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  1. And leaving the station in a state of complete chaos and disrepair for the next crew haha. It would be funny if one round the station started in the state it was left in in some previous round.
  2. Awesome post. To add to this, Someone told me once that a spray bottle with Mitocholide is a good way of reviving a pile of limbs. Drop em on the ground and spray em.
  3. Thanks! I didn't know that, good information. Ahh. Those levels are meant to represent my own skill level rather than Emmy's. Those represent approximately how good he would be at each role if he were assigned to it, since I don't want to have different characters for different roles. I don't consider him as being a master of everything for every shift. I'll make some edits so it's not mistaken for tryhard nonsense.
  4. Those are kind of out of date, I came back after having not played in a few months so I'm trying new things. and I don't understand your hashtag jab
  5. Don't lie Wolfy, everyone knows you have a crush on Emmy.
  6. Updated with picture and marriage status
  7. Emerson is probably true neutral. He will be good to others but is unlikely to risk himself for them. He definitely chaotic evil when an antagonist though. He enjoys making his targets suffer physically and psychologically.
  8. I'm content as long as the speed of decompression/compression stays. I'd even be happy with it increasing. There was nothing lamer than creating a breach then coming back 10 minutes later to the room only half empty. Ultimately though, I think the best solution is significantly lowering the duration of the stun, and perhaps making walk act like pseudo magboots. It would make surprise beaches exciting, but not get you trapped and killed by space wind.
  9. Honestly I kinda wanna play a fat guy now.
  10. I feel the size is more suitable to Paradise's population. I also like how the layout and the construction of the station is more forgiving for antagonists. What if, once the station was bug-free, it automatically switched to this station once the population reached a certain threshold?
  11. This is the British Strikeforce getting geared up by a spooky skeleton who would give us several choices to choose from. I was given a choice between a rocket launcher with 6 rockets or four X4's. Kitchi, who was miraculously also there got a choice between two ARs or two MGL-90's. Other choices included a tommy gun that shot .357 rounds or an LMG that shot shotgun shells, a combat borg or a medical borg, whether to take the ship or the pod, weather to notify the crew and get an extra guy, or go stealth, what type of suits to wear, whether to destroy telecomms or gravity, and a few others that I forgot. Lastly we got to choose our British sounding names. I was Reginald D. Poppycock. I think next time I would choose to go silent, because going loud gave them a lot of opportunity to get guns from cargo as well as Durands. The second picture is just a small portion of the carnage caused by the first and second wave of Brits, which I was also part of, and during which I fumbled my way through setting up a nuke for the first time. All in all, it was a blast. Thanks admins.
  12. Close enough. It was fun, I learned a few things. I think next time I'm going to try to use the turbine as a burn chamber and siphon the gas into a TEG (maybe even run both at once?).
  13. What if there was a respawn wave as random characters 1.5 or 2 hours in? It'd give less reason for the dead to vote for shuttle call.
  14. I'm glad you got a screenshot of that, I was reeling with laughter the entire time, especially when trying to explain ourselves to the chief engineer while you could hear the room exploding below. Remember folks, if you're in a room full of plasma, don't use RPDs -- they make sparks.