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  1. When a slime says they have a um... flavor. They don't actually taste like that. It's just the player being a weirdo. Thankfully this is kind of a meme and in my experience people don't take slimes having... actual flavors seriously. And the ones that do... well, I tend to avoid them so I dunno. As far as canonical 'taste' goes? What Evadable and Mira have said mixed with battery acid.
  2. Well, I think it's worth noting that if you go through the guy's channel you'll find he's pretty damn far from anything 'right-wing' or 'alt-right' or whatever. He even says in one of his videos he was supportive of Sanders during the recent U.S. election cycle. I don't think an 'alt-right', 'neo-nazi' or whatever would pull for Bernie Sanders to be a world leader. Politics in general these days are stress inducing and cancerous as hell, and I see this guy as someone who just wants to throw his two cents into the ring and at the same time take the piss a bit to make it humorous and maybe even help prove his points. I generally try to stay out of politics and such. However, I personally find governments being able to arrest and imprison people for some dumb dark humor you could just ignore pretty terrifying. Sure the joke is a bit extreme, you don't have to find it funny or think it was appropriate or whatever. But the dude is obviously just taking the piss, you can discourage the joke and its taste but we shouldn't be rounding people up and arresting them for saying the wrong thing. That's no better than what basically every shitty dictator in history has done. Anyway that's my two cents, for whatever it's worth.
  3. Harkness


    I've definitely seen you around a few times before. Welcome to the madhouse.
  4. That is amazing, I'm honored you took the time to do that. The crowbar is a nice touch :)
  5. Harkness

    Hey there

    Pleasure :) I'd be honored if you drew her.
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    Hey there

    Well, I didn't know this sort of thing existed until recently, so I figured I could make a 'formal' hello I guess. I've been playing on this server for a while now, almost a year. Pretty much just as long as I've been playing SS13; a bit late but, here it is. I have too many characters for my own good, but I have a few who have stuck I enjoy the most. Used to mainly play as Agnes Kiraly and Clementine Walsh ages ago, for those that remember. Nowadays I mainly play as Serac, which makes this introduction either flattering or damning depending on who is reading I guess. I've tried a little bit of everything, but I guess you could say my strengths are in Medbay and Engineering. Sometimes I play security as Reishi or Adrianna Tucker, but I'm not very good at it by any stretch. I also thoroughly enjoy Xenobiology, though I rarely play science. I enjoy this server quite a bit, it's had its ups and downs but I always end up coming back. The community is pretty friendly and my experiences with the admins have been overall quite positive. I try my best at whatever job I do, most of my learning has come from screwing up or watching others. Anyway, yeah. Hi there.