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  1. I agree in principle with the goal of making many things not emag-dependant. Maybe making them hackable would be a more fun/interactive way IMO than the current 'shoot it a billion times with a KA/point an emitter at it' thing.
  2. For a visual indicator, we could use the same glowing head stuff that we use for TK, maybe? As for damage, Radiation would make the most sense imo, with maybe an alternative in clone for Dionas?
  3. "If you die just suck it up, and play another round" is also well...harder to swallow when it comes to antag rounds. Because your next antag round might be ten rounds from now, a week from now, who knows when. Get killed as sec? Sure whatever you'll get 3 more shifts as sec that day if you want. Getting antag is both somewhat rare and RNG, so getting a round 'ruined' by cheesy methods feels worse for the player.
  4. Speaking of nerfs, any nerfs probably shouldn't touch antag x-ray, right? I don't think a wizard getting x-ray for example is a huge balance concern with how utterly outnumbered wizards are.
  5. Inspired by some discussion in deadchat. There's again been quite a lot of people dissatisfied with x-ray and what it does in the hands of security. The major argument I've seen is that antags rely on stealth. Stealth becomes impossible if every sec officer has x-ray and sees everything just by patrolling maint. Things like on-station cult bases are already nearly impossible and become wholly so when genetics finds x-ray. There have been quite a few PRs trying to nerf or remove x-ray that were shot down for one reason or another, so I hoped to see if there's popular support among the player population before making my own attempt. Ideas for nerfs that have been proposed before include: making everything black-white, making you see people as just skeletons that you can't identify because you only see their bones, making you radioactive while you have them, replacing genetics x-ray with thermal vision, generally limited range past walls...there's been a lot of suggestions on how to nerf x-ray.
  6. Fire distinguishers. They look like fire extinguishers but all they do when pointed at an object is tell you if it is on fire or not. Have a 10% chance of spawning in fire extinguisher closets instead of the normal extinguisher.
  7. Senitor Nanotrasen Representative
  8. Do traders get sunglasses then, to not flash themselves? Also for trade goods, don't forget cat ears.
  9. Some kind of super-KA for miners, better than what you can make with modkits. Honk/Mime mechs. An upgrade kit to let a cyborg become a gamma level borg. An AI law board with unusual laws you can't get normally. For example, Brosimov, NT default, something else funny (CLOWN lawset, maybe?) Syndie balloons.
  10. I thought zipties already are faster to put on than handcuffs? That + not leaving behind handcuffs once remvoed is their advantages (as in, you don't need to go reclaim handcuffs from a perma prisoner after you buckle him to his bed and so on)
  11. For those unaware, a PR adding sleeper agents as a buyable option for nukies is currently open:
  12. You could even let the operatives decide the objective of the activated traitor when they buy the option.
  13. Nukies don't win that rarely, in my experience. Yes, war rounds do favour the crew, but I'd say it's more 40/60. Also, declaring war is explicitly labelled as 'challenge mode' for the nukies. It is supposed to be harder than not declaring war. That said: The idea of nukie reinforcements sounds interesting and could lengthen the round quite a bit. It would make it feel more like a proper war and less five random murderhobos. Sidenote: SOP doesn't apply to war, as it is for standard situations now, so SOP can't forbid handing out all access during war.
  14. Highly trained elite syndicate operatives struggle to enter their shuttle. Not pictured: Getting the nuke disc but dropping it on station while going back to the shuttle, where a sec officer with a pinpointer could pick it up. Also not pictured: One operative dying to fastmos when breaching the station.
  15. The door was bolted and without power. Without power, bolts can't be moved. The apc in the room it lead to didn't have power, and I assume the door is mapped to belonging to that room instead of the room with power.