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  1. Love is kinda a human concept. I don't think it really applies to Vox. Romantic love especially, for an asexual species, makes no real sense. Love as in love of family, however, for kin and friends, could easily apply. There's also the love of their homes and arkships, as well as their gods. But again, it's fairly different to human love - when your family is in the millions, it's a bit different...
  2. Very much this - it's not that they're dumb/bad at english, but they think in different ways and with a different grammar - such as "is vox" rather than "are vox", kinda like how a lot of slavs will drop "the" from sentence, or chinese may drop "s" from plurals.
  3. Or I'd just not give a shit what he thinks, because I'm a demi-god, and I don't give a shit what Jimmy thinks. I also don't flex on a young child who thinks they can beat me in a footrace - I often let them just win, and think they're great, because it's cute. You're putting a lot of human assumptions here onto them - Vox RP is based around -not- acting in a human way, and their culture is an attempt to create an alien one that is specifically unlike a lot of human thought patterns and cultures. The auralis and apex especially exemplify this - they are actually more akin to gods.
  4. Does not apply to aliens, especially the Vox.The apex especially are...basically outside of human comprehension, and they designed the brains (and stacks!) of the vox. The Armalis have no reason to bully or look down on Primalis as a whole, if anything they more see them as children, who they guard, shepard, and care for. They were once primalis themselves, after all. "outcasts" are basically an IC reason for why so few Vox players RP them well, or actually follow any of the vox lore - the only way to really explain it is that they're completely outcast from Vox culture and the arkships. They're looked down on by the Armarlis for sure, but in a "disappointed, not angry" way, akin to parents. For some RP Tips: Cowardice! Hide (especially in darkness). Never fight fair, ambush, hit and run. This doesn't mean be a pacifist, but most everything is bigger and stronger than you - don't get in a toolbox hitting match. Kin are important - but that doesn't mean blind loyalty. They are your family, but it's a big, big family. Status is important among them too. Speech - Don't just talk like a baby, or like you're stupid. Think of it more as an accent - mixing up plurals/nonplurals, and verbing nouns. Killing, as per the inviolate, should be avoided as much as possible. That doesn't mean pacifism - if killing 1 saves 2, it should be done. But it's always preferable to have 0 deaths. Theft/property/etc - As per the inviolate, and vox culture, property rights are poorly understood. This doesn't just mean steal from people though - it means take what you need if you need it, but also avoid waste. It works both ways too - don't be precious about "your" items. If someone else needs something, then they should have it - especially if it will help avoid death!
  5. Oh yeah. Necaladun has been elected headmin once again. Yay for him.
  6. It's still fun. I enjoy running around, begging to be put out of my misery, as I get lynched to death. Generally when cluwned it's taken at most 5 minutes for me to end up beaten to death, which is much more hilarious and enjoyable than suddenly getting gibbed out of nowhere. (Except the time when a wizard was hidden as a potted plant and assassinating all the heads with disintegrate. That was pretty hilarious.)
  7. There was a spider somewhere on the station.
  8. Cluwne is basically the same as disintegrate, except a bit funnier and more fun for the victim.
  9. This also means sec know how many they have to deal with at the round start, and don't have to worry about any more appearing later.
