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  1. OH NO NOT AGAIN Now there are three ghosts of dead threads spamming "Boo!" next to us
  2. Yeah when I look at that now, it's not the best quality. Besides that too much swearing etc. I'll propably remake it then, I still got all vids on my computer.
  3. Yep, I actually should make another one :^) And yeah subtitles would be nice tbh
  4. Hello there! I don't think we've met IC, but I try to avoid visiting medbay :^) So, I'm Xann Zxiax. If you'd like to learn engineering If you don't know it already that is I'm more than happy to teach ya . Feel free to DM me or something
  5. OH my, that's time to buli Actually, that's preety hilarious that some people pick 19 yo character and are experienced in surgery :^)
  6. Oh hey look at that, new picture? But who made that neat thingo? It's my IRL friendo Hatter PS: That is defenitely NOT dead space armor, and this character defenitely has spikes on the shoulders. Yes.
  7. So, how about we actually use that huh? Name: Gerhard Van Lutz Commendation: Cryostar Reason: General experience in field of medicine, exemplar CMO and medical doctor. Actions leading to Commendation: years (or months?) of experience, countless of saved people Recommending Person: Xann Zxiax I, Xann Zxiax, do solemnly swear the above account is true, made in good faith, and understand that lying upon this commendation is grounds for immediate dismissal from NT and further penalties may apply. Name: Ipsum Bellus Crinitus Commendation: Medal of Bravery Reason: He does not know what fear is. Really. Actions leading to Commendation: He died propably more than 200 times, every time fighting the weirdos with guns or other weird stuff, I guess you could call that "bravery in the face of great danger". He fought them after all ~~and died~~. Recommending Person: Xann Zxiax I, Xann Zxiax, do solemnly swear the above account is true, made in good faith, and understand that lying upon this commendation is grounds for immediate dismissal from NT and further penalties may apply. Question: can we recommend someone that has no record on "NSS Cyberiad Crew Records" or bio in Storyteller club? ((For example E.L.O.?))
  8. You know what they say! There ain't no rest for the wicked PS: looks good!
  9. So we've made bar in bar maint, preety big, with our own kitchen. It was preety fun if you ask me. ~~We exploded at the end~~
  10. The strangest wedding I've ever seen.
  11. The point is, that we don't want an event, we want station goal. I do like the idea of sending CC some shit. We could make a list of for example 50 items CC would want us to send them, randomly take 10 of them, list would be sent via communication console, just as every station project report is beeing printed. We could implement nice variety, one shift for example they would want us to send materials and tech boards, another round mechs, bluespace backpacks etc. I have no idea how hard would it be to code, but that could involve every department if done right.
  12. Even if it sounds fun, it's more of a amin event than station goal. It has to be something that you can code "BOOM constructed, switch that bool to true and there we go, green text at the end of the shift" Building minature station is again, 99% engineering job, since people will come to the station after engineering fill the area with pressure, what means, already hull, power source atmospherics and piping, possibly already making windows, airlocks, etc. etc. to make it secure. What then? Engineering makes shitton of computers, machines, what means science has to bring that from R&D, medbay sec and service would be involved really late if involved at all. That would be the main issue, it has to be something that can be finished without admin involvement. Tho I'd love to see things like that happening, but instead ships docking to that 2-tiles-wide dock in arrivals. It's just not a station goal. All current station goals can be completed on station, they do not require admin to do anything from what I know and provide something in return.
  13. So, today we had community meeting. I asked "Hey, what about station goals?" They answered "We would like to have more" So, if you have an idea for one nice station goal, post it here, let's see if we come out with something creative. Station Goals are supposed to involve whole station.Who plays in engineering knows, that it's mostly engineering, cargo and science. Current Station Goals: 1.DNA Vault. Basicly, you make room for DNA Vault, ask cargo to order crate with board, then you just wait for science to reasearch parts then collect DNAs. BOOM that's it. Once finished every crew member can just come to DNA Vault and obtain one of 2 random powers. 2. Blue Space Artillery Basicly, you make big ass room ((The hardest station goal for engineering)). make machine frames, ask cargo for boards, then insert them. Scream at cargo for bluespace stuff, scream at science for parts. install Once finished, you have one big ass cannon on station 3. Station Shields Basicly, scream at cargo, make one computer, place sats in space, activate them. Once finished, you are "protected" from meteors. That's also not true, some meteors always breach the station. Current station goals do not involve security, medbay and service ((except hydroponics)) at all. As engineer main, I'd love to see more station goals, cuz people don't want to make the same shit over and over again. I propably will come out with something myself but it's 0:44 am, SLEEP
  14. Oh I remember that AI! Welcome on the forum!