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  1. If you want coins you can always pester mining to make you some.
  2. I really enjoy the soft art style that you have, very nice characters!
  3. Let’s not derail this into a discussion, let’s ask more questions! Like The calendar one. or “How do you all know eachother?”
  4. Should Ide go as shirtless as Wolf? And should he also begin flexing?
  5. I’m just here to have a good time, and set records. (-2)
  6. Space lube. Guns. Hell some teargas.
  7. The issue with any form of whitelisting is that it creates way more problems than it solves. So Amy restriction for command than the time lock will likely never happen.
  8. In a continuation WHO would you take with you to fight a xenomorph? Don’t have to answer why if you don’t wanna.