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  1. The correct answer is toolbox.
  2. You're assuming most of the crew care. It isnt stacked against the chef unless he's a target. It's a minority that play for "sec vs antags". If you're outnumbered just accept you're not gonna deny them all their greentext and focus on the real threats. Accept that the blueprints will get stolen. And maybe recruit more sec members, call ert, etc. I prefer the odds against me personally. 2 sec vs 10 tators is way more fun than the reverse for me.
  3. It's only retarded if you play to "win" by "beating" the antags. Otherwise it's just a tough round for security. But that's ok, balancing the game around "antags vs sec" isn't really needed as the most engaging stories generally come from desperate situations. Play for the story and not to deny greentext and suddenly it turns from retarded to awesome.
  4. Someone saying "Person X is a traitor and punched me once" should not give everyone the all clear to murder them. If you want lynch mobs chasing "valids" then other stations are a better bet.
  5. Firstly, it's not meta knowledge to know about things security are briefed on. Every TSA agent knows about terrorists and shoe bombs, ofc NT would know about the Syndicate and e daggers. Secondly, actually enforcing what every character is supposed to know is bloody hard. Unless it's canon that everyone is brainwashed between shifts, then who is to say my character hasn't worked with the syndicate before (esp if a collab), arrested them before when working as sec officer, or just overheard them talking? If we wanted proper "stealth" items, then mechanically restricting it is the best idea.
  6. I've always considered this the difference between a security guard at a shopping mall patrolling the various tunnels etc, as opposed to assuming terrorists are going to attack and searching everyone for bombs.
  7. Last i checked - awhile ago - the ban id number was up to about 25,000. Some are the same people, a jobban for all of command is 8 bans, and feweh got banned 16 times. 100 is barely anything regardless. I believe i have over 1000 assigned to me. When we had the brazillian rush due to a youtuber, we were banning 10 people a round sometimes. With 12 rounds a day, 100 could be easily done in 1 day. Our tools have gotten 10x better since then due to some awesome work by our coders and especially alffd. Unlisting removes a lot of first time players, which would likely become full time if the player numbers for ss13 doubled. "Rdm no response to pms" is still the #1 banning reason.
  8. Necaladun has retired as of this time, although it'll take awhile to weasel all the bastards permissions out of the system and hand things over properly.
  9. my char slots are full :( This'd be a great idea imo.
  10. Your application has been received. Don't call us, we'll call you.
  11. We've considered a few things like that, but the major worries we had were with elitism and it causing problems for people being treated poorly due to low playtime, and people with high playtime acting as if they're in charge/the boss/etc (esp for nukies), when playtime =/= skill.
  12. The truly robust teach others to be more robust. If you can't teach others, then you're not really that robust.
  13. Rather than on a per-PR basis, I think a reward for the top X number of contributors in Y amount of time could work. Make them compete for it!
  14. A task force isn't needed - anyone can comment on PRs, issues, etc. I encourage anyone who feels like doing so to do so.
  15. The effort of enforcing CMD on such a high pop server makes it pretty much impossible to do fairly. There are just too many factors involved to make it practical.