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  1. Engineering starts with magboots that lay on the table next to hardsuit storage units. There are more in EVA, but I do belive that 3 hardsuits it quite not enough. I also miss engineering outpost. It provided a lot of metal/glass/wood/two upgraded welding tools, in both rounds that I played, I just felt that there are not enough resources for whole engineering, maybe that's bcs there was no metal in ORM, who knows. I actually disagree on that part.In my opinion maintenance looks preety fucked as it should be. Metal plating does not cover whole maintenance, it looks messy, tho I did not explore maint that much so I might be mistaken. I personally, don't like public autolathe. If you need tools, go to cargo. Not everyone should have access to lathe and dangerous equipment that you can make there.
  2. That would make genetics useless, after that 30-60 minutes of boring researching they want to play with the powers. It just does not make sense to "outlaw crew powers" Cyberaid is after all nanotrasen SCIENCE station. If you need their powers removed, use mutadone. Tho geneticist's SoP says: 4. The Geneticist is not permitted to grant Powers to non-Command Staff without express verbal consent from the Research Director. Both the Chief Medical Officer and the Research Director maintain full authority to forcefully remove these Powers if they are abused;
  3. As far as I know, air alarms never turn to "refill" mode own it's own. It's always filtering or syphoning if there is plasma in the air. And filtering does not provide much air if it even does that, I never noticed any pressure change due to air alarm beeing on filtering, but again, never really tested it on private server, so I might be mistaken. If it does refill the area, it does that REALLY slowly, so can be easly ignored.
  4. Exacly what they said. I recommend using stun at close/medium range and disable at medium/long range. Also it's better to use disable in crowds, since if you accidently hit civilian, you can just shot again and go with it, less energy wasted, less time to wait for another shot, less people whining "Shitcurity" if you are sec officer that is. At least in my opinion And ofc, if you can use disable from behind window instead of rushing in with stun and risking you getting shot, that's some bonus points for you my man.
  5. As far as I know: Our atmo pushes things around really fast DAMN YOU FASTMOS but it transports pressure kinda slow Their atmo, well basicly 1 tile breach and whole area is empty in less than a second, but it does not move items ALMOST at all Their atmo makes inflatables REALLY usefull ,cuz if you move into depressurized area without inflatables, oh boi, god bless you cuz you just got another area to fill with pressure I'd love to see para atmo transports pressure between two tiles faster, but I'm not touching that code, that's suicidal I tell you! Saying that, I don't mind our atmo. It makes you more vigilant when you work with breaches.
  6. Jeez that is OUTDATED So,: Added to history 2 events. one of them made me Squire of the Order of Lord Singuloth, the other one, is just my fluff item. It looks awsome, I love it :3 Added one faction relation> Order of the Lord Singuloth Added 10 people to my Personal Relationships Updated status of 2 characters in Personal Relationships Updated personality Feel free to remind me if I missed you in relationships, I still need to change some thing.
  7. Alright, I'm convinced :^) Besides that, there always will be better races and worse races. ALWAYS. The only way to make everyone even, is to literally make all species just reskinned human, and I'd hate that, as much as I hate not beeing able to wear glasses as kidan, it taught me not to rely on secHUD for example, and I don't really feel a need to wear them now. From one side it makes game harder, from the other side, I like challange :^). But back to the topic, I don't think IPC needs rework right now, minor improvements would be nice, as I said: When I think about it now, that wouldn't be that minor improvement
  8. I don't know the exact numbers but I'll risk it. Most people (including me) play X race bcs they like their style/RP, not for mechanic. I myself used to play IPC bcs they are robots! C'mon that's so cool! Even if they get fucked by EMP and by almost everything, they are still cool to play just bcs you can beep and boop and just act like a robot. ((and I am playing kidan right now that keep in mind is not "mechanically superior" race)) That said, I don't think IPCs need rework right now, tho I'd love to see them beeing able to reattach their own limbs and maybe get only burn dmg in vacuum. I don't see why their metal would get damaged, and you know, space = almost no matter = overheating.
  9. @John_bigless Yeaaah I should update that, there is shitton of things I need to update Relations, character description, personality, timeline, notes, etc. I'll get on that next month when I actually get fluff item in game that traveling merchant made for me (y)
  10. OH NO NOT AGAIN Now there are three ghosts of dead threads spamming "Boo!" next to us
  11. Yeah when I look at that now, it's not the best quality. Besides that too much swearing etc. I'll propably remake it then, I still got all vids on my computer.
  12. Yep, I actually should make another one :^) And yeah subtitles would be nice tbh