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  1. Damn do I hate it when Traitors refuse to keep note of the code phrases. I hate when the pipes in atmos bug out and look all weird/funky floaty. Sec that has no situational awareness and lets the guy get away from beating you up. Sec that is far too paranoid and searches you three times in the same round. People way too paranoid about things despite the lore saying this is the first shift that goes wrong. When the janitor uses his mop instead of heckling R&D for a floor buffer. Wizard rounds that last less then 20 minutes. Blob rounds that last less than 20 minutes. But the worst of all, the worst thing: Traitors who fill the shuttle with burning plasma for hijack without even attempting to contact other traitors.
  2. Hey you're the Chemist right? You always stock the fridge good so I love you.
  3. Thanks, it's by FeiH. He's got his own art thread and everything. Be sure to look at his stuff! It's really nice.
  4. Artwork by FeiH! Check him out! Hello Everyone! This is my Special Snowflake backstory and stuff about ol' Vii. I'll update this periodically to include more information on him. For now it's really bare-bones. I'll include a picture. Editing this with more info later! Thanks for stopping by and let me know if you ever met Vii in-game.
  5. You're right. When reading the code I thought it was implicated through ANY surgery. E.L.O. Told me you can have someones blood on you and be okay and I trust them more than anyone.
  6. Well I mean, currently as they stand, Darksight of 5 vs Darksight of 1 and weld_proof = 1 would be a de-buff if anything. Weld_proof = 1 still makes your eyes flash during a flash, and during welding it just doesn't injure your eyes.
  7. That's a great point. However, that puts it at the distance of Saturn. Doing a bit of research, I've found this: "Although sunlight is about 100 times dimmer on Saturn than on Earth, the sun would still be far too bright to look at without eye protection." And that's assuming their star is as small as Sol. Since Saturn is -178°C and Hoorlm is -80°C we can imply that there are either vast differences in atmospheres or Hoorlm is revolving around a larger star.
  8. Hey I saw Ruum-Ovv-Oumn. I think I saved you once as a Doctor. I'm a Drask too... ;) /me mumbles you.
  9. My never ending quest to get this man Occuline ended in my own death. I saved him from crit after borgs shocked all the doors near escape and AI sucked all the air out of the rooms. Put on his breath mask and injected him as I myself was closer and closer to crit myself. Finally passed out and he started shaking me, but I wouldn't wake up. He ended up dying too I think. Was a very over-the-top dramatic performance. Also this bit of luck: First try and I get 10k...
  10. This is my biggest one yet and I've done it about five times... Repairing Skull Bone Gel Hands get dirty Switch to chest targeting to wash my hands (instead of my face) Grab bone setter SLAM on my patients chest because I forgot to switch back to head targeting. I really wish Bone Setters did 0 damage or at least just didn't smack people on help intent. It's one of those things you learn through a lot of mistakes and I'm sure my patient wakes up thinking I'm a shitty doctor or something even though I know at least know 4 surgeries by heart and know by memory what all medicine does now.
  11. Not sure if it counts as a sport but body building.
  12. I'll say the ones I know for sure first, they are good because they know their job and know it well. E.L.O. (Doctor) and B.E.E.R. (If you don't know what this guys job is I'm sorry that you lack basic inference skills). Also anyone who's hooked me up with that sweet sweet 0-50K O2 Tank. I think the last guy to do that was P.L.A.S.M.A. But he did something janky to it and it was actually killing me so maybe not. There's that one person who is always Blueshield, Kyra something. I can't remember. They were good at Blueshield so I like them. I'll say Masumi the CE is actually competent so them too... The Robust Wizard whom I forget his name but took on Nukies wearing only Wizard gear and a (robusted away from their hands) E-sword. Legend. Bmon (Chloros) for regular robustness and overall game knowledge and actually knowing he has an audience so he RP's his character all the time via talking to himself. Bonus points for salt in ghost chat. That's it, I might edit this later if I forget someone. I'll also edit in a naughty list for people that are fun police. Naughty List: That one guy with Large in his name. He was a total dick. That one Captain who salted hard about his pAI not helping him despite the pAI calling help and giving direct location. What a nerd.
  13. I was the guy who transplanted your brain into an obese human janitor. The round ended before I could get you to the defibs.