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  1. New piece done by Sumico, this one of Szlaa and Kerri Mendy
  2. Solo wiz can be very fun, if the wizard plays a high-level, IQ 300 self-imposed goal, rather than just mass chaos (unless if they're really good at chaos)
  3. "fun" It might be fun, if you weren't marked as 'valid', and instead people would RP it, rather than beating you to death on sight.
  4. Like, using your gear to clear your path and others benefit passively, sure. But specifically gearing to save the day to say "look, I saved y'all, gimmie greentext" eugh.
  5. I got a commission ordered for my character Szlaa Kaallu, I'm sooo happy with how it turned out, having it for profile pic makes me so happy The artist's deviantart Discord @Sumico#7836
  6. The thing I wouldn't like is a traitor using their gear to "be the hero" against Tspiders, to get the crew to be 'on their side'
  7. there are some antag powers that bring up a menu of "who do you want to target?". If the subject is alone and the only viable target, then you wont get that, but if mouse is held, they are a target as well, and stalls the antag
  8. the filtering process of jobbans seems fine enough for warding off shitty captains/command
  9. I have used this as a warden to track who takes what. It is fully editable, unlike paper.
  10. VR is a real thing being worked on.
  11. I was lone wizard, named self 'Potted Plant' took noclothes, scrying orb, ethereal jaunt, disintegrate, and blood vial. teleported to mime office, locker is open, and I dress up. go to HoP, write on paper that I don't have ID and PDA. He gives me both with no questions. I go to front of bridge, dance and stuff for captain. I point at captain, at me, and at floor next to captain. "Alright" they let me in. I gib captain when no one is looking, and leave. I talk to dchat with scrying orb. they tell me captain brain is going to be transplanted. I go to medical, steal brain, gib CMO at perfect moment, no witnesses again. dchat informs about the HoS arriving on shuttle. I find him in hallways, alone, gib. by this time people have caught on, sort of, but not really. I let out the blood demon. a sec officer wants me to stop so they can talk to me. gib. I go to bridge, see Katherine Pixel, CE, she screams and gets away. HoP comes in just in time to gib. blood demon shows, and I get away, dchat says demon is hunting me. round ends in one last effort to grab katherine, JUST missing her climbing over HoP desk from line, then I get got soon after by sec with ballistics my plan was to kill all members of command, and announce to the crew that they are free. >install communism.exe >play russiananthem.mp3
  12. I understand why wizard doesnt usually go over so well, but I managed to do something pretty special with my wizard, potted plant. I was only killing heads of staff, and soon was collecting their brains. It was all to free the crew from NT. Mostly I just got an idea and ran with it, instead of just "how many people can I murder?"
  13. have you ever seen a morph eat the entire armory?