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  1. Sleep is for the weak, like Qur. *Nod*
  2. I guess I never made one of these. I've been here a little.. I actually started playing SS13 3 years ago but the controls made me give up the game. I tried it again a year later and I hated combat controls. I tried it again a few months ago after being introduced to Paradise and it turns out hey this is pretty neat. So I learned everything about SS13 basically with I first started Paradise this year. I play the following in order of most (IN)FAMOUS: Vin Croi: the female snarky serious vulp who has a major in psychology and a backstreet major in.. surgery? X.V.M.: the sad little security IPC robot that wants to be respected but everyone just rubs her head instead Dayana: just a character I rarely play who is mostly an innocent slime character who never does anything wrong or evil and just wants to do good for the station and help everyone. yeah sure. I also have art for my characters but I am in bed and I can't sleep please send help I have a Inorganic Chem lab in 10 hours oh god oh fuck
  3. A white t-shirt with a slime blob on the front.
  4. Seeing my character drawn makes me want to cry with joy.
  5. Hi NERD I'M DAY
  6. Dayana Shaffer - Carefree Innocent Sociopath
  7. Needs more. More pages. More slimes...
  8. I have just stumbled upon this thread, very nice pictures indeed... All over 100 pages of PICTURES..
  9. The engiborg was probably trying to do its job.. and repair the broken parts from the screech.