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  1. Last swarmer round, I was the swarmer who entered armory, ate the shutter door button and proceeded to fortify and consume what little there is, as around seven officers try to poke at me
  2. I'd like to see an option added to chameleon stamp that allows you to make a piece of paper look like a cult paper. Only thing would be the particulars; would it act like a normal stamp, just adding a new stamp to a document, or could it work a bit different in that mode, creating a dummy cult talisman?
  3. As a captain, I have denied giving the chain of command, and instead gave my rapier. In another guide it says the Bola Launcher from the mechfab gives combat 5, is that not true anymore?
  4. I would like to see a sort of event made where a seperate server instance is hosted on occasion for a security training event that people sign up for, where they do drills, run through scenarios, some light quizzing on space law and security SoP, etc. But to get enough people to act as instructors, or to have people behave correctly :/
  5. I'm not saying to have cargo revolve around the autolathe, I'm saying it would be nice if there was more interactivity with cargo and other departments
  6. ID404NotFound


    I dislike when people build their own autolathe to bypass cargo. I know "paperwork cargo" is a bitch, and I could understand wanting to bypass that, but instead automatically doing it is a little shitty to me. Though I wish cargo could be redesigned to make it into a fun system. Like instead, the requisition consoles were actually used, and instead it had a "bounty" system, where a cargo tech stamps that they'll take the order, and fulfills it, either with shipping, or delivery, based on circumstances, maybe even having a point system like mining does, though unsure if it would be anything beyond fluff "look at how many points I have". if the system was quick and slick, hopefully people would like it, and cargo would be appreciated, instead of treated like mulebots. Maybe any big cargo players could give some input on what they think, if there's a way to make cargo easier to work with other departments, instead of feeling like a hurdle that isn't worth jumping over?
  7. we use almost any term here. As long as you can infer meaning, we don't care, and it's easy to clarify for anyone who is unfamiliar which whatever term you use when asking first time and they say "huh?"
  8. Awe :3 It's nice seeing who my helpful para was. I'm glad grabbing explosive didn't turn out useless. It's been so long since this, though I don't feel I've improved all that much
  9. although there is more maint space, and interesting mini department things in maints, it feels like they're all generally one way paths with not much for branching out, or looping around like cyberiad maints. it's neat to see mini botany, mini robotics, mini medical, et cetera, but it's all kind of cramped, and doesn't make it a fun place to lose security in. In cyberiad, there were loops and twists and turns that you could lose people in if you were good/lucky