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  1. Before it was fixed, the logs wouldn't properly show who was in control, and finding the right person was hell. Messaging the borer/host mind was really difficult... Before the community really got used to them, there was a mentality of using them to cause as much damage as possible - to the crew and the host body. Honestly this is very rare these days, but I just have bad memories that bias me.
  2. Changlings, Spiders, Nuke Ops, Constructs, are 4 examples off the top of my head. There are many other lawsets than crewsimov as well. And for rogue ones, harmbatoning is quite better than lasers at times. If they're harmbatoning on crewsimov, Ahelp it and we can look into it.
  3. necaladun

    mech nerf?

    Absolutely...except maybe for when spores werecontagious and you ended up with 10 blobs. Reflectives are a huuuge buff. Mechs should remain powerful imo - they are very hard to pump out early in blob and xeno rounds. Midround antags getting mech stomped im fine with - its gives a good reason for the crew to have them. Midrounds are a good opportunity to use them well and be rewarded for building them. If a midround gets stomped thats fine imo. Terrors and xenos can also quite easily avoid direct combat with them. A direct fight against a giant armoured mech covered in guns should be a bad idea.
  4. Sec borgs will not be getting any buffs, more likely nerfs. They are incredibly powerful as it is. All access, immunity to chems, atmos, tazers, etc etc etc.
  5. Yeah people going for a high score or just to beat others will be fun I reckon. Great idea.
  6. Absolutely not priority, can't say about necessary for the sm stuff but overall: I like a lot of the theory here, but in the end it comes down to the issue of: the fact that there's really no point to having it up too high or anything, when a main engine isn't even really needed to power the station at all. However the general idea of being able to turn an engine up to "dangerous" levels that can only be sustained with constant monitoring I really like.
  7. It's not so easy to just replace it with something special - you have to come up with an idea and then enable whatever is needed to spawn it, all the while looking for the everpresent greytide etc, and hoping it isn't a nukeops round or something that'll end too soon. It's a lot of effort for just one round. If coded in it means a long lasting change to multiple rounds.
  8. This is something I really want to see, sadly it needs a lot of work and balance and coding behind it. Please do suggest them, and message me if you're willing to code them.
  9. Atm it'd be best to wait until some of the other backlog is cleared out so it can be tested with the other balance changes in mind
  10. Some of the oldmins, myself included, may also be a bit biased due to seeing some very awful borers over the years....not to mention a time the logging fucked up with them that was hell on us mins. Not to say this is a good reason to be against them, just to put our bias on the table as we've seen how bad they can go. I'd personally like to see them as more dangerous so people don't want a brain controlling parasite in their head.
  11. Have some very interesting abilities on vg. How that would combine with objectives idk but worth a read.
  12. Me holds his hands up in surrender. Me flips the bird, begging for death. Me accepts his fate.
  13. It can be assumed that all security cyborgs have been told to enforce space law, also a law 2 order. Thus being told to let them go is violating law 2, and thus we're into conflict of it. We've never really established what happens if two people give conflicting orders. Oddly this very rarely comes up. There is potential for harm if they are let go/let into the captains office/teleporter room/etc, especially with how often sec accidentally harmbaton people. It's also known that these are targets of groups like the Syndicate, who are often very dangerous. A vampire can be assumed to be a dangerous threat, as they kill to eat blood. Syndicate agents work for a terrorist organisation. Letting a member of them go is a huge risk of crew harm. Remember the Syndicate are thought of as the equivelent of a group like Al-Queada. Even if crew, would letting a terrorist go free on a station with a shitton of plasma, weapons, and a nuke, be preventing human harm? If someone has been marked as wanted, then a crew member has ordered them to be arrested. Generally security - pathetic organics who often cause harm to people in the process of arresting them, unlike the perfect, immortal, machine you are. Remember in the end these borgs and AIs were put on station by NT. They're not meant to be independent peacekeepers between "good guys" and "bad guys". This is where common sense kicks in. Why would NT hire a secborg that people can just tell to let them go, let alone a member of a terrorist organisation that regularly orders assassinations or nuking of entire stations? If that was the case, crewsimov would be replaced by robocop or paladin at roundstart. That's not to say you can't still play with crewsimov. If you're crew, you can't be executed without termination of ID. If you have a hostage tied up and welded in a locker in maint with a remote activated bomb, the AI might be quite willing to let you into the captains office to prevent crew harm. In general it's best to play this server not thinking about good guys vs bad guys. There's a bunch of individuals trying to survive their shift. There are no real antagonists. Every crewmember (and AI and ling and free golem) is the protagonist of their own story. Almost everyone thinks they're the good guys.
