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  1. Most def. Unfortunately for players that enjoy playing as drone (relaxing/low pressure, no interaction), the sight of an emagged drone often leads to the disabling of the drone fabricators and termination of all un-hacked drones. Bonus points if the one on the engie sat gets disabled as well.
  2. (Also, I am very biased toward the drone player, as I play drone often, and have never personally emagged one, so take that as you will)
  3. What about a new traitor item specifically for emaging drones? Make it similar to the ai board for mining drones, in that it can only be used on one drone. You could balance the cost of the item, and now you don't have a source of "infinite respawning antag ghosts." Take the ability to hack drones out of emags, and throw it into this "illegal drone ai board". You could even throw the drill module being reactive with this new item, since it would make sense from a RP perspective. Alternatively, keep the emag the way it is now with the 5 minute limit, to give antags time to purchase this new item and apply it, which would then remove the time limit and activate the drill module.
  4. For sure though, no doubt. I'm pretty sure I'm just about out of chances too in the regard ^.^'
  5. Oh I agree 100% prenerf they were insane. Post nerf, however, they're not very fun for the player being emagged. The current time limit seems to be balanced toward the following assumptions: 1. Both the traitor and the drone are competent/robust enough to execute a complicated plan. 2. Said plan can be explained and executed within 5 minutes, usually including the time it takes to move to a secluded position to explain after capturing a drone. 3. The drone knows the pipe system enough to be able to travel to the intended area with enough time to spare to accomplish any goals. Maybe change it so the drone just goes back to regular programming after the time limit is up? Right now it's just a death sentence, and if you're caught the drone fabricators are usually quickly turned off.
  6. Removes their ability to pathfind under people's legs. Remove the hidden diamond drill module Rewritten its drone control code so that drones that don't call home and verify their programming after a certain amount of time are destroyed automatically. The "certain amount of time" is 5 mintues. I understand where the nerf came from, after seeing a couple rounds of antags that would carry 3+ emagged drones and throw them like pokeballs at sec, but I personally think the nerf went a little too far. Specifically, the 5 minute time limit is not enough time to even find a target, let alone cause that target chaos. Aside from the debilitating time limit, the other two changes were greatly needed. Thoughts?
  7. Its the best vr rhythm game right now, and a hell of a workout. I played it for 4 hours straight after buying it, and was sore for the rest of the week.
  8. I just picked up a new VR game so I made a quick video showing it off. If you've ever wondered what Blake Ewing, that fucking atmos tech that flooded the station with plasma is doing, well wonder no longer.