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  1. I'm making a two tile big of all the doors. It's much much more work then I was thinking it was going into it. This is the naner door. Honk.
  2. I became friends with the Xenos after the ship left for Central Command. It turns out all you need to do is hug one or two of them and say "Hello!" a bunch. Then a bunch of people on discord made lewd jokes and I called them mean names.
  3. You can hurt people with coins. Somehow. Not just tossing them. Melee with a coin. Most objects that deal zero Melee damage will deal one brute damage when thrown. So you can in fact kill another player by tossing normal playing cards at them. Most items under "useless" in the traitor up-link are in fact useful. Such as the syndicate smokes that will heal you if you smoke them. They also make you look cool. You can quickly and easily spam out of any grab as long as as you're not cuffed and awake. Even when slipped. If they didn't know about the easy spam to get out of grabs then you'll be able to quickly and easily kill people by smashing there heads on closed toilets and urinals. Just have your hands around there neck and have them on the tile of the Toilet/urinal and spam click on it. They will died in about ten clicks. Your punches have a low chance to "weaken" AKA stun whoever you hit (in fact most things do) . This mean if you're lucky you can first punch stun someone in full riot armor and keep stunning them tell they die. I've done it before and I got to say... fair and balanced. Pest killer will near instantly kill the Ant race. Yes, you can kill one of the two people that play that race just about as fast as an EMP kills an IPC. Same with Plant people and plant killer. EMPs have a small AoE around them that won't instantly kill an IPC. It will cause burn damage. Feel free to brag to your friends about how many EMPs you've survived. I'm at 17. Get on my level. If aiming for the eyes and your target has nothing keeping them safe forks and screwdrivers have a 5% (or 10% I forgot. It is one of the two though.) change to stun and temperately blind your target. You can use this to stun them with the first hit and keep them down tell they die. I want to you know this is incredibly fun to die to. If you're reading this you're a big nerd that needs glasses and reads books
  4. Lot of cage the elephant songs and ocean man. since as we all know ocean man is the best song ever made.
  5. holy shit this have been going on four ever. You guys think this one will ever die out?
  6. The only PR I've 100% supported in my year or so here.
  7. What's this? A cook working and making food for the station? and if you look closely you can see two mice eating all the cheese foods I made for them.
  8. Been about 80ish days since I posted something here... I guess I can post some low effort meme art.