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  1. We've tried all kinds of changes and nerfs for telescience over the years. Although it's better than when it was round-start setup and just using the normal station's never gotten to a place where I'm ok with it. I'd love some form of star-trek-style beam-me-up-scotty system. But I've never been happy with how it is in any incarnation we've made. I'd support removal.
  2. A new office seems overkill - they should be out in the field. A cool beret to make them look cooler for sure. One issue I have (and this has come up with various ideas for things like "senior doctor" etc) - is eliteness. What could we do to make sure people using this role don't have an elitist attitude about it, and aren't going to wave their authority around?
  3. This is kinda my worry. A newbie sec player worth their salt will listen to experienced officers anyway. A crappy one won't even listen to chat and just focus on harmbatoning.
  4. Good in theory. In practice it means changing them from "simple mobs" to "carbon mobs" which is actually a hell of a lot of work for coding and all kinds of issues. It'd mean we'd need to make a unique type of race (like humans, vox, slimes, etc) for each thing. Xenos actually already have that - but the xenobio ones are specifically simple mobs, to stop a huge amount of really powerful things that can be done with them by xenobio (organ harvesting, etc).
  5. Med bay and casualties:
  6. Also, more of an OOC thing - if the person expresses an extreme desire NOT to be a borg, it's generally not worth the time, as they'll ghost straight out or the like - and it's kinda harsh to make someone play a role they're not feeling into. ICly, feel free to justify this as the programming not meshing well with an unwilling brain, or some technobabble.
  7. 1: - 5 buckshot hits really should drop someone. Otoh, I dont' want people being stuck in perma-crit unable to live or die, so that seems a value that should really be tweaked to get a happier medium. 2: - Walking away from a mortal injury shouldn't be easy, but possibly depending on circumstances. Reducing screaming for help I think is kinda good - if one person is repeatedly shooting you with a shotgun escape should be near impossible. 3: - More complex medbay good. Vendors being able to replace chemistry bad. Less stuff in vendors but make stuff easier on chem? 4- A few extra antag items like the bone repair stuff, but for shock, might be nice for that? Really, antags shouldn't be able to walk away from too many "lethal" hits, but still have some room for error. Random death I think helps a bit, to make things less...reliable. I dont' want peopel to think "i just got shot once by a shotgun i'll be fine."....but I don't want it to be a death sentence either. You're pretty good at the coding sides of the farie, so I'd like your opinion on how to tweak all those values and by how much.
  8. While i like the intent of this, by far the biggest problem ive seen as an admin from sec is the old harmbaton, not lasers. Quite literally at least 10x more problems with harmbatons over lasers. Shotguns are also super deadly and cause ff issues with buckshot. For actually deadlyness a tazer followe by harmbaton is generally much more effective against the clown. Lasers themselves are generally best against blobs, xenos, etc.
  9. Sergeant kinda implies authority over other officers. Training Officer I like.