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  1. Condition: Hexes can only be cast by the scanning or a QR code relating to the person Power: can perfectly recreate a stunt from any action movie
  2. one person finally finished repairing atmos... not even a maint droid helped...
  3. condition: you can only morph into an older version of yourself. power: ability to become the best at any specific hobby
  4. Didn't you do the last one? Seems quite Camper-like...
  5. I have similar problems to you and I still haven't found a "permanent" solution, but my way to get around this is to join the server from the SS13 website.
  6. despite how easy that was 2 do, you still should've been more creative.
  7. I think this idea is quite good as it adds a degree of realism and a new challenge of trying to not speak in front of certain people. On the other hand, the main problem I can see is the question of how this will work over comms. Additionally, I think the HoP shouldn't be able to know all civilians as that seems quite powerful and unrealistic while the janitor knowing everyone's voice is also overly powerful.
  8. I 8 8 of the chef's meals and now I have 8 toxin damage
  9. Name: Tired Russian Description: Two ways to drown out sorrow in one drink. Taste: Tastes like diluted coffee Ingredients: 2 parts white Russian 1 part coffee
  10. Going to robotics for an implant, but ending up in medbay with half your blood gone, an open cavity, the doctors don't know how to help you and you don't even get the implant in the end...
  11. what timezone is it based around?
  12. I assure you that the HoS will not kill without reason. We might get lucky if the doctor and syndie traitor go to the same person.
  13. Well for me, I choose humans because they are the superior race easiest for me to rp. And I work with engineering because it gives off that "disgruntled trade unionist" vibe. Also I like to think that I'm good at it.
  14. This is a good victory for the station. We have avenged our detective. This was only through co-operation between me and the HoS. So I implore you, tell me your roles so that we can destroy the Syndicate threat before more lives are lost.