  10. You have given feedback here, and some of it is useful. We do talk to the community, I have learned about it, but the suggestions I've seen for Xray nerfs for instance, haven't had anywhere near universal agreement. The amount of effort in a PR doesn't change whether or not it should or shouldn't be accepted. If someone puts quite a lot of effort into adding ERP mechanics, we're not gonna merge it. As for the ones denied, they are not denied because a the maintainer reviewing it says so. It's because none of the heads or maintainers wanted it. There's this general opinion - because people see the maintainers as the ones hitting the actual close button - that they're the ones saying no. The heads of staff and maints discuss these, and most things closed are because everyone there agreees, not just 1 person who reviewed it. Occasionally some people agree, but the majority don't, and this usually means a...long...discussion, until a consensus is reached. I mention ERP as an example of what some people want, and others don't. This is to show how "the players" are not a unified front that are in 100% agreement, and that we won't be implementing things just because some people want them - especially when there are other servers dedicated to said things that they can easily go to instead. So when you say things like "clearly noone enjoys it", you're wrong. People do enjoy it. If you mean "most people don't enjoy it", then say that. This is what i mean by the awful level of discussion - exaggeration an hyperbole are not useful and easily dismissed. This goes to statements like " it's pretty clear that not many are happy with the current state". To me, it seems that many people are happy with the current state, as we have hundreds of players a day having fun. People who are generally happy with the current state of affairs don't go out of their way to make a post saying so. A vocal minority is what we're generally faced with in complaints, which makes it really hard to assess how popular or unpopular things are, especially when hyperbole like you've used is present. There is a PR up right now, inspired by this, to make changes to them, that I think might be a great start and has lots of potential. Generally yes - the server is made the way the admins want it to be and the way they want to play. That isn't to say player opinion isn't taken into account. Admins also don't have a single, shared, opinion on issues. I can't think of a single time all admins have agreed with something that all players disagree with. The admin discord is FULL of us arguing about how things should or shouldn't be, what is or isn't an issue, as well as discussing what opinions and arguments are being brought forward by the players on certain issues, and whether or not we agree with them, and why. I think you're seeing the players and admins both as monoliths here. It's rare for controversial issues to be in full agreement by all admins. Even things that are generally agreed on (xrays, for instance), admins don't agree with each other on how it should be changed. You'll see numerous PRs with comments from admins disagreeing with each other. "The admins" are not a unified group, just like "the players" are not a unified group.
  11. Your feedback I've always appreciated, and your PRs mean I think you should deserve a big slice of chocolate cake. I share you the frustration of said discussions. It's caused people to not even bother putting up PRs or discussing existing ones on the github or discord, which is a major shame. I haven't even bothered with certain discussions because it's just tiring to engage in them. Do let me make it clear Bird that I think your contributions and general level of discussion aren't like that, and I hugely appreciate said contributions, and think your input - even or especially when we disagree - is valuable and easy to respond to. There's no need to be hostile just because you disagree on how the game should be played. I think it's a little unfair to quote that without the rest of the context. If a response to a PR/issue/etc was met with just that, it'd be pretty shitty for sure. This isn't to say that "go play TG if you want that" or whatever aren't common responses, sadly. Edit: @necaladun's comment here wasn't meant in a hostile way - but its similar to the response given of "go play elsewhere." Just because a player may prefer a different kind of gameplay doesn't mean that their criticism, suggestions or feedback should be dismissed. A large number of things here have been borrowed from /tg/code - a server with a completely different objective - and have positively impacted upon this community. I absolutely agree that it shouldn't be dismissed in general, however - if their suggestions/feedback/etc is that the server should be more akin to how others play out, and that isn't the kind of thing we're going for, then I think it's a valid thing to say - although usually poorly worded. For awhile, anything ported from TG was met with people complaining it was from TG and would make us more like that, even if it was really minor and nothing to do with actual combat. "go play TG then" or "just rebase to TG" was thrown around a lot, and while thankfully it has died down, I think we're all still a bit traumatized by argumentum ad TGium. This is something I'm really gonna look at keeping in check myself, and wording a hell of a lot better - it really isn't helpful and comes off as very dismissive. There are times it's appropriate (Eg, if you want to ERP, go to another server!), but I think this is a rarity.
