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  1. Qix and Zix at it again but this time with a plot twist ! @Nikitaw99
  2. Qix and Zix on a underwater adventure *warble @Nikitaw99
  3. rapaskoti


    right so do the check list the pool has been put out the vending machine has been put out and everything across the board is green to go time to gre... oh drake beat me to it ah well. mentors are here to answer any questions you may have and admins to keep the peace enjoy your stay !
  4. Getting drunk while on duty ? my kind of style also requesting someone to build a bar while on duty is also my style
  5. heh i have seen you around and dont worry being terrible at playing antag i know that feeling to well but yeah glad to hear that you are enjoying the server
  6. that is quite a shocking picture
  7. right so where was i ..check if the pool is still on fire check the bar is working greete the ne.... oh hello uh...right welcome to paradise you aren't that new but still welcome and enjoy your stay on the forums ! we have a pool that is not on fire a bar and ...oh for the vending machine is on fire now ?.... sigh well enjoy your stay on para ! and remember mentors are here if you have any questinons and the admemes to keep the peace