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  1. Rurik in his normal environment...I guess....
  2. No problem, feel free to use mhelp (F1 ---> mentorhelp) when you are in the game, our mentors will be glad to help you out, if you have a question.
  3. 1. If someone had a broken chest and puctured or damaged lungs just do a organ manipulation surgery, heal the organ and when you fish it the bones will be repaired too. 2 & 3. If you have an external (so a limb) infection there is a surgery for it. If it's internal (any organs) use spaceacillin on it and if a organ/limb is dead/septic apply mitocholide to it. (The best way to do that is with a dropper or by making a pile of the dead/septic limbs/organs and splashing them all at once) 4 & 5. Soap I hope I got all of it right, haven't dealt with that in a long while.
  4. And I made Jerry clean all of it, despite him not being involved in it No idea what happened there though.
  5. Holy shit those drasks look absolutely amazing. Keep it up FreiH!
  6. Oh another individual who tortures himself to play CMO and keep the medbay together! Glad to see you here Mura. I think we all know the problem of playing spess over everything else while you want to finish other games and never manage to do that. I'm currently taking a little break from the medbay so sadly I can't say "See you in medbay" right now....although I might join med now and then! Goodluck keeping everything in line and welcome to the forum.
  7. You forgot that it's possible to transplant you into a magnificent human body that you will defenetly love! But it's not a useless mechanic, just a downside of a race @bobybob2964
  8. The history is repeating itself!
  9. This is the admin censor organisation. That picture above me is a fake and you shouldn't pay attention to it. None of the admins were involved in this (especially not someone named "Normalyman") and no servers were broken in the process. There were no restarts. Move along please @BottomQuark
  10. Since I caused the couter to go to -4 last time I posted here let's see how it goes this time. Enjoy!
  11. Take a look at the topics in here and create an appeal there please.
  12. I'm just playing several different games besides SS13 to keep things interesting. And with different I mean different from the genre aswell as the artstyle.
  13. The following was updated: Nicknames/Alias Picture Description Medical Records A bunch of Personal Relationships Other Informations
  14. That is completely correct and the mindset that one should have while playing the game. As already said above it's not hard to get a "Assistant - Doctor, Engineer, Scientist" ID if you speak with someone from the department and ask him to teach you a little. When it comes to security it's a little bit more complicated, that's true but I managed to convince several HoS's to hire from the crew and even if it's a traitor we are hirering, it would only spice up the round and make it more interesting. Point is you can get people to teach you a job in every workfield if you speak with the people. Also a tip for the future, if there is no HoP the Captain is responsible for changing IDs and asigning people to new jobs, so make sure to poke him about it.
  15. Please don't summon any weird things in the locker room again okay? Thank you very much.