  14. The whole codebase can be a goldmine of comments, having 100s of authors. There's arguments between people in there, etc. My fav I think is, where infinity is defined as about 7x10^16 it says something like "Near enough to close enough."
  15. Demotion really, the idea is the srs bizness/nofunallowed CC bosses will visit and also ask questions like "why are you out of uniform"
  16. some really good ideas here, and sure as fuck CC is gonna go over the damn paperwork!
  17. exactly the kinda thing i'm looking for ty maybe just brig the clown until the inspectors leave too
  18. People were talking about an OHSA event where the station is made to comply to safety standards before an NT inspection, I might actually run this one day, so if people could post ideas here of things that could be done to make the cyberiad less of a deathtrap that might help me k thx!
  19. Were it to become policy that warnings and the like were to become public, admins who hide notes without good reason would be dealt with. But, that doesn't matter, because after discussing this with numerous players, staff, and staff of other servers, I am absolutely against this. The current system we have is completely sufficient. Hopefully people with take the time to read what the staff have said here, and my own clarification on how disputing or reviewing notes can work, and stop spreading misinformation, or just outright bullshit. I don't think continuing this thread will be at all productive. The points have been made, discussed, and I've come to a decision here.
  20. Same. Or I'll simply forget to add a note or not bother to because it was something so minor and they'll assume that I made it invisible. We already have a lot of bad faith assumptions and misinformation - this thread is a great example here - that people aren't going to assume the best at all. Players are already able to record any interactions they wish. Players are able to appeal or raise concerns with notes already, in which case I have shown them on quite a few occasions - although this has more been for peace of mind with the player, as the notes generally have been incredibly minor. We are in no way denying players the ability to record admin feedback and improve upon it. This is just completely untrue. I have state in a previous post I'm happy to hear people out, have done so in the past, and that there are means to do so that have been used in the past repeatedly. If you wish your concerns to be heard by the admins, then you need to give us the courtesy of also listening to us when we reply to them. Having to repeatedly make these points in the same thread is incredibly frustrating. It's incredibly disrespectful to the admins who are trying very hard to address these concerns and putting a fair bit of time and effort in to do so. The idea that there is "no means to review or dispute" these notes is completely untrue. I very much hope this is because you just didn't bother reading what I had said, rather than the possible alternatives to that. We require secret tracking of things like VPNs, ban evasion, Metagaming, bug exploitation and server crashing, etc, as has been now stated repeatedly. Of course we have to save information like this. It's incredibly naive to think otherwise. Overall this thread is showing me the problem here isn't that notes are private - it's false assumptions and incorrect information. While I've tried to clear a lot of this up, it's incredibly disappointing that people are continuing to repeat things that we've taken the time to address and show otherwise. I'll state again for hopefully the final time before the meeting: The admin complaints forum can be used for reviews or disputes of notes. You can contact admins to talk about your notes. Headmins might be happy to reveal your notes to you. We require information on ban evasion, metagaming, etc, to be secret, and this will not be changing.
  21. Understandable but thats rarely an issue. 6 months is a pretty long time snd time is taken into account, depending on the severity. And if when pmd the player says "sorry its been awhile and i totally forgot" thats generally all thats needed. Otoh things like "do not use racist abuse" are one to 0 warnings depending on severity. People very much underestimate how much their responses to admins affect things. Not saying you need to grovel and beg (being called sir i thought was sarcastic for awhile until admins of other cultures explained how it can be honest), but saying "rules are for pussies" as one player just said to an admin awhile ago can turn a warning for something minor into a ban quite fast.
