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  1. i dunno about some of these, in my opinion borgs exist to fill out the role of doing basic things much MUCH better than humans, like repairs, injecting healing chems, etc. but also make them rely on people to do more complex things like organ transplants, writing, etc.. Borgs can already be pretty strong, and some of these would probably make them too powerful also no jailer upgrade please i don't wanna mention the forbidden word(s)
  2. the problem with making special species with a different body structure is clothing, it either means entirely new sprites will have to be made for each piece of clothing to specifically fit that species, or they just won't be able to wear 90% of the clothes. Humans with animal heads is kind of a neccesity for simplicity.
  3. Grays, in my opinion, are more support or nest-building spiders, they can build webs much faster than the other tier 1 spiders, so they work well for making quick traps in hallways.
  4. It's like that for the same reason that gateway terror spiders aren't controllable when they hatch on the station, so that people don't constantly start xeno/terror outbreaks.
  5. Well deviants are thought to have free will, IPC already have free will- unless this is like a cult where deviants are insane and don't act like themselves.
  6. isthel probably just has clothes lying everywhere with really crumpled bedsheets- but hey, at least her desk is clean.
  7. rb303

    pAI Refactor

    pAI's shouldn't have radios full stop. They're a portable friend and should only really be speaking to you, not chatting on comms. Whenever i see a pAI cluttering comms i always have the urge to just go destroy it. As for everything else? well, the people who don't choose to play pAI's still probably won't choose to play them. Why? because it's still a chatting RP role, with many more exciting things like the swarmers available which they may have a chance at becoming instead.
  8. Killing others is allowed, but it's not focused around PVP.
  9. Mekanism applied energistics 2 Buildcraft immersive engineering galacticraft core (i don't really care about all the other planets) agricraft forestry Harvestcraft Modular powersuits Journeymap (Maybe) More/magic bees (Maybe) ars magica 2 (Maybe) industrial craft (Maybe) tropicalcraft (Maybe) biomes o' plenty I add maybe to some mods since imo they're kinda dumb, redundant and/or add a lot of content which could potentially cause more lag than its worth I'll keep adding or removing from this list with edits