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  1. Ripley that are made by miners roundstart offer only relative safety, have super weak drill AND you have to wait at least about 10 minutes(usually, robotics make it themselves, without asking, about 20 minutes in shift), to have it made, while without it you'd be halfway done mining basic minerals. I think Ripleys basic drill should drill 2 tiles deep. Other ripley mining tools definitely deserve buff. Fully upgraded ripley is slower, mines slower, moves slower, does everything worse than miner with RnD tools. Let it have heavy version of current tools. Give it heavy KA, that for example, shoots as fast, as 2 KA, but without their weird shooting speed penalty for double welding. Heavy plasma cutter, that shoots either 2 plasma bolts, or 1, but deeeper bolt. Give it lavaland themed upgrades. At the current state, only ripley use, is for newbies to not die.
  2. Hello Thursday, about your question, you need few hours(5 or 10h I think) of gameplay as borg, before AI unlocks, same for command members of other departments. First, you need to learn what you can, and cannot do by playing as borg. For example lawset is your master, lawset is your limit, for example you never harm crew members on crewsimov. Each lawset has its purpose, and limits, and you need to be sure to stay within them. AI is master of borgs, and gets to order, manage, or blow up/lock them down. Second, you should know at least in theory, about purpose of command members and rights. As AI its usually more calm, and there are less important things to do. When you want to wipe core(cryo), you ahelp. When you are in doubt what you can do, or not, you mentor help. When borgs request orders, when situation is in chaos, you give them orders. Once you unlock it, I hope you have fun.
  3. I was looking for something similiar to barotrauma/dwarf fortress/ roguelikeish. I found ss13, first server I joined was Colonial mareeeens, I was discouraged by weird graphics and controls on my first game after 10 minutes. I left, and came back about year later. I gave game a chance, and got sucked in without escape.
  4. 1. Be chaplain 2. Get Arrythmic Knife. 3. Run(sometimes) Like on meth pre-nerf hammer. I know other way, to go faster than game's main controller computes numbers, passing z levels instantly, but I'm not revealing it, nor using it.
  5. Time for serious business. I'm opening discussion about paradise server as whole. I did not see any more proper place, so general talk is the spot for talk I guess. Share your opinions, tell us what do you not like, or do you think is being done well on paradise station, and how would it be changed. I want it be not a pure suggestion talk, but more of general talk about our server: Direction you would like it to take, rules, medium roleplay level, administration, and how would you like to make server better overall. I'll start with clone memory disorder. Let's say you are a vampire, wanting to stealthily have bloody drink. Your first capture is average steve the assistant. He's impatient, and is not cooperating. He goes unconscious and dies out of blood loss. Since you are nice, you decide to not keep him out of round for too long, and put his body in findable place, for example near medbay. Steve gets kicked out of cloning pod, in fresh, silk smooth new body. When he wakes up, he screams his lungs off: JOHN SMITH THE MECHANIC VAMPIRE HAS KILLED ME IN SECRET ROOM IN SCIENCE MAINTENANCE RIGHT OVER THERE SECURITY. This is not fun, and I'm for enforcing in one way or another light cloning memory disorder, leading to vague memories, and not perfect memory of everything related to kidnapper. It would be more fun for round, if that person instead told security about person in green uniform kidnapping him in science maints.