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  1. There is a bunch of people who are very interested in RP @dapocalypse, myself included, and I find or create decent RP every round I play. Observe people and try to understand how they do it, so you can start your own RP instead of searching for one you can join in. And when it comes to this: Guess what, I RP even if there is literally no one around me to see it (except for ghost maybe), with emotes, talking to myself or whatever else comes into my mind. If you want to have a good RP experience you shouldn't drop it just because there is no one to witness it or because you don't find anyone who would join in.
  2. To some people we are known as "Furry Station 13" because we tolerate this and don't kill people over playing animal races like it sometimes happens on other servers. And some people who want to insult the server for some reason take this a step further and call Para a "fetish" server. At least that's the only explanation I can come up with @Benjaminfallout.
  3. If you don't seek or put effort and creaticity into your own RP, you won't find any.
  4. Take care B.E.E.R I'll allways remember the time you allowed me to take shelter in your head. You'll be missed!
  5. Don't even ask cause you'll get exactly zero information about it!
  6. Mhmm I have no idea with which security teams you play then. Normally every caught antag (if containable) will be put in perma. Of course execution or borging is also an option but that rarely happens. Then again you must consider what the antag does after his capture, if he tries to escape over and over again or if it comes out that he has implants or powers that make him uncontainable, the only option you have is to kill him. I've been captured as antag every time without any exceptions and I was never murdered or executed. Most of the time I ended up in perma and sometimes I even got exiled, which was hilarious cause it was the beach gateway and I made my bar there. Maybe it's due to the times of day you play or something else but perma has at least 2-3 prisoners each round. (Nukie, changeling or similar rounds not included)
  7. Wonderfull, although you won't see him like this for a while! Thanks a lot @Benjaminfallout
  8. Eh I don't have interest in finding that out to be honest. Like I don't have interest to find out how a tarantula, living octupus or roasted bugs taste.
  9. Well....I'll throw my two cents into the ring then too. 1. I think that there are a lot of things we would do when it comes to survival or death to which we normally would reply with "Hell no that is disgusting/terrible/wrong!" So yes when it comes to my survival, I think the chances are high, that I would eat a fellow friendly human being in order too see the next day. 2. When it's not needed for my survival though I don't see any reason to eat it. Not even to try it out, because there are much more delicious things then human meat.
  10. I defenetly join @Benjaminfallout on the notebooks, cause I like to write everything down. And besides that I would say candles. You could make the room more comfy or add some atmosphere for a nice session of a RPG game.
  11. Wellcome, creative clowns are allways a great thing to have and I think I saw you around a few times. Keep it up and honk then into oblivion!
  12. Don't count this one But what have I started?!? I'm so sorry!
  13. Pokes his head in Is it finally time now? I think I waited long enough now and am ready to destroy your dreams return back. Let's go back to level zero together now okay?
  14. I would say Henk if you are around Henk De Fries, just to mess with him. Otherwise I would prefere Honk
  15. Three people are allready lying around in the bar...completely drunk.