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  1. And rememeber always ask a mentor if you have any questions on how the game works and The admins if someone has dome anything naughty enjoy ya stay
  2. rapaskoti


    wait a second this is the wrong Tread...uuhh ...i will just say Glad that you are happy here
  3. rapaskoti


    well glad to see that another lad has found Thier way to the Forum Welcome and enjoy your stay
  4. rapaskoti


    no bad go back to your room we dont need Moffs
  5. Im from finland the land of snow and...its pretty much like Canada but with more snow and a unspeakable language
  6. and yes a bit late on this but still he is a nerd
  7. Just my own opinion but he still a nerd
  8. We have a bunch of things nerds a bar and even our swimming pool welcome to the forum
  9. Godspeed Shadey godspeed
  10. Good luck man and may you have luck on your travels i dont really have much to say but a thank you as you have ben a good player...good luck once again
  11. rapaskoti

    Hey guys!

    hello traveler ! welcome to pando...i mean paradise enjoy your stay
  12. hello traveler !
  13. want a Useless protip ? okay here we go ! you can tape a pack of cigs to the wall and use them or if you Alt click a paper you can make it in to a paper plane i just looked over and i had already posted that about the paper plane so... here is another tip you can crush a can if you drink and its empty and then aim for the head and have it on harm if i recall correctly