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  1. if you're okay with a total noob playin' then I'd be interested!
  2. I love the soft... (I think is the word? i dunno art words) style of art. real noice!
  3. I fuckin' love sprite based art so you've already got my attention!
  4. they are the few, not many play them! they have armor, they are herbivores, they have two solid emotes and have a unique auto-hiss. they can also eat those pesky diona nymph!
  5. click is one of the species verbs that a Kidan can use!
  6. I won't recommend to you what i like because i don't know you that well, can you give us what you like to do or jobs you already love doing? That way you give us a way to judge a good purchase for you.
  7. Favorite and least favorite jobs on station?
  8. Welcome to paradise station! If you had any questions ping a mentor!
  9. dammit ruum! it's 2 now.... *grumbles about trialmins ruining everything*