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  1. rb303

    pAI Refactor

    pAI's shouldn't have radios full stop. They're a portable friend and should only really be speaking to you, not chatting on comms. Whenever i see a pAI cluttering comms i always have the urge to just go destroy it. As for everything else? well, the people who don't choose to play pAI's still probably won't choose to play them. Why? because it's still a chatting RP role, with many more exciting things like the swarmers available which they may have a chance at becoming instead.
  2. Killing others is allowed, but it's not focused around PVP.
  3. Mekanism applied energistics 2 Buildcraft immersive engineering galacticraft core (i don't really care about all the other planets) agricraft forestry Harvestcraft Modular powersuits Journeymap (Maybe) More/magic bees (Maybe) ars magica 2 (Maybe) industrial craft (Maybe) tropicalcraft (Maybe) biomes o' plenty I add maybe to some mods since imo they're kinda dumb, redundant and/or add a lot of content which could potentially cause more lag than its worth I'll keep adding or removing from this list with edits
  4. Security is already tough enough, i don't like people punishing them like this. Security patrolling maints is completely justifiable, what if a drug trade is going down there? what if someone got themselves hurt? that kinda stuff. Besides, if security shouldn't be in maints then neither should anybody else be aside from engineering and such. And about the more antags thing, I believe that it's unreasonable to always know that there's gonna be more, but think that it's completely fine to stay on code blue- after all, why would the syndicate hire only one agent? it wouldn't make much sense. Bolting places? i'm fine with it to an extent- on code green? No, don't do that. Code blue? sure why not- it could help prevent break-ins into secure places. Realistic enough. Again i see all these complaints as pretty restricting in some ways, NT has multiple known enemies, ensuring some easy safety tactics is completely realistic to me.
  5. isn't jessica like 17? and she's already married and had a baby?
  6. While fallout 3 was great for it's time it doesn't quite hold up as well as new vegas does today.
  7. who on earth says pop? I don't really say either of them but still- POP?! it sounds so dumb. i refuse to believe people say it.
  8. Wait rea- Huh. Lore is fun and all I guess but normal fur for gameplay purposes when? Edit: there goes my idea for making them carnivores only too, I guess..
  9. Since I only ever play vulp I have a few suggestions.. First of all: THIS, we have fur. Fur burns bad. Bonus points if people vomit when they smell burning fur. Speaking of fur, make it so vulps have slightly higher cold resistance. Vulps are based on dogs and foxes, so why not make them take toxic damage from eating things that contain chocolate or grapes. Now this one I'm still not 100% certain on myself, but maybe increase their movement speed by a small amount? They're dog/wolf people, and you could balance this by making their bones break easier. alternatively, there could be a sprint ability for them which deals stamina damage as long as you use it until you collapse.
  10. exactly, it's just a title change- yet most surgeons act like they're superior to medical doctors and nurses.
  11. People walking around on non-help intent Captains letting civilians onto the bridge (bonus points if its the same civilian between different rounds) Surgeons who get angry when you decide to do surgery despite them not being there when you needed them and/or they're not good at surgery (bonus points if you operate on someone as a non-medical job because you waited forever and they call security on you) CMOs who aren't able to do the basics to keep medbay running when chemists or surgeons aren't available Surgeons claiming operating rooms Surgeons who don't help with normal healing and such Surgeons in general The chef who will go SSD ten minutes into the round with nobody replacing him Virus crates Virologists who accidentally release a really annoying virus Science antags Bartenders getting pissy when you ask them for something while they're redecorating the bar and don't respond so you climb on the table to get it yourself (wine for S.R don't judge me) Department heads who have no idea what they're doing anyway and get angry when you try teaching them something because you hurt their ego Cargo asking for paperwork Cargo refusing to order me a surgery crate as brigphys Greytide who commit crimes and beat themselves to death or suicide when they get brigged Probably a lot more which I'm missing but whatever
  12. In my experience with a round that got extended twice. It was awful. It got extended because of friendly xenos including one of those big queens (muh rp) and was boring as hell. It ended when admins spawned spider clan members to just end the round in a murderboning rampage, which was actually fun. Oh, it was also my first experience as (acting) CMO. Never again.