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  1. Condition: Must always be aware of the groundhog day effect the station undergoes, even your own demise/s Power: The grand knowledge of master sci-chemistry.
  2. I know your secrets now Spartan your doomed
  3. 11 Kitchi's running about the station trying to provoke redspace
  4. RP rewards eh? Making a story is a reward in itself but I could suggest some trinkets Royal zippo lighter Cursed red fox plushie @DarkPyrolord Harmless syndicate fluff stuff (Like Syndicate armbands) Maybe a cannon that fires turtles at people? Minor redspace ability to manipulate redspace itself in minor amounts. (Spells, not wizardy stuff though. actual redspace! because redspace is fun!)
  5. ooo Stellaris? I could try if im about
  6. 1 chaotic vulp spotted attempting to provoke redspace shenanigans
  7. Six shots is all you need, a revolver is a vulps best friend
  8. I am 2 chaotic to perish by such means! Kit'Chi Has Risen!