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  1. Updated with the last two paragraphs, to clarify unwritten general policy.
  2. For all wiki request and issue reporting, please make a thread with an appropriately named title in this section of the forums. This is the preferable format that the threads should follow. Page URL(If applicable): Description of your suggestion or issue report:
  3. Ok, time to chill out. You're taking this way too seriously. You're talking about increased access for a janitor, not liberty or democracy. For the record though, this server isn't a democracy. We're not really interested in giving the janitor more access. They can get into areas if let in easily enough, or ask the AI. Part of the challenge of the janitor is just that - getting into said places.
  4. Ansari has become a maintainer, as some of you might have noticed on the github! He's also stepped down from CM to focus on this. DarkPyroLord has been granted leave as a Christmas present, stepping down as CM and going on leave. Guiltybeans has stepped down as a CM back to a regular GA. Normalyman, Shadeykins, and Dragonslayer/Shatteredcoyote/Terry/too many names has become our new CMs! Dumbdumn has stepped down from Headmin, and FreeStylaLT has been elected to replace him Brandon, Denth, and Shockpoint, have passed their TA terms, and are full GAs BryanR, EvadableMoxie, Breenland, and 6thechamp9, have been signed up as TA's Neca should do these posts more often.
  5. And this is why you don't necro posts from 2017...
  6. Claiming it's impossible to have a traitor onboard because there's a cult/slings/etc is a great way to get an admin to spawn a traitor with you as the target
  7. Very much the case. A good team of robust people working together is worth 100s of TCs worth of gear. Huge amounts of fluke ops fail because someone couldn't even make it to the station without dying. As with wizard and other rare antag modes, getting experience with nuke ops is incredibly different. VR would be fantastic for that, as is just running various training events so people can get the basics of how to use jetpack etc.
  8. The Law of Fives is one of the oldest Erisian Mysterees. It was first revealed to Good Lord Omar and is one of the great contributions to come from The Hidden Temple of The Happy Jesus. POEE subscribes to the Law of Fives of Omar's sect. And POEE also recognizes the holy 23 (2+3=5) that is incorporated by Episkopos Dr. Mordecai Malignatus, KNS, into his Discordian sect, The Ancient Illuminated Seers of Bavaria. The Law of Fives states simply that: ALL THINGS HAPPEN IN FIVES, OR ARE DIVISIBLE BY OR ARE MULTIPLES OF FIVE, OR ARE SOMEHOW DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY APPROPRIATE TO 5. The Law of Fives is never wrong.
  9. This for drones: A TG port as usual.
  10. Let's knock off the snark, shall we? I provided you information where you can also get oil.
  11. Something to remember here is that IPCs are just one race among many. When a system like genetics, or IPC only chems, is added, it means there's a bunch of code unique to said race. This generally means that, in the code, there has to be a check to see what race someone is every time said system is used - whether it's every time they take a drink, or are put in a genetics machine, etc. This makes extra work every time a system touches them. It could be surgery, virology, chemicals, etc. A coder now has to factor IPCs in to these and then make sure the code does or doesn't affect them in the way it's intended to. IPCs are already a headache for this. Now imagine if we made every race have unique chemicals/genetics/etc. That'd increase the amount of coding work needed to be done for trivial things immensely. What could normally be done in 3-5 lines of code would be multiplied by the number of races we have. On top of that, the amount of potential bugs skyrockets. Then there's trying to work out the balance impacts. If possible, this can be somewhat mitigated by moving some of the handling to organs and other places. Skrell livers are a good example of this. However, IPCs already have way more unique code and mechanics around them than any other race. Possibly more than every other race combined. Adding more complexity and headaches to the code for one race that is already full to the brim with snowflaked mechanics just generally is not a good idea. If we were to give the same level of complexity to every race that IPCs have already got, the code would be an even worse clusterfuck to deal with. Changing already existing mechanics is easy and doesn't increase complexity. Simple damage multipliers, etc, are quite easy. Things like adding oil are actually bringing them more back in line with other races, and IIRC the code that did so made it easier to make any race have alternate blood, or take different damage from blood loss. But an entire genetics/upgrade system would be a hell of a lot of work and complexity, that would only be added to one race, while making the overall code for all of genetics/etc much harder to deal with for everything else.
  12. comdoms make a dollar while i make a dime thats why i ssd on company time