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  1. One of the things to remember is that this isn't a game we're trying to sell or get lots of player for. We're not interested in appealing to the masses, or doing things because they're popular or not. In the end, we're trying to make the kind of server that the staff want to play on. That's always what we've wanted, and it so happens that the way the staff want things to be has been popular enough that thousands of people have enjoyed it. The general idea of a "player" vote - however you define player - is either going to result in a useless internet poll where "hitler did nothing wrong" or "boatymcboatface" win, or will be some elite clique of players that the staff decide get the "right" to vote on how the server goes. I have no interest in making a system where the server staff are forced to make changes they don't agree with, or where PRs are decided by popular vote, or just popularity in general. I am interested in discussing why changes happen, what the implications are for them, and all these other aspects with players. I've done so a lot over the past few years, and the admin staff continues too. These discussions are invaluable for feedback, ideas, and working out what effects changes have, and sometimes even can just be fun by themselves. This is something I intend to continue, ofc. Transparency is for the most part, a matter of time and effort. Most PRs people really don't care why we approved them, it's obvious for the most part. We try to give the main reasons behind closed ones, but people are always free to ask for more details or information on what would be accepted. Do remember we only have so much time available, and are not necessarily going to choose that repeating old arguments or repeating ourselves, and especially aren't going to engage with people making things personal. The latter there is a big part of why we don't really want to make it public who voted how. Experience has shown us that people can take who approves which PRs much too personally.
  2. Quite frankly, this won't be happening for numerous reasons. One of the biggest issues is what defines a "player" and how voting would actually work. There's people who have played 20 minutes and then been banned. There's people who have played 1000s of hours. There's people who have played 3 hours. There's people without forum or github accounts. There are people with multiple accounts. There are people willing to make 16+ accounts to fuck with things and attack servers. There's people who live with siblings/roommates/etc who all play, and thus have multiple accounts linked to the same IP....unless they're lying. The actual logistics of getting a fair vote are near impossible, unless we limit it to some kind of "in group", such as verified players with over X amount of hours who aren't banned, etc. In that case, to call it a democracy is pretty laughable. Then there's the actual issues with voting on nearly every single PR, and the amount of time and hassle that causes. Then there's the biggest reason of all - that we don't want it. We don't want PR's to go through because they're popular with some segment of the community. We don't want to do things in a way that attract the largest amount of players. We have more than enough players. The staff want to make the server the kind of SS13 server they want to play on. Over the past 6 years, thats turned out to be very popular with a large amount of people, but that does not give people the right to a voice over how it should go. I'm quite happy that a lot of people do want to play on the kind of server that the staff here have shaped, but I don't think the fact they've played here and enjoyed it should give people the right to tell the staff how to run the server. That's not to say community input is not valuable or taken into account. There are great points and ideas people have raised with changes that haven't been considered or taken into account by the staff. But a simple "i like this" or "i don't like this" isn't really a factor into whether a PR is accepted or not - it's what we believe the change will be to the server and the way it plays. If that means a few dozen players leave because they don't like it, then that's unfortunate, but we're not trying to make a server that everyone will like or want to play on.
  3. So we're just your side bitch? i thought we had something special!
  4. On the CataDDA forums. Had just played System Shock 2 for the Nth time, and wanted to play something else on a space station.
  5. We've tried all kinds of changes and nerfs for telescience over the years. Although it's better than when it was round-start setup and just using the normal station's never gotten to a place where I'm ok with it. I'd love some form of star-trek-style beam-me-up-scotty system. But I've never been happy with how it is in any incarnation we've made. I'd support removal.
  6. A new office seems overkill - they should be out in the field. A cool beret to make them look cooler for sure. One issue I have (and this has come up with various ideas for things like "senior doctor" etc) - is eliteness. What could we do to make sure people using this role don't have an elitist attitude about it, and aren't going to wave their authority around?
  7. This is kinda my worry. A newbie sec player worth their salt will listen to experienced officers anyway. A crappy one won't even listen to chat and just focus on harmbatoning.
  8. Good in theory. In practice it means changing them from "simple mobs" to "carbon mobs" which is actually a hell of a lot of work for coding and all kinds of issues. It'd mean we'd need to make a unique type of race (like humans, vox, slimes, etc) for each thing. Xenos actually already have that - but the xenobio ones are specifically simple mobs, to stop a huge amount of really powerful things that can be done with them by xenobio (organ harvesting, etc).
  9. Med bay and casualties: