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  1. if sec finds an open uplink on a caught traitor (which happens pretty damn often) is it abuse of confiscated equipment to order a bunch of syndi keys?
  2. I know that feel, worse here, as the past few years winter encroaches on Halloween, making it even less appealing for parents to want to drag their children outside. This year will hopefully be ok, as we are projecting warmer than average weather for the last end of October, but we've been hooped before.
  3. That'd be a great one to put on and wait for comdom captain to run in and take mech for themselves, activate the DNA lock only to find it was a reverse
  4. pretty sure an antag clown can use weapons correctly, where as a normal clown would shoot themselves.
  5. though how does it factor in as well with the wording of "complete your objectives at all costs"?
  6. Add random events that mirror malf AI stuff like lockdown?
  7. Pretty easy to counter instability by adding disabilities
  8. yeah no more camera alarm, plus, a smart person gets a fully upgraded laser pointer, it can not only blind sec THROUGH sunglasses, but can disable a camera, as if EMPed for a good few seconds (like around ten seconds)
  9. revamping the taste system would be neat, but I know how tedious it would be
  10. This is pretty interesting It would be cool to have.
  11. please do. I love her art so much, and would love to see her benefit from it and keep growing