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  1. You can give karma to people you can't see. Under the "Special Verbs" tab there's "Award Karma to Player" verb that opens a pop-up with all chars you can see, and an "Award Karma" verb that opens a pop-up with all chars on the map. I don't really have problems with the karma system, but it's completly surprising how much karma varies by role. Antags gets lots of karma probably because they have ghosts attention. I get tons of karma from medbay and robotics, just by doing the job, almost none from eng even if i do something incredible.
  2. I don't think cyborgs should be held to department SoP at all. I do agree that borgs on crewsimov should not enforce space law. Ussually if i'm a sec borg I ignore any crime that's non-violent and don't show a predisposition to future violence unless someone ask me to do something about it. But asking AI/Borgs to access to secure areas is a pretty clear red flag. I don't expect borgs to give you access to places with dangerous equipment or places that may imply you're an enemy of the corporation. This clearly can lead to crew harm, even harm to the people that are asking themselves.
  3. While looking for something in the code i found those wonderful comments about circuit crates
  4. Aren't borgs slower than crew? Is not that useful, but i think it would be nice. M&B13 coming
  5. The only thing i truly want to see enforced is hardsuit hogging. But uniform enforcement in general should also probably be enforced. Can't let engies run around without hard boots, chef needs to cover his hair to avoid hair in food, no one entering viro without proper suit, botant without proper gloves, etc. There are actually some things there are not provided by NT that probably should, like proper gloves for cargo tech maning disposals. Atmos tank placement are terrible from a safety perspective, but not sure what can be done about it. Maybe build some better windows in turbine maint and reinforce the wall to space in atmos maint. Also we should probably block access to the tree tiles in front of the PA in engine with windows. Think department SMES are too much, but electric network running at the lowest possible wattage to lesser shock damage should probably be enforced. It could possibly be illegal to serve booze to squidheads. Medbay also should run departamental checks. Go to science and see if geneticist are using themselves as test subjects and are damaged (illegal for sure). Check robos and engies for eye damage, botanists and chems for poison and addiction (or for any number of things in case of scichem), xeno for slime damage, etc.
  6. Now in favor of public notes so we can read Spacemanspark's notes
  7. Rereading my post I think I wasn't completely clear. The problem with this is that admins are basically working for free for us. Anything that gives them more work will reduce the poll of possible admins, leading to less admins and/or lower quality ones, and admins diverting time from old work to the new work that was added. Any new work we add should be valuable, at least as valuable as actually policing rounds and processing ban appeals, probably more valuable than that. I simply don't think public notes are valuable enough.
  8. I've been out for some months, but I've been playing in para for quite some time now, and I'm coming back, so I think I might as well chip in. Honestly one of the main appeals of the forum are the appeals. It's always a pleasure to come and get up to date with all the crazy rule breaking and the excuses people come up with. I find that the admins here are actually extremely generous with everyone, including people that to me look like clearly malicious in their intent. I do get that maybe for the admins is better to err on the side of not banning, because it's a pain to have people complaining about bans. So, while I'm mildly curious about my notes, and possibly would dispute the admin description of the situations in my notes, it's simply not worth it to make them public. It's quite easy to not get banned, and to get unbanned. Public notes would make admins have to work more, would make the notes system less efficient, probably resulting in a lower number of bans, just to satisfy a few player's curiosity. Especially when you can probably just ask if you're curious enough, so even the upsides are not that great compared to status quo.
  9. Calecute

    Assistants 2.0

    Science assistants needs access to ORM to get materials for science. I do also fear it would just be used to get some gear and have no responsibility. But honestly people already do that with regular jobs, and it's actually better if you take no real job slot if you gonna fuck around instead of work.
  10. Ah, it does not. It just solves the problem of pipes leaking when not caped if we implement it.
  11. Yeah you don't need airflow if ambient pressure is 1 atmos. You just need airflow if room is under 1 atmos. Also the vents are not passive, they actively pump, so you can get airflow if you want even with supply at 1atm.
  12. For supply pipes atmos could just keep pressure at one atmos in the network, that would prevent supply pipes from leaking at all. Waste would be a bigger problem as we dont have overflow valves ro make it easy to keep waste working and at 1atmos. Also if we needed so syphon a plasma fire or something it would leak through waste breach.
  13. Also if you want to be complete there are a some things missing. Turbine can be upgraded, as can plasma generators and SMES. Also recycler, teleporter, holopad, thou i'm not sure if it's helpful. .