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  1. As a Vamp just ask bartender for lots of Demon's Blood and Devil's Kiss, these drinks contain blood, you will be full powered in no time, without leaving bar.
  2. "Each has something going for and against them" - I feel they are just part of the same system. Something cyberpunkish where NT hires illegal teams to sabotage/steal other companies while other companies do the same to them.
  3. Recently on a discussion on play time job restrictions someone said en passant that you don't need lots of experience as sec to play Warden. Since then I've been thinking about trying Warden, any tips? I have some experience as IAA, and a little bit as sec. I think warden, just sitting there and trying to coordinate people through radio will be more my thing than sec. It's kind of what I do in atmos or as CE. But listening to people with more experience for sure will help me, so I though I’d ask you guys what you think of the job.
  4. I'd really like a blueprint hud actually
  5. You can hack radios, including attaching signalers. So you can make some interesting things, like voice activated sbr for when someone gank you in maint and takes off your radio.
  6. Nice, had no idea about the wraped box in the shipping label.
  7. Think it would be nice to have a spare in case the one we have is destroyed or stolen.
  8. Not sure if i understand you, but they really don't require you being in your workstation, you already get a "New Request from *department*". Being able to reply by PDA or otherwise would be nice thou. I'm not talking about bluespace or anything like that. Request Consoles are able to print a disposal tagged box, which can carry one item. You can already send items to people directly through disposals, it's just inconvenient, because you can only send one at a time, and there's a substantial delay if you try to print lots of boxes. Also literaly everytime I tried to get cargo to mail something for me they would refuse. Either they're oblivious about how disposals work, or they though it was a bomb somehow, or they simply flat out refused because they saw no point. Yeah disposals broken really is a frequent problem, made worse by the fact that atmos rarely fix it.
  9. Xeno could send speed slimes to eng and mining, cargo could send metal to eng and science, robo could send implants to brig doc, chem could send mutagen to botany, botany could send plants to science, there's a lot of trips that are done to fetch things.
  10. I find Request Consoles one of the more interesting features on the Station. You can use them to ask things from departments in a channel you're sure they'll hear, instead of the much more unreliable yelling in common. You can use it to ship stuff around the station (if disposals hasn't been blown up). But it's widely ignored and unused. My calls to Janitor to clean something, to eng to fix something, to cargo to order something, usually go unheard. And basically no one uses it to ship goods around the station. Why is this? There's so much potential there. And what could we do so people use it more often? One thing I can think of about the shipping labels is that the one item limit is really inconvenient. About the requests I'm not sure, maybe edit the sprite so it calls more attention when there's a request unseen? Access your department requests thought the PDA?
  11. Hope you have fun spessman, what you're playing as?
  12. Couldn't find a computer vendor, not sure if incompetence or if it's not there.
  13. Wait Vietnamese people? What does Vietnamese have to do with Mongols? (besides both being east Asian ethnicities) Is this some regional thing were people in X historically called Vietnam immigrants Mongoloids, so both terms became associated?
  14. I wonder how much overlap there is between Zachtronics nerds and SS13 nerds. I came here through Mandalore's video, like many of you