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  1. would it be interesting if they had a function, that if they were observed for too long, or by too many people, they would start to lose life-force and fade away? Would be an incentive to spook, and have limited action, instead of just "hanging out" with crew who are obviously not going to be afraid of these, and just want to spend time with the snowflake creature.
  2. problem with a race like this, is just like when certain people make themselves a shadow, they expect their 'needs' to be respected above all else, and start attempting to blackout sections of the station.
  3. pfft. Genetics SOP. any attempt to restrict genetic powers with SOP would prove ineffectual, as if it's a "code red" situation, it will be argued that such measures are not needed, and to protest giving the power would be a workplace hazard etc, like a warden refusing to distribute armory on a station destruction level threat, or the like. Geneticists don't follow SOP anyways, since they're supposed to be keeping an eye on cloning operations, but just stay glued to their monitors, and hand out powers to either themselves or greytide friends anyways.
  4. insane to actually implement, but imagine if using x-ray vision meant you were bombarding everyone you looked at with radiation? People would really start to hate anyone who reaches for x-ray.
  5. ID404NotFound


    on an abductor 4 ship roundstart, I as a scientist, managed to swipe a dead agent from a different pair from a zealous borg, then get my agent to steal defib and meds, revive them, and then reunite them with their scientist. The most difficult part was me and my agent telling him to activate his vest before we teleported him back to the station, since we cannot cross-talk with other abductor teams, just point.
  6. most damages are easy to mitigate, mannitol is easy to get to counter brain damage, as well as mito or occuline for eye damage. Even radiation isn't a fantastic deterrent. Maybe clone damage? How serious should the cost of x-ray be?
  7. I'm only talking about the one that causes vent-crawl capabiliy, not a random assortment. Each fleshy mass sprite always does the same effect, it's only the option on the abductor console that is randomized, if you can recognize the sprite, you can predict what will come from it, as far as I recall. demon heart up for trade would be cool too
  8. bendy bones fleshy mass, abductor item.
  9. there's also the difficulty of doing your job as an IAA anyway. One round I went to engineering as IAA to ask about the engine being started, as there were like two engineers. One had left to loot maints, and the second one turned out to have came in on arrivals round start. Instead of "oh, I just arrived, but I'll get to it", I was met with hostility and threats, to which I reported to security, in case they followed up on their threats and took my radio or anything, which they were beginning to do. It ended with a massive security confrontation with engineering, when it didn't need to (round start, so all of sec is bored and looking for the first sign of anything, foaming at the mouth) and it all started with just asking who is building the engine, since we had no CE, and no engineers actually in engineering. much of the time, if you ever actually try to do anything related to SOP, or efficiency as an IAA, people will just get hostile, or ignore you.
  10. You mean the Gronko Fist lighter? sort of red and bit of green on it I think?
  11. rubber duck that makes fart noise instead of regular sound. strange object simple mob spawner with negotiable mob type and cooldown. gatfruit seed.
  12. I've seen people drag the teleport beacon from the bridge into the space between the double airlocks tons of times, as if it was standard practice. The real power is attacking telecomms as nukies, but tossing the beacon on telecomms into space.
  13. but would assuming there are sleeper agents be a meta thing? "we can't give out guns and all access to everyone, there could be sleeper agents!"
  14. if it cost TC, the drawback would be that players are hesitant to spend, as there is no guarantee that who gets picked will be any good, just as when people don't want to pick holopara because it's a roulette roll for competence. edit (imagine spending 200TC to make 20 or more 'sleeper' operatives)
  15. this would be an interesting idea to adminbus in a few times, and see how effective it even is