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  1. In the planned engineering revamp there is a nice little spot in the revamped construction area i have plans for Very nice work Drake, and I look forward to seeing future works
  2. I play a Vox because i really enjoy their lore, mannerisms, kin bond and overall appearance.
  3. God that run and stitch to mining was a nightmare with swarmers on our asses. This is why I always prepare a bugout bag lol
  4. Thats spooky, you can just picture the ghost creeping up behind to say "Nyeh heh heh hehhhhhhh!"
  5. Ohhhohhhhhh, youve got me all RATTLED spark
  6. Dont worry, next time just put a little more BACKBONE into it.
  7. awwwwwwwwwwww, maybe one day if we wish hard enough they will become ingame characters. Still awesome though
  8. How have I yet to meet either of these characters ingame yet?! They seem like alot of fun
  9. God I always love seeing the art people draw about this game. Cecilia is absolutely one of those HoS characters where I do look forward to them running the shift, as at least SOMEONE on the sec team is guaranteed to know what their doing. Never change
  10. One thing in the karma system i wish for, is that you could spend karma on cosmetics, be able to choose to start with saya blue jumpsuit, mailman outfit or various other bits of clothing if you purchase it with karma. Some people don't really want to unlock other species besides say 1, and then reach a point where they have karma, but not a whole lot to spend it on. Cosmetic things you can unlock with karma to add to your Loadouts seems like a thing that would be nice.
  11. What if their presence was in fact a crime? I mean they are not authorized visitors, thus by spacelaw them being onboard is a crime. They gotta use stealth suits to make them invisible, be all sneaky like, and STEAL what they need. Vox raiders are known for their raids, and most of the time people don't even know they have been hit until long after and they go to check stock. We once had a Space Ninja doing something similar to this, except they we're replacing all the vending machines with Mr.Chang's machines, but they were invisible until you got to close and had to be all sneaky to prevent capture. Makes them less of a Vox Trader/Merchant and an actual Vox Raider
  12. hah, it looks like he's pepper spraying a Neutral, I love it.
  13. I dono, i feel that's just how Vox ARE, and you can't rework that without destroying their entire background. I wouldn't call it "Self-Antagging" as that is such a broad term it can be applied as a cudgel to stop something someone may not like. People should not be punished on server for following their races background and lore, because that lore was written and approved by the server itself. If a vox raiding party boarded, and followed to inviolate, more or less every vox in some way if asked, would pitch in assistance where they could, an unlocked door here, some medical supplies there, a key "accidentally" dropped, a long boring talk with the HoS by the detective to keep him busy, etc etc. That's how Vox are, they are VERY agreeable to assisting fellow Vox so long as it's not going to violate their Inviolate and that the vox in question has not either. Doesnt matter what Ark they hail from, what ship, what criminal past as the laws broken, are not THEIR laws. I got to interact with a small raider group once, and this happened, they weren't hurting people, they followed the inviolate, so what happened? Me, the Medical Vox helped them out, and the security vox? Did the same where he could, and in the end me and the sec vox joined their merry crew and escaped on a "borrowed" Sol trader shuttle that was once filled with xenos. In the end: Has the raider group seriously harmed/killed any kin or more than a few non-kin? Have they followed the inviolate? If No and Yes, then guarantee vox kin assistance of some kind, some where, If Yes and No, expect SERIOUS Vox kin RESISTANCE in every conceivable way. You can expect some help if you follow the Inviolate. You can GUARANTEE mass resistance if you don't. Such are the vox.
  14. If the ship has its own EVA lockers onboard then the need for it to dock is removed. Not 100% sure but does it have this already or no?
  15. I like, ever since i found out that it was not in rotation and all those lovely vox items never get used i've wanted it to be brought back in some form. The big Nitro tank feels like it may be a holdover from times when vox did not have the smaller tanks and the whole ship feels like it could use a rework to bring it up to speed. mmmmmmmmmmm, my skipjack trade shack may one day become an actual skipjack heh