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  1. The Great Search is over now my mind can be att rest
  2. i must say pretty solid guide for new cult members
  3. Always good to se a new face around here i can't say much more then has already ben said but Enjoy your stay on paradise !
  4. I must say Good work Real good work Keep up the good art you nerds are making
  5. Step 5 wait a few hours and you have a ice popsicle
  6. In my experience i would say Spark is a much bigger nerd
  7. What is this heresy im reading Sorry but i will have to call in the Big guns on you all
  8. A bit late here to but welcome to paradise we have a bunch of nerds ready to help at any moment and a bar and a pool anyway Welcome and enjoy your stay
  9. Indeed i must say good work on these keep up the good work !
  10. Well if you are doing HI I'M CONNOR you may also want to do Karas Outfit the one she has in the start of the game
  11. keep up the good work then i will post some more ideas if i come up with em