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  1. Upgrading via RPED fixes a number of these issues.
  2. One Sentence Description: NT and Syndicate operatives wake up in an extremely hostile area after their ships crash. They can choose to work together or against one another to accomplish their goals. Map Changes: No Can utilize abandoned outposts / stations / other sections of the map to negate the need to switch maps. Code Changes: Unlikely All assets should be otherwise available at this time. Suggested Number of Players: Any number provided it is even. Full Description of Event: This event is to allow ghosts or other persons who are not actively playing a means of potentially enjoying a RP/Action based event. The Premise is that two groups of individuals (NT and Syndicate) crash land on a planet or area for what should have been a routine mission. Due to their now stranded state the two groups can either choose to fight or work together to survive against the fauna and flora around them while they attempt to accomplish their own goals. The goals are usually as follows: - Find X object. - Build Y object. - Obtain Z from the other faction. (Where Z is some high-tech or very useful item) - Survive. While the groups are ABLE to kill one another, the situation should be set up in such a way that doing so would likely lead to one group having a lot harder time attempting to survive / accomplish their objectives on their own. This creates an ongoing amount of tension as cooperation is not required but advised. Simply shooting each other is an option as well but doing so will deplete ammunition, injure your team, and generally be a questionable move.
  3. While I get that Ian dying sucks, he isn't even the "highest ranking" pet on the station. Additionally, our lore even points out that Ian is a clone who is restored every shift as needed, the real Ian died a while back. Thus, I get it but there is no foundation for it.
  4. Hallo, just making a few quick requests for updates on the wiki for the following items: 1. Confirm our current year in lore. I've been getting this question asked a few times and I am pretty sure we're suppose to be one year further ahead of the current posted year. 2. Please update the station maps and locations.
  5. In the past, when I used to work with a different server on a different game for development and administration, we had means of dealing with this that was what we referred to as "semi-transparency" followed by development that we pushed out in waves. The general concept behind this is that, unfortunately, a lot of players have great intentions and believe that they know what they feel is best for the server (sometimes they're even right) but they may be incorrect or missing facts. They do have the unique perspective of being the people that are going to be directly effected by this without the ability to really change anything in a rapid way. If the administration really does want to see what the players think or feel about developments it's possible to tease / discuss the bare minimum about a possible update or development and its intentions and keep the polling completely and exclusively private to only the development/head administration to see the results of. This does two things, it does show the preference of the playerbase and helps them feel like they do have some amount of say and impact about what's going on without removing the oversight and ultimate decisions of the administration all the while avoiding the drama that comes with it. The private polls aren't a place for discussing, they aren't a place for arguments, you go to the page and make your decision then come what may based on a lot of factors that the players cant see. The beauty of this system is that it can be easily utilized for small things, like deciding cosmetic or otherwise very inconsequential things while not even putting big changes (like the crit system) under the review light in the first place. Community feels like it gets some say in the action going on, administration retains the ability to make big decisions.
  6. Suggestion: Have bones break based on an increasing percentile based on that specific bone damage. Torso, head, arms, and legs should be fairly robust while hands, feet, and abdomen should be relatively soft. Every damage basically raises the "chance" of a bone breaking once it reaches a base threshold. This percentile just needs to be balanced enough to be not-frequent but it won't save unlucky souls implicitly. IRL the issue with long-bone fractures such as the femur is blood loss that pools in the cavity. With those bigger bones that are more robust, add internal bleeding and remove it for the "softer" bones.
  7. As a reminder as well, you do need a few hours in Synthetics (playing as a cyborg) as well to unlock this field. When you look on the Occupation Preferences menu it should let you know what requirements, if any, that you're missing. So here's something to also note for the whole "crew harm" law. Part of Legal SOP is to declare someone who is being exiled or executed as "TERMINATED" via their ID. As such, no crew harm is occurring because the person being executed is not a member of the crew. Thus, you attempting to prevent an execution might get you carded or destroyed so please be careful. I highly recommend that you spend some time reading through and understanding the surrounding SOPs for various reasons as it will ultimately intertwine itself with your job. As previously stated, however the chain of command for your law set is: Server Rules > Your laws (and their hierarchy) > Space Law (considerations, you aren't held to space law in the same way as anyone else would be due to your station status as being the AI. That being said, you need to know what is Space Law to otherwise inform others OR to assist with security matters).
  8. Medi


    The real irony is that even his own family only calls him Lich and NO ONE uses his first name.
  9. Medi


    Yes to one of those.
  10. Medi


    Probably last update: Theme song. FAQ / More fun facts about him.
  11. Lich was so beyond confused by this event that he wasn't sure what direction was up anymore.
  12. Lich is kinda the king of Bad luck. He's the only one I know who can, as witnessed by Sulfur, have a blue space portal open next to him, the immovable rod go flying through the bridge and vanish on the other side the MOMENT he steps unto a certain tile and ONLY takes him out. Smacked him in the face so hard it ripped off his foot and caused brain damage. EDIT: His player isn't too far behind.
  13. A lot of us were mad about the ending of this. Everything leading up to this was generally fine / par for the course of an ascending level of appropriate chaos caused by the already pre-existing threats becoming more apparent / greytiders. I think the slaughter demon was where we all drew the line.