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  1. The only PR I've 100% supported in my year or so here.
  2. What's this? A cook working and making food for the station? and if you look closely you can see two mice eating all the cheese foods I made for them.
  3. Been about 80ish days since I posted something here... I guess I can post some low effort meme art.
  4. I've gone full rounds without a mask on by just drinking tea from the green center.
  5. Is it bad that I want to see more 400 year old lamp art?
  6. A full day of trick or treating rounds and the admemes trying to have scary events that boil down into demon/spiders murdering everyone
  7. It's a plasma research station so coming from a roleplaying point of view chad miners and purple nerds are most likely paid the most. That and command.
  8. Give IPCs *clap metal clanking sounds to make up for all the nerfs
  9. How about we just use credits for bread tubes and roleplay like it is now? You are here to roleplay right?