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  1. R1f73r


    So, you were about to be absorbed, and killed by a changeling, you were asleep, but because of the sight granted to you, security was walking around and able to find you? I am not following your logic.
  2. If you can sprite/can find someone to sprite/can port other hairstyles then we can do this. I for one support the idea of more freedom with hairstyles and such, but cannot do what you want. I'm sure if you try you'll find someone who can do this! Look to our github to make a PR if you're able to add them yourself even!
  3. It is, but it doesn't tell you step by step how to make it with the units, this is for people who aren't naturally good at math, or just want to know exactly how to make certain chems in a bottle each time.
  4. Note! That this is a work in progress and is subject to updates! If you have any recommendations or suggestions, PM me, post below, or message me on discord! Acetone: (10u Welding Fuel + 10u Carbon + 10u Hydrogen) + 30 Welding Fuel + 30 Oxygen; Makes 90u Acetone/3 30u Bottles Ammonia: 90u Hydrogen + 10u Nitrogen +10u Nitrogen +10u Nitrogen; Makes 90 Ammonia/3 30u Bottles Ash: (20u Welding Fuel, 20u Carbon, 20u Hydrogen) Heated to 480K; Makes 30u Ash/1 30u Bottle OR (40u Welding Fuel, 40u Carbon, 40u Hydrogen) Heated to 480K; Makes 60u Ash/2 30u Bottles Carpet: 5 scrapes from fungus on the wall to get 50u Fungus + 50u Blood; Makes 100u Carpet OR 6 scrapes from fungus on the wall to get 60u Fungus + 60u Blood; Makes 120u Carpet Diethylamine: (45 Hydrogen + 15 Nitrogen) +45u Ethanol, Heated to 374K; Makes 90u Diethylamine/3 30u Bottles OR (60 Hydrogen + 20 Nitrogen) + 60 Ethanol, Heated to 374K; Makes 120u Diethylamine/4 30u Bottles Oil: 30u Welding Fuel + 30 Carbon + 30u Hydrogen; Makes 90u Oil/3 30u Bottles OR 40u Welding Fuel + 40u Carbon + 40u Hydrogen; Makes 120u Oil/4 20u Bottles Phenol: (10u Welding Fuel + 10u Carbon +10u Hydrogen) + 30u Water + 30u Chlorine; Makes 90u Phenol/3 30u Bottles Saltpetre: 90u Oxygen (+ 5u Potassium + 5u Nitrogen)*repeat 6 times;Makes 90u Saltpetre/3 30u Bottles Sulphuric Acid: 30 Sulfur + 30u Oxygen + 30u Hydrogen + 10u Sulfur + 10u Oxygen +10u Hydrogen + 5u Sulfur + 5u Oxygen + 5u Hydrogen; Makes 90u Sulphuric Acid/3 30u Bottles Welding Fuel: Get it from welding tanks, whether they are mobile or the wall-mounted ones. Charcoal: (30u Welding fuel, 30u Carbon, 30u Hydrogen) heat to 480K, + (15u Chlorine, 15u Water, 15u Sodium) heat to 380k; makes 90u of Charcoal/9 10u pills OR (40u welding fuel, 40u Carbon, 40u Hydrogen) heat to 480k, add in (20u Chlorine, 20u Sodium, 20u Water) heat to 380k makes 120u of Charcoal/12 10u pills Cryoxadone: (5u Water, 5u Plasma, 5u Nitrogen) + (5u chlorine, 5u plasma, 5u radium) + ((5u welding fuel, 5u carbon, 5 hydrogen) - 10u Oil + (5u welding fuel, 5u oxygen)) + 15u plasma; makes 60u cryoxadone/2 30u bottles OR (10u water, 10u plasma, 10u nitrogen) + (10u chlorine, 10u plasma, 10u radium) + ((5u welding fuel, 5u carbon, 5u hydrogen) -5u Oil + (5u welding fuel, 5u oxygen)) + 30u plasma; makes 120u cryoxadone/4 30u bottles Mannitol: (30u Hydrogen, 30u Water, 30u Sugar); makes 90u Mannitol/9 10u pills OR (40u Hydrogen, 40u Water, 40u Sugar); makes 120u Mannitol/12 10u pills Salbutamol: (20u Salicylic Acid) + (30u Hydrogen, 10u Nitrogen) - 10u Ammonia + 20u Bromine + 20u Aluminum + 20u Lithium; Makes 100u of Salbutamol/10 10u pills Saline-Glucose Solution: (10u Sodium, 10u Chlorine, 10u Water) + 30u Water + 30u Sugar; Makes 90u Saline-Glucose Solution/9 10u Pills OR (15u Sodium, 15u Chlorine, 15u Water) -5u Salt + 40u Water + 40u Sugar; Makes 120 Saline-Glucose Solution/12 10u Pills Silver Sulfadiazine: (30u Hydrogen, 10u Nitrogen) -10u Ammonia +20u Silver + 20u Sulfer +20u Oxygen +20u Chlorine; Makes 100u Silver Sulfadiazine/10 10u patches Styptic Powder: (10u Sulfur, 10u Oxygen, 10u Hydrogen) + 20u Aluminum + 20u Hydrogen +20u Oxygen; Makes 80u Styptic Powder/8 10u Patches OR (15u Sulfur, 15u Oxygen, 15u Hydrogen) + 30u Aluminum + 30u Hydrogen + 30u Oxygen; Makes 120u Styptic Powder/12 10u Patches Synthflesh: ((5u Sulfur, 5u Oxygen. 5u Hydrogen) + 10u Oxygen +10u Hydrogen + 10u Aluminum) -10u Styptic Powder + 30u Blood + 30u Carbon; Makes 90u Synthflesh/9 10u Patches OR ((5u Sulfur, 5u Oxygen. 5u Hydrogen) + 10u Oxygen +10u Hydrogen + 10u Aluminum) + 40u Blood + 40u Carbon; Makes 120 Synthflesh/12 10u Patches Synthmeat: ((10u Water, 10u Plasma, 10u Nitrogen) - 10u Cryostylene + (10u chlorine, 10u plasma, 10u radium) - 10u Unstable Mutagen + ((5u welding fuel, 5u carbon, 5 hydrogen) - 5u Oil + (10u welding fuel, 10u oxygen)) - 10u Acetone + 20u plasma) + 1u Blood via IV Drip; 1 Synthetic Meat
  5. If you want coins you can always pester mining to make you some.
  6. I really enjoy the soft art style that you have, very nice characters!
  7. Let’s not derail this into a discussion, let’s ask more questions! Like The calendar one. or “How do you all know eachother?”