  22. I highly encourage this if there is any problem or concern - but first of all it might be best to just chuck us a message. Often these things can be cleared up with just a quick, straightforward chat. This is especially easier if it's done when everything is fresh in memory. I'm really not interested however in showing someone all their notes for their curiosity so they can be nitpicked over. This is especially the case with notes that are incredibly subjective. Is player X "a bit too aggressive" in OOC? Were they not grieifing, but actually trolling? Does it really matter if they only hit the clown 22 times with a toolbox, rather than the 24 the note claims? We really have better things to do than have players argue all that with us. That's not however to say you can't dispute warnings, or discuss them with admins, to clarify situations or have the note rectified...but we're really not interesting in digging over things from potentially 6 years ago. I'm happy to discuss notes, bans, or just general concerns...or other video games etc...with anyone who PMs me - whether from the server or not. I can't guarantee we'll show you your notes, or show all of them, etc, but I can say I'll hear you out and try to address your concerns. I may be busy, IRL etc can be a bitch, but I'll at least try to direct you to someone who does have time to address your concerns. This will not ever happen, at all. We will not reveal sensitive information that players have trusted us with, nor will we make it known how we investigate or detect metagaming, ban evasion, etc. This is not worth discussing, because it won't happen. This is not the "end of the world", of course, but stopping ban evasion, metagaming, etc, is much more important than what is ultimately a few nitpicks over 0.1% of notes for 0.1% of players. PM an admin of your choice! Even our trialmins by now have a few dozen bans under their belt. If you have any problems with how they discuss it with you, or just want further clarification, feel free to drop me or another headmin a PM. I don't particularly mind if you come to me first either. Hell, we even have some lists around of what languages people know if you think it'd be clearer and more comfortable with another language than english - pm me or another admin to try to find someone of your language. We really don't like a peanut gallery chipping in or people getting a small snippet of it, and running wild with it. Also, ESPECIALLY if it's a recent ban, feelings may still be running a bit hot - it might be best to wait a day or two. There's a sweet spot between "too long ago to remember well" and "too recently to be objective". Yes...and no. Bwoinks and notes over accidents happen - if you welderbomb or release plasma or the singularity by accident, you might still get a note about it. This is more so we can note that you now know what not to do, and that if it repeats the next round (and another, and another...) then it's likely not an accident. This can be a very intimidating game to newcomers. How is a newbie to know that a toy lasertag gun is a toy when they just see red beams and white on their screen, or that a single hit with a hatchet isn't really that lethal? People shouldn't be afraid to be wrong sometimes, but they should learn from it (and not call the admins powertripping nazi-fags when pm'd about it.). We really do take into account the amount of time that has passed and how new you are at the time. If you ICd in OOCd and welderbombed and beat an SSD in your first 20ish hours of playing we really do not give a shit a few hundred hours of gameplay later.....assuming you have stopped. I'd like players to be able to do that for their own bans for sure. Not for other peoples however, as this I believe would lead to people being treated poorly. Warnings here really aren't anywhere near as "official" as Steam or the like, they very in severity heavily. It could be a "hey could you tone that down" to "seriously do not ever do that ever again". There really seems to be a lot of assumptions here that are incorrect, whether from misinformation, or bad-faith assumptions about the admins and how we operate. No admin app is denied simply "because of notes". Discussions are held about all candidates. For anyone to be banned rather than warned because of their notes, it's rarely one single note. There are plenty of cases of people with 10-20+ notes. If it is one single note, it's because of something directly relating to what you were just recently warned about, or it's a realllly bad offense. If you start to think of the admins in less of an "us vs them" mentality when it comes to players (of which admins also are), and more people who spend a lot of time PMing people to explain to them why you can't hit an SSD with a toolbox, that you're not to use racial abuse, ERP with Ian (yes, multiple times), etc, as well as trying to get a good RP atmosphere without a validhunting murderboning culture, then it will make a lot more sense why we do the things we do and the way we do. Yes, we make mistakes obviously, the appeals and admin complaints list many, many, of the mistakes over the years. We're human - if we're having a bad day we might be a bit harsher or grumpy or abrupt. But all in all, what bans come down to is - do we think this behavior will continue, and do we think this person makes the server a better place.
