs).
  15. Oh it wasn't on the wiki for some reason. I added it this morning after noticing it due to this thread.