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  1. Oh damn it. I'm in, but I can play only on weekends Time to kill me biological clock.
  2. Actually, Stellaris is now on sale ((-60%))
  3. I fully support the idea. It is REALLY hard to play that you don't know something, when you know that. I'm into LARPs I know I'm nerd and belive me, people just use OOC information they gathered for their own benefits. Besides ICK OCK, idea is just good.
  4. @YungCuz if it works the same way as EU IV, only host has to have all DLCs, and stellaris without DLCs is not that expensive if you buy it on g2a or whatever.
  5. I'd love to play.... hmmmmm........ 10PM PDT it literally 8AM in here :^) the next day The problem is: would it be your friday, saturday or sunday, and for how long? Sadly I propably have no time for a campain, tho I was thinking about buying this game anyway. I would be up for Tabletop Sim and other games like Pulsar for example.
  6. Well, as kidan main. Yes. It does hurt. It makes you unable to work as miner completely. Rest departments are acceptable, still it does hurt. If you want some race, I'd recommend grey or saving karma for vox/slime person. They are cool as heck
  7. But they cannot wear glasses, what means: no sec/med HUD. ((You still can get implanted))
  8. CLICK And for real. If you already have the race you want play, buy some job.... hm.... mechanic is fun, but once you know what's in the space, it's not that great NT rep is RP-role, so if you like that kind of stuff, sure. I don't have sec pod soooo. Cannot quite judge
  9. @R1f73r Where do babies cone from? Also welcome, welcome! Hope you like it so far.
  10. 99≡9 (mod 10) Does it mean the next one is 100?
  11. Let's start with that, we have vulps. People think vulps=furries Except that, our rules, and how we enforce them on people. Most people prefer \tg\ style, greytiding, killing, combat, etc. And we are kind amore into RP, and when most people think about RP, they see fat nerds throwing blue balls screaming "LIGHTNING BALL" sadly. So from what I know, some people when you say "paradise station" they hear "Furry RP station", or something like that.
  12. I'll just say: As engineer main, I can confirm that. I already finished every station goal at least 2 times (( there are 3 )), and people like me don't even bother anymore. Right now 90% of station projects that get finished are made by new people in engineering. In the defence of the idea: It's not the same thing really. CE/Captain/NT rep often force engineers to make that project. But if you get that mission-message, your own will would drive you to finish your mission, not someone else. And we all know, people don't like doing things that they are forced to do. Also about youtube thing. Yes, people now before jumping into game most of the time check the game on YT, and what do they see? People ((that I will not mention by names)) that play on /tg/ station and greytide all the time, don't take me wrong it might be funny, but I don't think we want people that literally smash 100000 bottles on your head bcs they don't like you, then set you on fire. PS: I still think we should have more station goals