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  1. That's one of about 70 pages filled up. why put time into my school work when I can doodle into my notebook and hide in the library?
  2. The main problem I see with it is people getting locked in maintenance when it goes to red. You don't often see it being announced beforehand.
  3. I did't mean sex if that's what you mean. I meant like being in love. Like of on the shoal it's acceptable for it...
  4. @necaladun how do vox feel about marriage and love?
  5. May want to mention how you get get ash by burning paper.
  6. Just a doodle I did today at school. Edit: I forgot the tail... shucks.
  7. I do a bit of adding "Ing" to and some "s" and avoid saying "I" I usually replace it with "is" that and I avoid "yaya" with a burning passion. Like.. "I'm going to the store" is "is goings to store" And "I had a great shift today" is "is of hadings great shift."
  8. I've been looking over it for a few days at this point. Started to use the swaying when nervous and/or anxious.
  9. Any way you can get me this or tell me what you know?
  10. I got Vox a long time back and have been playing it off and in for a bit. I'm allways looking to improve and wanted to know If anyone had any tips.
  11. When they first came out switching from run to walk let you pass. I have no idea if that's changed.