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  1. if you look at the ban appeals subforum you will find the answer you are looking for.
  2. Essentially an idea for a new game mode. Have a one or two antags of each ic race set with the goal of embroiling their specific ic race to eliminate the others or a specific one on the station. A couple of ideas for how to spread it could be a proximity-based thing where if a player is a certain amount of tiles away from a player fighting a player of a different race he gets an ic prompt that he feels an uncontrollable urge to help the player of his race. Or just make it have the same mechanics as a rev rounds where that antag has a flash and if he uses it on other players of the ic race they join but on others it just functions as a normal flash. Could even have certain players who would be forced to play as peacekeepers and their goal was to keep the peace. Players would scramble to gain control of their department from the other groups in it work with other allied departments to attain total domination. There could be a number of justifications for the antag like nonhumans being upset at humans rapid expansion or humans being members of the "old guard" looking to preserve human supremacy as the wiki describes them. I think this would at the very least add something new to spice up the game and even not as a game mode maybe as a midround thing to add instead of the mid-round terror spider or blob rounds that happen when a round lasts more than an hour. Now I know most players don't really play racist characters IC but I think it would be a relatively good chance to RP differently for a lot of players and put something fresh into the server. That said I can see how this could burn down really quickly and just dissipate into a lot of server rules being broken. Adding to that I do not have a good idea for how this would play out for low player count races like drask or kidan. Would love to hear your thoughts on this!
  3. It was one of the monkeys that genetics likes to flush down disposals for literally no reason. We decided to give him the best life a lobotomized humanized monkey could live. and by we. I mean I did.
  4. Hey thats me. I wish I got a screenshot of that time I was Nuke Ops and one of the other guys was screaming to make sure to turn on your internals and then he collapsed because he never turned on his internals.
  5. @TDS that was pretty much my line of thinking.
  6. Title says it all. Would be another route for traitors to acquire gear without needing an emag. Could have a shit ton of dud wires and a wire that locks it permanently to make it a bit harder. Of course on the other hand cargo could fuel a great greytide like that. I dont know. I think its a cool idea. Cant imagine it would be that hard to code in as the code for hacking is already there.