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  1. I frankly wouldn't mind it for at least the feet.
  2. So, new list of suggestions: - Update the wiki to reflect the following: 1. Non-FTL space capabilities with moderate reflectance to explore outside of the system. Terraforming capabilities present and used. 2. Revise anatomy to reflect finding noted. Blood vessels in ears are not necessary, single eye colorblindness as it would mean we wouldn't have to change anything, still debating the chest but I see nothing wrong so long as we elaborate on the organs (not for damage reasons), ability to eat raw meat, stronger liver, digigrade nature. 3. Discuss culture to reflect society norms, etc. - Potential in game updates? 1. Digigrade would require a lot of changes to the point they'd have to start with feet wrap (already in game) and job specific footwear in their inventory or have a means of modifying it to allow for vulps to wear. 2. Allow for the consumption of raw meat without penalty.
  3. While Lich and I tend to share a brain when it comes to problem solving and what our comfort-zones are, we act very different from one another. - I am extremely talkative / verbose in comparison to Lich. - I am not really that animated non-verbally. - I actually hate texting IRL. - I tend to approach problems like him though and I don't panic easily. - Not nearly as awkward around people as him but equally as friendly. - I am just as if not MORE unlucky than he is (I spent 2-4 hours in jail IRL just for showing up somewhere I was suppose to be). - I don't smoke anymore but I drink a Lot more then he does.
  4. Fair enough, that really doesn't change to much so it's extremely workable.
  5. Then they're in our modern age as far as it is concerned for technology. It's completely workable.
  6. I mean, you can expand upon that to state that they're more akin to our modern setting, hunting and trapping with more advanced means like firearms and such. I think for their species to make sense in the grand theater of what's going on, space flight needs to be something that is out of their reach or something they don't practice. The reasoning for this is that it really enhances the whole concept of Why they weren't around sooner without making them like the Unathi and xenophobic. If anything, NT can be written in as being beneficial to the survival of the race as they would likely have to assist in some capacity with them relocating (for the modest fee of their continued services).
  7. Well, obviously. While I don't believe this is entirely true it's a factor. However, from a gameplay standpoint that doesn't justify non giving them diversity from other species on the station. I don't need bluespace mumbo-jumbo to justify a description as there are some biological necessities. Just because they're depicted to look like 'furries' we are suppose to not care about them at all? That doesn't seem to make a ton of sense. Look at the Vox for example: They're crazy space birds. They've to a ton of justification to them. We didn't just call it at: "Here have a bird person" and walk away.
  8. Well, per the apparent creator they're suppose to have digitigrade legs so that would make sense for them to have tails it's just a bit harder for them to wear shoes is all.
  9. Given what you said and, from what is apparently a bastardized version of the original concept boiled down to what would have made sense, I see no reason not to push for some kind of reform since they're popular enough now. Done correctly, I don't see why it wouldn't be possible to implement at least some of the ideas. I get your core concept though: They're not space/earth doggos and that's why I am trying to diversify them and making them more 'alien' in nature. That being said: give some bullet points to things that you feel are practical and could change.
  10. Frankly, as someone who plays a vulp, I don't think they'll mind the footwear thing too much. It wouldn't be the greatest sin. Also with the organs? It's light damage, I'm asking for realistically 3-5% with Heavy brute damage. If some greytide wacks you with a pack of cigarettes it shouldn't pop a lung. Now if you took a tool box to the chest, I think a small amount of organ trauma in the chest is both realistic, non-debilitating, and fair. In all honesty, your chest is more likely to be cracked then your organs compromised from the trauma in the long run. Plus, given the differences, toxin damage to him lasts a lot less long so the trade-offs kinda work anyway. The whole flash thing, I discussed it and if anything you could reduce that if they accepted my suggestion of the whole "one eye" fix. I think my biggest deal was just giving Vulp some love when you compare it to literally any other wiki, especially the Vox. The Vulps are written off as "Here have a space dog" while the Vox have this intricate system (that doesn't delve too deep into their actual biology but thats okay) for their entire wiki's basis.
  11. Having gone back to talk with my friend about this, these are the following suggestions: 1. Amend wiki for ears and eyes. 2. Brute chest trauma = light organ damage. 3. Either digitigrade (remove ability to wear shoes and give them the foot wraps except for things like mag boots etc) or remove tails. 4. Amend wiki in regards to their culture and such.
  12. It has plenty of non-antag uses. In fact, it's more often used for teleporting people around the station between the departments then it is used for 'antag' purposes. As I previously stated, there's only a handful of jobs that kind of promote the use of teleportation. Within those jobs even LESS people use them who potentially could.
  13. Simply amending a lot of the wiki would resolve this and maybe adding organ damage to brute chest trauma. It would make them more alien. As far as tails are concerned, if it's a part of their spine it would be light enough to work I believe.
