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  1. ???: Well, a Station with Minerals is like a Mule with a Spinning Wheel: No one knows how he got it and dang if he knows how to use it! CROWD: Laughs CHIEF ENGINEER: Hehehe, mule. ATMOS GUY: The name's Guy, Atmos Guy, and i came before you good people tonight with an idea, probably the greatest.... Nah, it's not for you. It's more of a uh, Syndicate Idea. CAPTAIN:Now, Wait just a minute. We're twice as smart as the Syndicate. Just tell us your idea and we'll vote for it. ATMOS GUY: Alright, i'll tell you what i'll do. I'll show you my idea. I present to you the Cyberiad Atmos Rail! CROWD: Gasps ATMOS GUY: I've sold Atmos Rails to /tg/station, /vg/station and FTLstation, and by gubmint it put them on the map! ATMOS GUY: Well, sir, there's nothing on earth like a genuine, bonafide, pressurized, six pod Atmos Rail! What'd i say? CHAPLAIN:Atmos Rail! ATMOS GUY:What's it called? HoP AND QM, IN UNISON:Atmos Rail. ATMOS GUY:That's right, Atmos Rail! CROWD, CHANTING: Atmos Rail, Atmos Rail, Atmos Rail! LIBRARIAN: I hear those things are awfully loud... ATMOS GUY: It glides as softly as a cloud! JANITOR: Issss there a chance the track could bend? ATMOS GUY: Not on your life, my lizard friend! ASSISTANT: What about us brain dead slobs? ATMOS GUY: You'll be given cushy jobs! MAGISTRATE: Where you sent here by the Devil? ATMOS GUY:No, Good Sir, i'm on the level! HOS:The ring came off my pudding can! ATMOS GUY: Take my Fireaxe, my Good Man! ATMOS GUY:I swear it's the Cyberiad's only choice, so throw up your hands and raise your voice! CROWD:ATMOS RAIL! ATMOS GUY:What's it called? CROWD:ATMOS RAIL! ATMOS GUY:Once again... CROWD:ATMOS RAIL! IAA:But the Main Hallway is all cracked and broken... SHAFT MINER:Sorry IAA, the mob has spoken! CROWD:ATMOS RAIL, ATMOS RAIL, ATMOOOOOOOS RAAAAAAAIL! CHIEF ENGINEER: ATM- D'oh!
  2. And now for something a little different after a hiatus
  3. And now, for something a little different, a list of the stereotypes most commonly associated with guns on Para
  4. THE MAGISTRATE, a creature resembling a chalked peacock, is banging his fists against the glass, screaming about something we can't quite hear, something about calling CentComm, something that might almost be important, but his wig is so strangely shaped and his clothing so mesmerisingly weird that it's impossible to make out. THE NT REP was also there.
  5. One night I was sitting watching the Entertainment Monitor, when I heard a voice saying "Come here, my child, follow my voice". I did what the voice said and followed it into the HoP's office. I was surprised to see a giant stack of paperwork sitting in the middle of my office. I stood there in amazement, wondering what would happen next. Then, he broke the silence, and asked: "Why haven't you been doing your paperwork, my child?" I said I didn't like doing paperwork anymore. He said I was lying and told me to climb inside of him. I said no. Then he pulled out a gun and said "Get inside of me or I will kill you." I said "OK" and climbed inside of him. The paperwork is like quicksand, the more you struggle, the quicker you sink. After a while, it consumed me, and I fell into a paperwork void. I fell for what seemed like hours, and then a white light consumed me and I woke up in the middle of the HoP's Office. I was reborn, I was a new man. I stood up and said "Thank you paperwork." He smiled, and floated onto the floor. From that night, I've been doing paperwork every hour of every day. My friends don't like me anymore because all I talk about is paperwork. But that didn't matter. I don't need them, for I will always have my paperwork.
  6. Another day at your menial job pushing complaints and getting ignored, as suddenly, your Fax Machine whirrs alive, and prints a Centcom stamped paper. On it, you read: "A Motivational Song for all the Hardworking Internal Affairs Agent keeping our station afloat." Complaints, Faxes, Command! We call upon our ERT, in this our darkest hour, Our station is what we're fighting for, The Trurl that flies above us, inspires us each day, To give our bare minimum, in every way! It's a good day to die, When you reported the reasons why a dozen times, IAAs, we fight for what is right, A noble sacrifice, When duty calls, you pay the price, For Nanotrasen I will give my life! Well all is fair in love and Internal Affairs Reports, That's what my magistrate says: You're not alive unless you're dyin inside, These are the words I march by: Complaints, Faxes, Command, And every single day I'm out there reportin'! It's a good day to die, When you reported the reasons why a dozen times, IAAs, we fight for what is right, A noble sacrifice, When duty calls, you pay the price, For Nanotrasen I will give my life! (Complaints, Faxes, Command!) The Centcomm, they flies high above us, The Centcomm, they make our job a chore, They do nothing to help us at all, To fight, and win this war! It's a good day to die, When you reported the reasons why a couple dozen times, IAAs , we fight for what is right, (Complaints, Faxes, Command!) A noble sacrifice, When duty calls, you pay the price, For Nanotrasen I will give my life! (Complaints, Faxes, Command!) It's a bad day to die, When you know the reasons why, IAAs, we tried to do what's right, A noble sacrifice, Duty Called, and we paid the price, For Nanotrasen we will give our lives! (Complaints, Faxes, Command!) For Nanotrasen we will give our lives!
  7. An idea for a new High RP role i had: SolGov sends a Representative aboard the NSS Cyberiad, with the objective of compiling a highly detailed report to see if the Cyberiad is up to the SolGov's Regulation Standards and Space Law. In practice, this report can contain anything about the station; From the Unsavory Behaviour of Command, to Safety Hazards, to Speciecism against the Vox, etc. This role is supposed to be a Greentext Role, if the SolGov (in practice the Admins in clever disguise) deems your report sufficient, they can give you an award (in practice that precious, sweet Greentext.) The SolGov representative, unlike other Jobs, does not have an Office on the Cyberiad, starting out with a secure briefcase full of paper, a fancy pen, IAA+Bridge level access, a Zippo, and a machine that can send the report to SolGov which can be used only once.
  8. Made Some More Comics. In a way, they're all about love <3
  9. Steamed Hams Same Nutritional Values as the Default Burger Same Sprite as the Burger Recipe:Grill 1 Meat, 1 Bun Description:A regional recipe from Space Albany for patented Skinnerburgers©
  10. Oh yeah, i forgot these ones (The blessedtuna/Adri version was made after they claimed the Saw Part of the Circular Saw was a "Circular Stock")
  11. Here are some MSPaint comics i made loosely related to SS13. Tell me if i should make more, or if i should hide in a cave, forever shunned by the daywalkers.