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  1. OK, with the new changes to the PR i need to talk again because HEYO they make things worse. No more epipens in starting survival boxes and no more omnizine in CMO’s Hypo. That’s not good changes at all. SR now relies on Chemists who are already going to be in super high demand because of all the changes having to go out and dialysis Omni from some poor fellows blood. Also, no epis makes your chances of getting to medbay/getting somebody ELSE to medbay as concerned citizen/paramed even worse.
  2. 6 SR pills shoved down someone's throat for ALTERNATIVE REVIVAL METHODS
  3. You are a hero of the populace and made me laugh until I couldn’t breathe, while still being an accurate rebuttal. Congratulations, you’re a true FORUM HERO!
  4. Really, I don't know what to say that I haven't already said on the github and other thread. I'm mostly posting just to watch the thread, because I'm a dum dum who can't figure out how to do that without replying.
  5. Dear Mr. Jenkins, Sorry to write you again, but two more things. First off, why the hell do we allow smoking on the Cyberiad? We explicitly work with plasma! Second, why do we even ALLOW civilians on-station at all beyond tours? This is a critical mining and research facility, why can tourists just come in and take a gander, allowing the Syndicate to steal valuable research and experimental materials! Sincerely, Irritated Warden
  6. Dear Officer Jenkins, Why does the Cyberiad keep having so many disease issues? Most of the diseases there are highly infectious, so it’s a real pain to deal with them. However, so many incidents is too much to be coincidence. Personally, I got my vaccine for Lycancough back in Sol, so I’d like to know why I spent a good 15 minutes choking on dog hair after spitting up a corgi. Also, why do so many businessmen on the Cyberiad apparently lose their minds? I work Corporate Security for NT, and the number of times I’ll see some tourist or businessmen with an otherwise clean record in my brig for Assault, Damage to Station Assets, or any number of other crimes is ridiculous! Has Nanotrasen studied the crime rates around here? I have, and they are remarkably above the averages for both the system and for human space in general. Sincerely, Irritated Warden
  7. Hi, I'm pretty new to the game SS13. I'm unable to be on very often, but I love the game and enjoy playing. I'm looking forward to being a part of this community.