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  1. Calecute

    Assistants 2.0

    Science assistants needs access to ORM to get materials for science. I do also fear it would just be used to get some gear and have no responsibility. But honestly people already do that with regular jobs, and it's actually better if you take no real job slot if you gonna fuck around instead of work.
  2. Ah, it does not. It just solves the problem of pipes leaking when not caped if we implement it.
  3. Yeah you don't need airflow if ambient pressure is 1 atmos. You just need airflow if room is under 1 atmos. Also the vents are not passive, they actively pump, so you can get airflow if you want even with supply at 1atm.
  4. For supply pipes atmos could just keep pressure at one atmos in the network, that would prevent supply pipes from leaking at all. Waste would be a bigger problem as we dont have overflow valves ro make it easy to keep waste working and at 1atmos. Also if we needed so syphon a plasma fire or something it would leak through waste breach.
  5. Also if you want to be complete there are a some things missing. Turbine can be upgraded, as can plasma generators and SMES. Also recycler, teleporter, holopad, thou i'm not sure if it's helpful. .
  6. Took a look at the code and it does not seem like upgrading medical scanners does anything. Also for cryo apparently it changes the heat capacity of something. It uses the heat capacity in a formula to determine occupant temp, I think it makes the occupant temperature lower, but didn't check the math.
  7. I think the chance is always 100%. Upgrading just makes so you can extract better genes. An unupgraded DNA Extractor can only right a gene for 50 potency, as an exemple, even if you're using a 90 potency seed.
  8. Oh yeah, for sure messages should be send only after round end
  9. I like the idea, I think people would be happy to end and get Karma messages. But i think it would make easier to coordinate karma trades.
  10. With telesci you can get anything to/from any coordinate in any z level. So if you know your cordinates, you can get anything you want, or get something or someone anywhere you want. If people have suit sensors maxed you can also get anyone. One legit use for telesci is getting bodies in space or hard to reach places. I do agree it's too OP and it serves no legit function even thou i like playing with it.
  11. I like the RNG, i think it lower the skill ceiling, and makes for more interesting stories.
  12. Oh they did the station gone event and went to eng outpost, nice!
  13. I wouldn't like crime stacking per se, but I think the idea of time for repeated offender being higher even for different crimes is good.
  14. If I read space law right you can force borg someone, for some reason I though you could only borg people that asked for it as an alternative to dying. Am I right that cap or magis can order someone unwillingly borged as a sentence for a crime?