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  1. OH COME ON I WAS ABOUT TO- grrrrrr
  2. It lead to a lot of fun frustration on Tetras side
  3. This was one of the best if not the best round of spess I ever had and it wasn't due to some sick action or a story on how I managed to kill half of medbay and was robust. It was simply because 3 people who enjoy RP worked together to create a hilarious story that makes you roll around the floor from laughter. And that it did, at least for the three of us Put some effort into your RP and it'll motivate other people to join in!
  4. Well our rules apply to all of our mediums, so if you know them there is nothing to worry about. As for the forums, don't spam and you'll be fine Welcome!
  5. No's not what it looks like!
  6. Updated the following: Picture Species Appearace Medical Records Personal Relationships Theme
  7. Well since I am already here I might as well drop a new screenshot of fine for you all to enjoy.
  8. Said is said! Nothing you can change about it!
  9. Same here, I loved that round so much. Possibly rolled around on the floor laughing after it was over I'll make sure Tetra will write that up but I think you are looking for this here @Trubus Also because you liked this part so much
  10. Mech wars! Three security durands VS one clown in his HONKMECH! I think you know how this one ended.
  11. YOU @shatterdcoyote .....are up next!
  12. It's not big it's well formed @shatterdcoyote
  13. It's a holding cell and not an extra processing room.
  14. I wish you a happy anniversary then! Hope you keep enjoying the game as you did in your first year.