  12. Change it how? Make xrays cause more gene instability? Make people appear as skeletons? Perhaps you could make a post and actually get people talking about it and discussing solutions, and helping us see what options there are and what people support. You could even submit a PR yourself to make these changes. So far the only one submitted was to remove them all together, which seems to heavy handed to me. Of the ~6000 PRs we've closed or merged, we have made plenty of more interesting code changes. Just because one thing still remains and issue doesn't change that. There will always be at least one thing that's an issue. That doesn't mean we're not trying to make things more interesting. What "the players" want isn't one thing. Some players want some things, some want others. Some players want to be able to ERP and that's how they have fun and entertainment. One players idea of fun can be vastly different another players idea. There is no objective list of what "MRP" means, no checklist of features we have to have. There's no real agreement even among admins a We're not going to give those players what they want to see. If that's what they want, there are other servers for that. If they want a PVP environment more akin to a competitive shooter, then there are other servers that focus more on that. Neither of those two ways of playing are what Paradise has ever been focused on. We'll never be able to give all the players what they want to see. That doesn't mean we haven't been trying to nerf/buff things that we think "the players" want over the years, or make changes we think would make things more interesting. However, there are some players who want things to be different from what Paradise is founded on and based around, and either they can accept that it won't be the way they like and change their mentality and expectations, or play another server that better caters towards their idea of fun and entertainment. This is a great example of really unhelpful feedback. It's hyperbolic - as I've seen many exciting firefights, both with and without tasers. This makes it pretty easy to ignore and dismiss by just citing numerous examples that prove it untrue. That's not to say I'm going to dismiss it however. Yes, I agree tasers are a problem - this has been discussed for many years with no one offering a clear solution that people can agree on or a working alternative, especially considering tasers are only 1 of many, many other stuns in the game. Just saying ">gets shot with revolver" isn't at all helpful. Firing pins have been discussed and that's not the kind of thing we want for this server. Personally the idea of having a risk of your own gun used against you adds to my fun and enjoyment. I had a fight recently where my esword changed hands 4 times throughout one fight. To me, that made for a fun and enjoyable fight. Picking up shotguns from the fallen and being disarmed and swapping back and forth is bloody cool if you ask me. If you're prefer firing pins, then there's a server that caters for it - /tg/ in this case. That's ok - but don't think your idea of balance and fun is that shared by everyone else. I personally find it quite unrealistic, as the risk of having your own gun against you is very much a thing police have to deal with IRL, and adds to the complexity and thought you have to put into using a weapon. This doesn't really come across as courtesy - more hyperbolic salt is generally not courteous. We have enough to fill a lake. What would be a courtesy is constructive dialogue, suggestions and other posts, as to how to fix such issues, engaging with people to find a middle ground the varied playerbase can best accept, or even looking at making the code to get those changes in yourself. has some good examples here of the problems faced by devs in these communities, and how unhelpful the feedback and discussion can also be. This isn't a problem unique to Paradise you'll see - even vore has similar problems, and it's clear what kinda fun and enjoyment that community caters for. Considering that hundreds of people a day find fun and enjoyment on the server, and have continued to do so for almost 5 years now, I think maybe we should have some chocolate cake. Everyone in this thread has had at least 100 hours on the server - many a hell of a lot more. I think that's a lot of fun and enjoyment, much more than I've gotten from many AAA titles with literally 10,000x our budget. Rather than sending us chocolate cake (NOT THAT THIS ISN"T WELCOME!!!), I'd prefer you work with us to make the server even better than it is. >gets shot with revolver, ''oh im already at crit, epic'' isn't helpful feedback. It's also quite possible you've exhausted the fun you can have here. That's ok. There are very few games I've ever found that have remained enjoyable for me for more than a year, let alone 5. If you "only" got a few hundred hours of enjoyment from our server, then I don't think that's a problem. I'd prefer it were thousands for sure, but you can't say you haven't gotten your moneys worth. And if you can't be bothered to send us cake, work with us on the code, discuss the issues - a "thank you for all the hours I did have fun" would go a long way. That'd be courtesy. Not professional courtesy ofc, because none of us are professionals here. We're a bunch of unpaid people working together to try to have fun. And we've succeeded at that beyond my wildest dreams.
  13. Oh, I don't mean not at all - but just...not opening the armoury and leaving it open, or having boxes full of shotguns etc just lying around. Giving to crewmembers here and there is great, but not to literally every greytider.
  14. I like this a lot - one of my fears would be that people would just be bombing and plasma flooding and all kinds of awful things. The idea is to make it so that people are hesistant to just give guns and all access out to everyone - so this would work well. The other idea was that they'd then have the objective to kill the Captain or HOS, basically "Kill their queen!". This would make the hos and captain have a vested interest in not opening the armoury up.
  15. One issue I can see here from testing, similar to nuke ops and blob - is the meta knowledge that there will be no other threats. Thus, giving every crewmember all the guns they want, all access, etc, I fear will become the norm, vastly shifting the balance in favor of the crew. Even a tiny number of traitors would really mix this up. (Blob could do with that too, but that's for another time...). Alternatively....some kind of spider that can mind control crew. Either giving them the objective to start unwelding vents or something....or kill them, inject spiders into their skull, that then take them over and control them for a few minutes before they explode.