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  1. A yes/no poll does not give feedback beyond "I like it". The counter argument to that is "i don't like it". That's not a discussion.
  2. We're not interested in peoples general feelings or votes over a few days of a system that's a work in progress. We want feedback and discussion about the specifics of the changes. Not a poll that indicates how people feel.
  3. Yes. That is exactly what I'm asking for. Genuine discussion is not possible if people aren't able to control their emotions and discuss things in a reasonable, and adult way. Hyperbole is not useful. Neither is passive aggressive comments, snark, and sarcasm. What "the community" wants seems to generally ignore all of "the community" members who disagree with whoever is talking about it at the time. These discussions seem dominated by a very few people, with very loud voices. Very rarely have I ever seen a poll get anywhere near the number of admins we have, let alone players in one round. To act like you have some form of "majority" is ridiculous. If someone gets so emotional about a videogame, that they're not going to have the decency to show courtesy and be reasonable when discussing things, then I have no interest in them being part of the community. Their opinion is irrelevant. We are not going to make decisions based on how people feel, or how strongly people feel about something. Even if it was somehow shown to be a majority of however you choose to define "the community", the decision in the end will be what the maintainers and admins think is best for the server. These are the people who have guided the server over 5 years to be the place that people are this invested in. Have some faith. If people wish to give feedback, criticism, alternative proposals, etc, then I gladly welcome that. It's incredibly helpful. @Norwest @Dinarzad and @Regular Joe are a few names I can think of who have made some excellent posts about these topics. These are great examples to look at some of the posts of, and the kind of feedback we're looking for. We won't lower ourselves to matching sarcasm with sarcasm. If you're going to scream and shout in an emotional rage, you'll be met with silence. We won't indulge salt.
  4. This is going to be my last request to knock off this kind of sarcasm and passive aggression.
  5. The main issue here is the power increase to blueshields. The validhunting is a secondary thing Between the death alarms, weapons, and incredible trust they have (usually resulting in all access very early, and additional weapons from science, etc), they're already easily able to do their jobs. It's hard enough for a lone traitor to take out a head of staff without being caught - giving the blueshield something powerful like CQC, which can't be disarmed, is giving a large buff to a role that doesn't need it.
  6. "The devs" are also part of the community. This server has never had the intentions of democracy for the codebase, especially with a group as nebulous as the "community". While this would certainly be cool, CQC feels to powerful for the role. Validhunting from blueshields has been a common complaint, and this would just encourage this behavior and make it easier. I think Krav, if anything, would be more suited. More non lethal, and able to take down clowns breaking into the bridge much more easily. However, in general I don't think the blueshield really needs any buffs. They are able to fulfill their job already quite well, and are generally first in line to receive any better equipment/buffs/etc made from R&D and genetics.
  7. People are free to make new topics to discuss other things. Remaining on the original topic - eg, specifically about the sleeper/cryotube changes, is not something I should have to ask twice about. I won't be asking again. Thoughtful responses, constructive criticism, alternatives, feedback, etc, are all welcome. Hyperbole like this is utterly unhelpful, ridiculous, and not welcome. To get things back on topic: 1) It seems the nerf to cryo-pods is not really an issue at all here. 2) The main issues raised with sleeper chemical changes seem to be - ephedrine and saline. Together, they'll heal someone who is in a critical condition, but with an addiction chance. This seems to me to make sleepers redundant when cryotubes are available. 3) Issues have been raised with the removal of things like oculine from the sleepers. However, this gives chem a reason to make them, rather than just waiting for sci to upgrade the sleepers to get an infinite amount.
  8. Please keep things on topic to the OP. This is not a thread about reviving or cloning. This was about the PR which changed cryotubes and sleepers. And if you are going to give feedback on those (or other) issues, then look at @Norwest 's post for a good example of how to give us really useful feedback (even if it's in the wrong thread).
  9. Please keep this thread as a guide of how to use the new paincrit system, and not for feedback on it, memes (even if that one is FANTASTIC), etc. That can all go here!
  10. Here's a thread to talk about the newcrit system, specifically opinions and subjective stuff like that. Actual bugs should go on the github, discussion about how to best use it in the guides post. As always, be excellent to each other, remember it's just a videogame, etc etc
  11. Internal Office Memo: Message To: Comms Officer Jenkins Message Sender: A.L.I.C.E. DONOTREPLY Message Title: Appointment Reminder Message Body: This is a reminder of your upcoming scheduled surgery training program, which you were randomly selected for. You will be fulfilling the following role: Patient. As per section 445C of your contract, attendance is mandatory. Your surgeon-in-training will be: Steve.
  12. Thanks a bunch for this man, I've passed it on to the people who do the technical stuff and i'll ping them here so they remembe @Allfd when you get time can you look at all this or pass it to someone else who can?
  13. Internal Office Memo 3324572: Message To: Comms Officer Jenkins: Message Sender: Asset Protection - Novus Lem Message Title: What the fuck happened to hyperzine Message Body: Jenkins, if I find you're holding out on the last hyperzine stash in the galaxy I will sell your organs to the Vox, kill you, clone you, and repeat this until they have so many organs their ships will be made out of your goddamn kidneys you understand? What the fuck happened to all the hyperzine and why are you not delivering coffee to my office anymore you better not be using company resources to chat with those shitkicker losers we quarantine from functional stations by putting them on the cyberiad. I know I know, they're the only ones impressed with your "comms officer" title, but if we wanted you to have self esteem then we would order you to rather than using one of your clones for a pinata.
  14. That was six not five. Also TOO SOON!
  15. Cool idea fun to think about! For a shuttle call, 1 at each comm console and the ai. Shuttle will be autocalled. Also hit the spare board and r&d lab so another cant be created. For raw destruction, id say the bridge for 1, then nearby the 4 corners of central primary. Basically one giant bomb that way, which will cause not just people to die from the explosion, but stop them moving around the station, and likely dying when they log in and try to get their way to their department. For raw evil, all 5 on ian.