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  1. This will derail the discussion towards pod pilot discussion but I will refute that “fact” add that I’ve observed almost every shift the sec pod pilots use the pod. They don’t use the pod the entire shift especially when shit hits the fan because it’s all boots on the ground from there on in. Instructors will also work the same way. When they have time to do so they can maintain their other duties, but when it REALLY hits the fan sec officers must remember they’re still a sec officer. Just like in the army: EVERY MAN IS A RIFLEMAN FIRST. Some people unfortunately fail to grasp that idea. Perhaps people who haven’t been exposed to a paramilitary organization... another thing to consider: Its up to the player on how to handle the job... No matter how unique it sounds. If you have a cool unique job idea I bet the community would love to hear it! Another thread would be a cool idea! Back on track: This will be inevitable based on how some players play. It will have to be handled case by case and hopefully SOPs can be established to prevent it. Eventually there will be some things where code and mechanics can’t prevent it, that’s where players come into play to do something about it! We’ve had that shift with a shitter nt rep, blueshield, or magistrate. We’ve had the NT rep who centcomm stamped everything and made it sound like it was a official centcomm order. We’ve had the blueshield become redshield, we’ve had the magistrate wear the white wig... From there on in however it’s up to the player’s initiative to speak up and act. We can make the SOPs, but it’s natural a person unfitting for then job will come by every now and then. As a karma job the instructor job will naturally have a higher standard, that being said job bans would probably be the best option if it is necessary. But @Regular Joeand @Christasmurf Have a good idea on some of the SOPs and loadouts. Perhaps by the end of the month we can flush that out enough to draft a wikipedia page for the Instructor jobslot.
  2. >Oh boy oh boy Rollback! Well a week has passed, and over time I've observed pretty much everything that everyone was explaining. Those who took up my offer to learn would quickly learn what I know and their survival rate would double. Those who didn't usually disappeared in maintenance. BUT WITH ALL THIS IN MIND and all the points presented one question remains: How do we go forward in implementing this idea? We have a general idea on the loadout, but what should be the official final decision on a instructor's loadout? How shall we write the SOPs for the instructor? AAAAH SO MUCH CRAP TO STILL ESTABLISH
  3. Whew boy here come the responses I'll try to get everyone I see its a frequent discussion and took the liberty to address that statement here: On top of that I understand that there's a potential for someone to see the job as a way to get more gear. That's where the karma points can come into play. Take the blueshield job for example, with Karma people are more careful to spend karma since its difficult for them to obtain karma through normal gameplay. They typically do some research and make the executive decision to spend karma on that job. With Karma we don't see that many NT Reps, Magistrates, or Blue shields going down that gung'ho "Ignoring duties and fucking around" compared to the Head of Security. While it isn't a fair system, the Karma system does do a effective job at making sure non qualified people dont get the job. BUT IT ISNT PERFECT I KNOW. YOU GET SOME SHITTER MAGISTRATES, NT REPS, AND BLUESHIELDS EVERY NOW AND AGAIN, BUT IT ISN'T AS FREQUENT AS A SHITTER HOS OR SEC OFFICER OR WARDEN. Field Training Officer sounds like the best title for the job in my personal opinion, but that's for whoever is coding / deciding whether or not this job is a good idea to decide! Nerd. Aaah wall of text! But yeah this pretty much also highlights some key elements where a Field Training Officer is crucial for SEC function. For example when a officer decides to arrest Kiachi for Vandalism. The entire incident can be prevented if the Field Training Officer is with that newsec to tell him "Don't arrest for Vandalism charges. We don't do that on this station" The goal of this job is primarily for people who are going into SEC who understand that their job is to be the training officer for newsec. In order to ensure the job holder is going into the job understanding that we have two options: Karma Job - Which would probably be preferred by many Karma holders due to the lack of Karma Jobs. However this would potentially restrict access to the majority. Time Lock - Kind of like how HOS is except with a EVEN LONGER time lock. I personally believe it'd take 20 hours alone to understand the Security Job enough to teach. That's 10 consistent shifts *If they survive the entire shift* Maybe you could convince a HOP for a job name change! The Criteria for local badass is you must carry a bottle of whiskey in your bag. The whiskey is your uniform
  4. With the instructor foundation in place it seems we are looking at two routes for the instructor regardless both have the same responsibilities: The first route is to make then a sergeant rank or a supervising rank, with this we can use more SEC Related routes. This might make the sergeant more relatable to the SEC department and more easy to look up to. The second route would be to give the instructor a VIP rank like blueshield or NT rep, which makes sense due to it being a karma job, and it’s a neat incentive. The question behind this one in the way of loadout is whether or not we wish to give them a vip sidearm like a enforcer or stun revolver. Either way while it looks good on paper, the biggest challenge it do adjust the player culture so we can have a pool of volunteers ready and willing to do the instructor job properly. It will all come down to how the players handle that responsibility. I guess identity and load out would be something for admins to get together to determine. Most Karma players would like to see something unique with the job, but how do we balance uniqueness and fairness?
  5. This is a vague post with not ALL the details inserted because this is all on the phone. Feel free to ask questions or assert opposing opinions! So we were having a discussion on discord in reference to the new wave of security officers joining the department without any guidance. Over the course of the discussion the idea of a Field Training Officer job came to light. . . In a time where the population influx is ALOT more than 8 officers can handle there is a need for a job where the job holder goes into the job knowing his responsibility is to train the newer officers coming into the department. Here are a couple footnotes brought up to help establish a foundation for the job. Criteria: 24-50 hours time as SEC ((or less depending on how this discussion goes) Job Name can either be Instructor, Drill sergeant, or FTO ((names suggested by discord)) Now many folks out there might be asking “Why is this needed? Why should I waste coding resources and time to make a job, a new premise ID, as well as new premade access? Why is Furasian on forums? Why isn’t the head of security doing this?” The reasoning behind this is that the job title helps new security officers designate who they can turn to in order to learn to ropes. The job holder also goes into the job understanding he/she also inherits the responsibility to guide and train sec officers on how to be robust and remain within the legal boundaries of space law at the same time. This also helps relieve a burden on the Head of Security’s shoulders so he/she can focus on the commanding responsibilities rather than balancing both teaching and commanding. Not to mention it’s less intimidating to turn towards someone of similar rank rather than your boss to tell them that you don’t know how to do your job in some aspects. Security officers are under great scrutiny and their walking targets for antagonists. To have a officer prepare them will help increase the retention rate and help establish a new wave of security mains. This also establishes a new layer of responsibility. NewSec won’t be able to just simply say “I didn’t know” everytime they step on their meat. I’ll try over the course of the week to test this idea out. In game I’ll try to get a custom job name of FTO and dedicate my time to training new officers to determine if this idea would have a significant impact. Please go into this idea with a open mind! I know everyone here has had a shitcurity moment where they wished someone who knew what they were doing had stepped in and educated the officer.