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  1. Approval of the CMO/RD is needed for every single power given out, irregardless of alarm status. Regarding the initial proposal: the reworks sound interesting, but even more RNG-based, since you now need to find out endless combinations of blocks instead of working on a list, which makes teamwork between genetecists even harder or up to impossible. It sounds a bit tedious, even if you make manipulating blocks easier and thus faster. As the system is now, two good genetecists need almost all of the two hours to finish all blocks. The chance of xray after 15 minutes is there, but not that high.
  2. Can a morph communicate if they shapeshift into someone? Would be nice to have 'friendly' morph incidents. I must admit that the thought of a morph in a nukie round 'guarding' the disk makes me smile. How they would hunt the disk all over the station...
  3. 1 evil admin setting back the counter. :< But this will not deter me.
  4. 6 admins plotting evil... I mean entertaining events...!
  5. I fourtunately never had a problem with insomnia. Sleeping like a stone.
  6. Meanwhile the cargo techs are still obliviously moving fr8.
  7. The numbers are going up! Can you feel the 10sion in the air?
  8. Balloons! Small things like special-looking zippos or flasks. Definitely fancy clothing items (hats, glasses, ties...) A gateway explorer action figure.
  9. I'm 2 lazy to think up something witty now.
  10. 8 Officer Buzzsky waiting for the survivors to arrive.
  11. Emergency shuttle has been called. Priority shuttle will arrive in 5 minutes.
  12. I really like this idea, especially as it is a group effort in which the whole crew can take part. Also, it sounds like one big building project, and I really adore those.
  13. Whew, never posted in here before. Am I 2 late?