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  1. Howdy Sax! Have you seen my Syndicate- I mean.. Work gear anywhere? I seemed to have misplaced it after the chef went missing in the walk-in freezer.
  2. You underestimate me, I managed to trick the stations best detective Kennard Rose
  3. Intense Button mashing of the Chef's Gibber I leave No Evidence
  4. Touch my tail and there will be MURDER
  5. Huge Update - Updated Family, Relationships, History and other stuff
  6. I think Kitchi should at least be known. with all the shit he causes. and the fact he is with the marsilona's
  7. Retaliates and Begins pouring gasoline over the inferno!
  8. Lets be honest. I'd look better in a dress @shatterdcoyote and @Normalyman
  9. Updated affiliations. relations and added quotes section. intending to add art of Kitchi
  10. 3 reasons you shouldn't let Kitchi make bombs "Shuttle has been called" "MY ARMMMS!!!" "Wait. why is Kitchi putting a shiny in the bush?"
  11. Howdy! Welcome to the nightmare! we hope you enjoy your stay!
  12. Huge Update. The Ikamura has fallen from grace! as they say. either you die a hero. or live long enough to become the villain