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  1. First Name: Klees Last Name: Hoonkins Gender: Male Age/D.O.B: 31, October 17th 2531 with some non-FTL Cryosleep Place Of Birth: Kelune Species: Vulpkanin Blood Type: 0+ Alignment: Chaotic Good Affiliation: The Assembly, NanoTrasen Religious Beliefs: Believes in ghosts Childhood: Gardenkeeper, Cook Assistant Adulthood: Businessman, Medic on a military station guarding terraforming equipment. Detailed Information Appearance: Short trimmed sunset colored fur with white highlight near the snout. The tips of ears, arms, legs and tail fade into black fur. He is well groomed and has a nice cravat. Quite muscular back and broad shoulders. Very facial expressive and overall playful. Character Voice: N/A Personality: very playful and likes to help others Medical Record: In good overall shape - genetic eye enhancement to negate colorblindness Character Biography Family: Father: Reon Hoonkins - Terraforming Technician -retired- Mother: Cloedia Hoonkins - Teacher -retired- Brother: Tonn Hoonkins - Kelebunzt -no contact- History: Brought to diverse stations with his father, he had to help out everywhere he could from low age on. Already been able to care for himself with 17 he stayed on a terraformig station his father was assigned once. Joined the military and learned basic medicine in service. Was stranded for one and a half year on an station after an unexpected backlash from the terrafoming. He had to work together with the few other survivors to survive. He learned a lot during this time. After beeing rescued he took a rather secure job in marketing and design. He was introduced to Shina by his brother at some point during that time. He and Shina grew very close, even if it started as an long-distance relationship. After seeing what absurd wages Nanotrasen was paying for service on a remote mining and research facility, he joined to work on a space station called Cyberiad... Personal Relationships: Shina Hoonkins (Wife) Married on last october, off station Lucretia Aletmagne (Close Friend) Kitchi Ikamura (Close Friend) Joe Major (Friend) David Flufferton (Friend) Brendan Sighn (Friend) Gerhard van Lutz (Friend) Snow (Friend) Shuuko Tamashii (Friend) Isthel Eisenwald (Friend) E.L.O. (Friend) Faction Relations The Assembly - Loyal NanoTrasen - Once supportive, it dosent look so good anymore... Trans-Solar Federation - Supportive