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  1. Permission to valid them?
  2. Does it stun Tajarans if you throw it at them? If not 0/10
  3. Wait what? CQC was added like...4-5 months ago? Blueshield has been around for like...a long ass time? Am I missing something here?
  4. I've seen a similar thread where pop-tarts are compared to a Calzone too
  5. In my head, since dying, your killer and how you died are the most "recent" memories that brain has the brain only keeps them in short term memory upon death. When cloned, the cloner fails to restore that short term memory, which is why you "forget" who killed you. Which also accounts for how you remember who you are and what your role is. It's a sort of retrograde amnesia of a traumatic experience. From a gameplay standpoint, if an antags kills me and leaves me in a state that can be cloned (aka doesn't gib me, strand my corpse somewhere it'll never be found or steal my brain) then it's kind of just good sportsmanship for lack of a better term. I've seen a guy get cloned, pop out of the cloner and immediately start screaming on comms "X IS A CHANGELING" when nobody was any wiser and said antagonist had been trying to keep a low profile. That to me is kind of powergaming.
  6. I like that idea apart from the fact it's something that can be printed in science. Maybe the teleporters that are prebuilt should have an older generation board that becomes the objective? Would mean the teleporters would need tweaking to accept both the objective board and printed boards when building them.
  7. Klees told me of a very similar story, where his EMP implant caused the officers with robotics limbs to have them fall off and the Brig Phys to die of a heart attack due to cybernetic heart
  8. One night on the discord I asked "Do we need more varied traitor objectives?" to which nearly everyone one came back with a resounding "Yes". This has had me thinking about new potential objective ideas. It's worth pointing out that the Syndicate, despite many seeing them as a terrorist organisation, are first and foremost a loose collective of companies and parties rivalling NT who provide clandestine funding and resources to operatives. In short, corporate espionage and sabotage is the main goal (The reason steal objectives exist is because presumably these groups are looking to copy or reverse engineer key items) With that being said I'd like to introduce a new objective type that isn't stealing or killing; planting. Planting involves placing or bugging equipment so that rival groups can glean a variety of information from the space station. This involves the use of a new item, the Remote Listening Device or RLD, which only appears in the uplink if the player has a planting type objective (Similarly to how hijack only items work) and cost 0 TC. The RLDs are tiny items that look similar to USB flash drives. The planting target are varied in nature and can be split into separate categories detailed below: Cameras "Plant [X] Remote Listening Devices into Security Cameras" Fairly self explanatory, so the Syndicate can snoop into the Camera system of the station remotely to facilitate further espionage. Specific Camera "Plant a Remote Listening Device into the [Location] Camera" A variant of the above, used to gather information from a specific locale. Places include the Bridge, Head Offices, Processing, Xenobiology, Toxins, Brig etc Consoles "Plant a Remote Listening Device into a [Console]" Used to gather a variety of information dependent on the console in question. Targets include; Power Monitor, Crew Monitor, Security Records, Operating Computer, Supply Console, etc Devices "Plant a Remote Listening Device into the [Device]" Similar to the Console target. Things such as the PDA Server, Research Server, Body Scanner, Cloner, Recycler, ORM. To prevent players from simply spawning in an RLD as they stand at the target it first has to be "used" to establish a connection to an outbound server and set up a unique encryption to transmit data discretely. This process takes several minutes (2-3 roughly) and the RLD must be kept on the player's person, otherwise is device will abort the process. This process makes a specific ping once it is complete and can be heard from a few tiles away. Once complete the RLD can simply be used on the target to plant it inside (Cameras would require the maintenance panel to be opened first). The devices behave normally and show no outward signs of being bugged. To remove an RLD, the device simply just needs to be dismantled where the RLD will appear among the components (Cameras only need the maintenance panel to be opened again for the RLD to fall out) Seeing how Nanotrasen are very protective of company secrets the RLD is considered S Class Contraband. The reason I'm posting this here rather than in suggestions is because I'm sure other have ideas for new objectives and I want to see what people come up with.
  9. This is one of the reasons I refuse to play medbay. It's by far the more toxic and hostile working environment. I've actually be accused of being a bad player for trying to avoid using the cloner and doing things the harder way.
  10. My biggest issue is how easy it is to clone a corpse. I can't remember how often I've dragged a recently dead body, started to defibrillator them, only for some asshole god-complex doctor to wordlessly pull them away and dump them into the cloner. Thing is I get it; cloning fixes everything. Defibbing someone still means they needs potential surgery and/or blood transfusion but cloning them they get brought to full health within 2 minutes, its so fire and forget. In an ideal world, cloning should be the last port to call when all other attempts to resuscitate have failed and not a simple respawn mechanic, it should have long term ramifications. At the same time, the general incompetence of medical staff leads me to believe that medbay will just become worse as a direct result.
  11. I think I know this round. The EMP implanted guy was a Vulpkanin right?
  12. Ugh....the AI got an ion law which resulted in a borg releasing plasma on the bridge to protect the AI.
  13. That time I was door crushed and it invariably saved my life from a plasma fire
  14. Yeah Air pressure isn't the same as volume, the only mention of volume is the 28 moles of plasma traitor objective.