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  1. Hihisies, yousies havingsies mesies many Shinysies, yayasies?
  2. I think we need a standard for Vox language, it kind of gets on my nerves to see another Vox refer to themselves as “I” or Mesies. Another think that gets kind of annoying is the over use of isies at the end of every other word.
  3. IPC’s don’t really have some of the “normal” antag events such as vampire, cult, changeling, and shadowling. Is it possible to maybe discuss some IPC specific round types?
  4. Fastmos is hell when you play as an IPC. If you don't have a hardsuit you're pretty much fucked even if the breach is 30 tiles away in a closed maintenance area.
  5. General Pet Peeves- 1. Vox who act like arrogant assholes despite being wrong most of the time 2. Vox who get special treatment from Vox command because of space favoritism 3. Any space racism in general. You knew what you signed up for, don’t complain about me just because i’m A vulp. 4. Bright neon colors that don’t make any sense (Especially if you DNA scramble and end up with a terrible pallet) 5. Security who think you did something wrong because another officer said you did. Bonus points for not having any evidence 6. Roboticists who don’t know anything about repairing IPC’s, and end up killing them in the process. 7. Roboticicsts that don’t understand the server in general, can’t use the targeting menu, and destroy everything they touch. 8. Meme AI’s that think communism is cool (You know who you are) 9. Getting station engineer and having traitor goals that you’ll never be able to accomplish without serious stealth 10. Getting fastmos’ed into a maint tunnel someone opened because I didn’t know there was a breach 11. Giving people wiki links and guides to the role they want to play, but they still don’t use it 12. Vox clowns that think they’re funny for the worst things
  6. Vertigo


    I hope cargo techs can get magboots as well, trying to get into the shuttle is a pain without them. I remember the QM and myself both dying when going out the door. Cargo doesn‘t have airlock cycles for the dock.
  7. Kinda hard to see. The whole security team was covered in Vox blood after a vampire clown was beat to death in xeno labs. I feel bad for burning the vampire alive.
  8. I don’t know what that is, but i’m not sure if I wanna find out.
  9. Vulpakanin can do amazing stuff like this, but then get stabbed to death for being a furry.
  10. Hello players of Paradise station. I've been enjoying this fine server for a few months now. I didn't think to make an account on the forums until now. I have lots of experience with many of the jobs, but still require help learning some! I hope to get to know you guys well.