  23. I've done this multiple times for people in the past when people have requested them, and have no issue doing so in the future if needed. However, this requires us to look over them, decide how necessary each thing is, edit out details we don't want, etc etc. Then we also might need to explain context - different admins have very different styles. Kyet writes entire essays in notes. Other admins are a lot more blunt. If I say a guy is being a bit of an asshole, that's nowhere near as serious as if someone like dumbdumn says they're an asshole (in which case they'd likely be worse than hitler). Other parts of context are how long ago the note was, and how experienced a player they were at the time. A byond account created today with 20mins on the server will get a warning for toolboxing an SSD. A player with over 1000 hours toolboxing an SSD would be very unlikely to get the same treatment. Unless there's a good reason to do this (such as a person disputing a warning in an admin complaint), then this really isn't worth our time, nor is something we want to generally encourage because of the waste of time. Some actual 'need to know' is needed, and there's no reason to set up a whole request system for this when a simple PM on discord can suffice. A vast number of our notes are simply "new player, attacked SSD, warned to read the rules." - simply a statement of the direct facts. When a ban comes up saying someone has been warned of something in the past, I have never seen a case where they haven't been warned in the past. In the end, warnings really are a courtesy, not a right. You are not entitled to be warned X number of times before being banned for breaking the rules. When we say someone has notes showing they've been warned in the past, it's to point out that they should know it is against the rules because they've been told so in the past. If I warn you not to attack an SSD, and it turns out I PM'd the wrong person entirely, you've still been warned, and thus should know it's against the rules. Perhaps we shouldn't warn people quite so often. They shouldn't need to see their notes for "a chance to self correct" if we've had to warn them repeatedly. The warnings should suffice, and be taken seriously. If you're forgetting how often you've been warned about something then there really is a problem. If you're getting repeatedly bwoinked and warned not to do something by admins, then that's a downward spiral. Additionally, if people are really concerned, they can also just keep notes themselves of whenever they're PM'd, or keep the logs of every byond session. I've looked into methods where we could have a 'public notes' where warnings etc are put down that players can review, but I don't think it's really worth the time and effort for something that is only an issue to a fraction of 1% of players. @Dinarzad making exaggerated "jokes" that portray the admins in a poor light, in a serious post about an issue is quite disrespectful to the people who have attempted to discuss this seriously and maturely, and insulting to the admins. Of course it got jumped on - we need to jump on misinformation that makes us look incredibly unfair ASAP before people run wild with it. Your wording isn't being "picked apart and subject to semantics". I called it outright bullshit, which is what it is. I don't want to derail this discussion with a back-and-forth about how you were "misinterpreted", so I'll leave you with one courtesy, which is a review of all your notes as it's very easy to do in your case. You have 0.
  24. Thank you for posting this, as there has been a lot of misinformation floating around here that needs to be cleared up. First of all, i have heard that asking for your notes will result in a permaban. This is utterly untrue. Notes may have information to do with suspected ban evasion, metagaming, antag fishing, etc. We require these to be secret to properly do our jobs. We will not be showing these. Other notes may not be written in a manner that we want the player to see, eg, "acted like a complete fuckwit as a captain.", or just "i have a bad feeling about this guy". I prefer admins leave blunt and honest notes about things rather than having to phrase it in a way that won't look bad when its posted on reddit. There are plenty of times we have shown notes to players. With at least 100k notes, determining whether or not to show players is done on a need to know basis. Even if we do show some, its entirerly our word that you're seeing them all. Same as for those other servers. We're also clearly not showing you everything said about you on the staff discord, host chat, or when we talked about you when ive met up irl with admins. I'm sure players won't dilvuge everything theyve ever said about admins to other players, friends, etc. Comparing this to the evidence in a criminal case or the like is insane. No one here is getting imprisoned. No one is on trial where notes are evidence to if they did or didn't commit a crime. Notes don't contain some smoking gun or evidence of a one armed man who actually committed the crime. If you get banned for breaking the rules then you either did it or not. If you didnt, post in an appeal that you didn't and we'll go log diving. Being warned or banned is purely at admin discretion. If you've ever been warned not to do something that's against the rules, you could have been banned. If you got a temp ban it could have been perma. If youve been pmd by an admin before and been told not to do (x) then its likely in a note. All the admin pms are also in the logs, as are all the attacks and says and mes etc. We don't like people discussing their bans because they lie, or leave out vital information (eg, people saying they were banned for powergaming, and leaving out thar they told the admin to fuck off and ban them already). Having to constantly correct people requires us to constantly monitor the discord. Thats a pretty big waste of time. We have better things to do, and discussion of bans has rarely been productive at all. If you want to discuss a ban, past or present, then you can message an admin. This is complete bullshit. That has never been said in any banning or warning. If im wrong, please let me know so i can tear the admin a new one. This is a perfect example of why we dont want people discussing bans. Because many people lack the maturity to discuss this properly without resorting to reductive reasoning, or in this case, absolute lies.
  25. Hmm. It would really depend on how it looked - it might be a bit annoying to see that every time you're examining someone. If it's details about every limb, upper/lower body and head, thats 7 extra lines or so per examine. It would be nice to have a advanced healthhud for the CMO and as a generic upgrade, as NV MedHuds aren't really that useful for medbay.