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  1. It's simple, in my opinion, regarding your concerns about crit. Wrapping those in hard crit should kill them. It's as simple as that, seeing that their 'juices' are sucked out.
  2. I have a few suggestions regarding terror spiders as of late, in particular in light of the new crit system. The first idea I'll get out of the way immediately: Allow Terror Spiders to wrap critically injured, fallen targets. This should be done for obvious reasons, but if it is not clear I will explain why: The new crit system allows people to survive being actively bitten repeatedly with their damages going well above 200. It takes way too long for them to die if hit-and-run is the tactic of choice for spiders that need to feed; greens in particular. This should not be hard to implement as revenants probably use a similar check condition for absorbing lifeforce from unconscious targets. Now onto the fun stuff with the change to wrapping suggestion out of the way: Yellow and Blue Terror Spiders. An ominous-looking spider, yellow in hue with jagged black markings. It spasms constantly, and a metallic-looking slurry drips from its jaws. Yellow Terror Spiders could be a Tier 1 or possible Tier 2 specialist that injects Teslium on bite, causing victims to occasionally be stunned every so often once they are bitten. Yellows wouldn't have much HP or direct damage but would make up for it with the highly disruptive bites and decent speed. Yellow Terror webbing could be done in several different ways: My thoughts would be to call them 'Static Webs' and have the webbing have a chance to electrocute those who try to melee the web without insulated gloves on. An ominous-looking spider, blue in coloration. Its breath is foggy and its pale eyes stare coldly at its surroundings. Blue Terrors could be another specialist: They themselves would not be very fast, about as slow or as slow as Reds, and their damage would also be low, but would make up for it with having a good amount of HP and the ability to inject Frost Oil into its bite victims, slowing them down to allow the likes of Reds to catch up. Blues could have a vulnerability to burn to make up for having a high HP. Blue Terror webbing would be simple enough: 'frosted webbing' that applies Frost Oil to those who wander into the web. Perhaps lasers and other Burn sources could do extra damage to this kind of webbing while brute sources deal less damage. There it is: The changes to wrapping bodies is my biggest concern, and the two new spiders are fun little ideas I had in my head that I thought I'd share.
  3. All right, how many people know what Aloe and Comfrey can do? Not many, I'd imagine, since I tend to be the only one to actually use them once I've grown them. Comfrey works like growable advanced brute kits ,aloe works like growable advanced burn kits, and they're just as effective. I feel like not many people actually know this and aren't encouraged to use them just by looking at them; this is particularly true of Medbay staff for some reason. One very simple solution would be to change the sprite of a comfrey or aloe leaf to resemble the respective 'advanced kit' once mashed. To go a step further would be to rename the resulting poultice to something like 'Trauma Poultice' or 'Burn Poultice', but just a reskinning of the mashed-up leaf to resemble their medkit-borne counterparts would be really nice.
  4. I'd like to add that despite virology being traitor often enough, massive deadly outbreaks still don't happen all that often unless a hijack is involved. We could make this work, if only through certain rules being in place specifying WHEN someone is allowed to start a xeno outbreak.
  5. Strange title, I know. However, the concept is simple. As of right now, if someone orders 5 of something, the orders must be individually accepted. 5 clicks. This is fine, normally. However, someone can easily grief a supply console by ordering 30 of something. 5 times. That's 150 clicks. I'd know this is possible, because it's happened to me recently. This should not be. There should be a way to clump the multiple orders together into one (Accept, Deny). That, or an 'Accept All' or 'Deny All' option of sorts, in case someone feels like clogging up your supply console with 50 instances of pizza, which they CAN do.
  6. I find it frustrating that medical borgs cannot help in the event of someone needing their limbs re-attached, or organs put in. The engineering module has a gripper that lefts engineer borgs grab certain objects; I feel that medical borgs should have a gripping tool that, at the very least, allows them to hold limbs and organs. I would also recommend that they be able to hold one beaker at a time with said gripper, but that is an aside and not nearly as critical to the medical role; medical borgs should be able to put people's limbs back on or their organs back in at the very least.
  7. Okay, so my idea goes a little something like this; looking at a guide for R and D / mentally memorizing exactly how to max out R and D is all well and good, but I'd rather see the research requirements for Protolathe items that I've unlocked in some way or another just by looking at the item in the R and D console, since I have unlocked said item, after all. This would save time and resources.
  8. Name: Radius Primer Age: 23 Gender: Male Race: Vulpkanin Blood Type: O- General Occupational Role(s): Radius can be found working in Medical generally, and there are times when he is in command of the medical team as well. Biography: Radius was born on Earth to Vulpkanin immigrants before being separated from them due to unfortunate financial circumstances. He had been adopted by a human couple at the age of four. His life was fairly normal at that point according to him, and once he had reached the age of 19 he had begun his education in the medical sciences as well as how to work on-station; as one of his adoptive parents was apparently a member of a crew before, he had aspired to do the same as them. At 23 years old, he had finally achieved his dreams, and is now working on the NSS Cyberiad. Radius is a fairly stable individual under normal circumstances, but occasional neuroses do stand out when he is stressed in some way or another. While normally a cowardly individual, often unable to help himself in times of danger unless he has support, Radius has a strong drive toward helping others that seems to overpower his more cowardly nature, bringing out a more aggressive, protective nature when others are being threatened. As long as his crewmates and especially his departmental coworkers are the line, he tries his hardest to help, but once it's just him and the dangers he quickly becomes suicidal in mentality. Qualifications: Radius had come aboard the NSS Cyberiad having somewhat limited medical and chemical knowledge, but in his time working here he has gained a working grasp of every common medical concept; Genetics and how to clean them, viruses and how to cure them, chemicals and what they do, and surgeries and the nuances between specific species. He demonstrates a high level of competence in chemistry and medical procedures specifically. Employment Records: Upon first coming here, Radius had picked up work doing janitorial duties; after a few shifts of this, he had quickly moved on to chemistry work where he had gained a working familiarity with pharmaceuticals. It appears that the Cyberiad was the very first off-world station that Radius had ever worked for. He had worked in Security for brief stint but his nearsightedness made using the Security HUDs difficult, and given that Security work was contrary to his very nature, he had decided against working in Security if possible. Rarely, he had also worked in Engineering or Cargo, though he had decided that is not truly where his talents lay. Security Records: Radius, in his time, has never committed any major crimes except under external influences of duress or supernatural influence, and even these instances have proven to be rare. In more pressing times he has been sometimes caught preparing or obtaining illegal weaponry but he has always claimed it was because he was fearing for his own life; such claims accurately reflect his psychological profile. Extended on his tendencies to only commit major crimes under duress, it is noted that Radius' immediate family is sometimes if not often a target of those that wish to extort services from him. This should be kept in mind as appealing to Radius' better nature significantly reduces the chances of conflicts involving him ending in violence and/or death. Medical Records: Radius Primer has a history of chronic colorblindness and nearsightedness, needing prescription glasses or a dose of Mutadone in order to see well. It appears that said medication wears off after some time, given that he will need another dose come the next shift. Given his neurotic and somewhat cowardly nature, Radius has not been cloned much so far during his time on the Cyberiad. In terms of mental health, Radius is an easily frightened individual, and further psychological evaluation had revealed a case of arachnophobia; the tests showed that Radius is in fact quite terrified of spiders. These aspects of him have only manifested when he is relatively alone; being around others that he can trust seems to quiet these neuroses. Personnel Photo (Appearance text): Radius is a 5'4", brown-furred Vulpkanin with a white belly, hands, feet, and tail tip. The tail is a little bit narrow and not all that fluffy. Commendations [only to be added by admin]: Reprimands [only to be added by admin]: Other Notes: I got nothing. I may update this bio for any significant changes to him.
  9. So IPCs can be fixed through surgery, but as of right now they can only have surgery done on them using one of the operating tables found in Surgery or in Robotics while everyone else can ghetto it on a rollerbed or table if they have to. I have had several situations where I couldn't save an IPC co-worker as an engineer or something because the robotics lab and Medbay have been made inhospitable in some fashion. I would put them on a table before selecting my screwdriver to fix their internals, only to stab them despite having the Help intent; under the same circumstances but having them on an operating table will let me fix them, and I don't think that's intentional.