  14. If it was spinally based then it would make Some sense given that its part of the language.
  15. NOTE: I am not writing this out of hate but out of a desire to fix the race so that they're not just "dog people". So I have an artist friend who deals a lot with animals, anthropology, and such and I asked them to draw my character. When attempting to explain what a Vulp is, I used the Wiki article and that's when we both discovered that there are some things that definitely need explained if this race is going to be anything other then "Dog Person". I have a background in medicine so we put our heads together and came up with a few things to point out. Based on their anatomy and physiology we determined that prior to NT finding them they were likely a hunter-gatherer society that likely had some amount of farming capability but primarily relied on tools and ambush tactics. This idea is supported by the fact that they have low light vision, opposable thumbs, and plantigrade feet which would not make them very fast in comparison to something like an actual dog. Their ribs are apparently fused in a web-like lattice structure. This structure, we deduced, has to be relatively flexible not only to suit their ambush tactics but if it was rigid, they'd have more 'barrel chested' appearances. Additionally, having this lattice like structure would actually give them more blood flow then a human (as humans have bundles of veins and arteries tucked under each rib in a small notch) since blood flow can go and reach just about anywhere in the chest cavity without major obstruction. This would require them to have rather tough lungs to help push up against their own chest. As far as organs are concerned, it is noted that they have two primary differences to humans: 1. A two chambered stomach. 2. A 'special' liver. Ill discuss these later. Their face will have to have center focused eyes (like a human) that don't offer as great of a field of vision as a prey would have. In addition, due to their overall structure and nature they can probably smell very well but at the cost of requiring them to have strong muzzles. Their jaws, on the other hand, don't need to be as strong nor do their necks as they don't appear to need to be able to hold thrashing animals in their teeth, thus their teeth aren't too tough in comparison to humans. Here are the things that we feel need to either be clarified or otherwise changed as to make the race actually make some means of practical sense. If Atlam was a temperate world, why the increased blood flow to the ears? You wouldn't need greater thermo-regulation in a temperate environment, regardless of how 'big' their ears are it's otherwise excessive. If you're saying it's an evolutionary adaptation, it's been about 4 generations since they've moved and become space fairing, that's very fast evolution by anyone's standards and while variances in height might be possible in that time, developing entire networks of collateral blood flow in ears to accommodate space? Color blindness and correction. The reason why a lot of creatures are colorblind is because they've got an advantage in light conditions that we as humans (who see more color) don't have. Most wild animals are able to see in low light areas which increases their ability to hunt. As we already mentioned, we're pretty sure that they were ambush predators who relied on hunting so them having relative color blindness in favor of low-light visibility makes sense. What doesn't make sense is if it's later corrected, they should, in theory, lose the ability to see in the dark as effectively as they previously could. Possible solution: Only one eye is usually fixed. The brain will be able to bridge the gap and fill in the color blindness while also allowing them to retain their low light visibility. Chest cavity. Due to how their chest is made up, it's got to be more flexible then a humans. This would be a lot more akin to our floating ribs due to their overall requirement of flexibility and allowing expansion during inhalation. The ribs, in conjunction with the muscles of the chest, would support them taking breaths in and would also do decent jobs protecting their chests from slashing damage but would be relatively shit at protecting them from blunt trauma. This is due to the fact that, unlike a human's semi-rigid chest thanks to the presence of a sternum, they have nothing but a flexible chest that prioritizes supporting their stream-like design rather then being protective and thus take more organ damage from blunt trauma. Organs. While their heart is likely 4 chambered, lungs will have to be different in the sense that they're more tough and able to support moving their chest in a uniform motion as they draw in a breath. Otherwise, the muscles on their chest have to be rather significant as they're always relying on these (what would be to a human 'accessory') muscles to help move their chest in a meaningful way. Additionally, their stomach is two chambered apparently? We actually figured this is reasonable if they're able to consume raw meat. We're aware that creatures like bears are able to do both with a single chambered stomach but we realized that while the stomach is very strong in a bear, it requires a ton of intestines to help support its large structure as the whole system is generally inefficient when compared to the relatively compact design we're going for here. Thus, the stomach should be noted to probably be able to handle raw meat a lot better then most other crew members could be able to. What about the specialized "vulpkanin liver" as when a vulp is gibbed, it's even denoted as such? Well that thing has to support a very fast metabolism which makes since with the +11% loss to hunger. In turn, medications, toxins, and food should all be processed quickly though the body but remain for very brief amounts of time. For example, if you give a vulp and a human the same med: The vulp will have the medicine activate sooner and end sooner then the human would by a significant amount. This means that vulp may require more medication to heal them then most crew. The issue with the tails: Since they're plantigrade creatures they are able to enjoy all the benefits that humans do with their hands and feet, like the ability to be bipedal, climb, pick things up, wear clothes, etc. Since their so plantigrade why have the tails in the first place? Tails are usually used as a means of providing some amount of balance to a creature as it moves in some form or fashion. Cats use it to turn while running and falling. Now, their tails do have some use in the way of communicating in their language as well as playing a role in their overall body language. Where this doesn't make sense is that their tail has a similar bone structure to a limb rather than a usual tail? Monkeys, dogs, cats, etc all have tails that are essentially part of their spines and play an active role in such. They are, thanks to their spinal nature, light weight and generally easy to control in some form or fashion. Vulps apparently have a bone structure more akin to a limb? For a vulp to wag their tail as they do in game, that means that we know it's at least greater than one to two bones (likely closer to around three to six at least) because the more long bones present, the less flexible and able to 'wag' the tail. This means that not only is their tail Heavy due to the bone presence but the flexibility required to communicate would be staunched greatly. Simple fix: have it as a part of their spine. Makes it light weight, non-weight bearing (can't pick shit up with them), but able to be controlled to some degree that would make it essential for communication. Simple fixes: Amend the wiki and potentially give them more organ damage as a result of blunt trauma to the chest.