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  1. This is my puppy Dolly, she's almost one year old! Her birthday is the day after Christmas, but we're celebrating it on Christmas and dressing her up like baby Jesus
  2. Depends on my mood, and what's playing in my discord on our music bot. Sometimes it's Broadway, sometimes it's SZA. But when I'm not in discord, i usually listen to ABBA, or a collection of Nocturnes by Chopin
  3. The day drinking, and getting baked with your friends and eating chocolate
  4. Well to quote the lore page for NT: So it can be assumed that that's what credits are
  5. I've had stellaris for a while now, but I've never had people to play with or the time really. But now that it's summer I've plenty of time so I'd love to play with anyone willing to tolerate a complete novice ^^
  6. Archipelago. I don't know why but the word archipelago just sounds good
  7. See when i play as MURA in the medbay, there's a very important choice i have to make each and every time. Do i want to have a really fun time roleplaying like a real doctor, at the cost of slowing down treatment, or do i want to go full silent do everything un a snap hyperefficient doctor that does barely any roleplaying at all. Really my takeaway is that you should play your character in a way that you find fun
  8. Good morning crew, I would like to formally introduce myself as Dr. MURA-128, MD-PhD, MSc, While you are all contracted you can expect to see me as one of valiant Chief Medical Officers or Surgeons tasked with keeping all of you as fit as a fiddle. I can only hope your time aboard the Cyberiad is a long and healthy one. Now, suit sensors up and have a good shift! Greetings, salutations, and Καλημέρα! It has been a bit since I've started playing on here, so it seemed like a good time to make a formal introduction on the forums! My name's Joey, but you probably know me by the character I've been playing and neglecting my other characters since I've unlocked IPC's, MURA-128! I found out about ss13 through my one friend who doesn't play the game anymore, and absolutely fell in love with the game. Since then I've basically given up on most of my other games for ss13 and now that I start to think about it I might have problem... Anyway, It's been great since I've joined, and I can only wait for what more this soul crushing spess game holds
  9. I mean, why else would nanotrasen be hiring so many 19 - 23 year olds right off the bat? Maybe in the future doctors are doing their residency while they're in still doing their undergrad, and chemical researchers can get their studies for their degree beamed into their mind while working on their masters, right?... ... ... This is all in good fun pls no bulli
  10. COLOUR CODING KEY: Red means security clearance Blue means centcom and higher clearance, Green means scribbled in comments from MURA themself Name: MURA-128 Full Designation: Medical Utility Response Android model 128 Age:42 Gender:None designated Race:IPC Oil Type: 10W-20 General Occupational Role(s): Chief Medical Officer[Primarily] Surgeon[Secondary] Background: The Medical Utility Response Android model 128 has been in employ with nanotrasen for 15 years as of 02/17/2562. Their exact date of creation is unknown, but they claim to be 40 years old, making them among the pre-Synthetic Struggle wave of IPCs.[while claiming to be a Bishop Cybernetics model IPC there is no record of any production of the MURA line of IPC’s, only of the MURC line of cyborgs. Only one instance of a MURA IPC was known, but it were assumed destroyed in the syndicate raid and destruction of the BCMF Revenant, a Bishop Cybernetics manufacturing facility located in the Proxima Centauri system.] There is little information available of them from before their employment to nanotrasen Qualifications: MD MSc in chemistry Nanotrasen provided training in basic microbiology and basic genetic modification Employment Records: FIRST INSTANCE OF NANOTRASEN EMPLOYMENT Originally employed as an emergency surgeon at the NCB Morning Star. Said IPC quickly climbed the ranks at hospital located at the aforementioned Commerce Base, reaching the rank of Chief Medical Officer in a record 10 years[I might’ve been made CMO on my tenth year there, but I’d been basically running the place since my sixth…], following the untimely death of the previous CMO. For their extraordinary service to nanotrasen and their skill in medical sciences, they were offered a tenured position as CMO aboard the the NSS Speedwell. They proceed to wait three months before acknowledging the offer, and another two before eventually accepting.[You’d be surprised how much administration work goes into a base compared to a station or a vessel] SECOND INSTANCE OF NANOTRASEN EMPLOYMENT Once aboard the NSS Speedwell, they learned firsthand the danger of the syndicate[Sure, this was when I learned what the syndicate could do] Said increased syndicate activity led to MURA purchasing a true-to-original recreation of the early 21st century S&W Model 500 handgun for self defence in case of emergency.[In their time aboard the Speedwell, the handgun was never fired. Said handgun was prohibited to be brought aboard the Cyberiad upon transfer to said station]Unlike their previous position at the Morning Star, which was mostly a civilian installation, the smaller and incredibly more dense population of the station led to MURA fostering closer relationships aboard this station, a task made easier due to the comparatively more positive opinion towards IPCs than when they started their employment with nanotrasen. After only 3 years of service on the Speedwell, they were offered a position aboard the NSS Cyberiad,with the option to return to their previous station should they choose. This station was a new and experimental plasma research station located in the Epsilon Eridani system. This offer was under a caveat, however, as the NSS Cyberiad does not have a fixed crew, rather than a rotation of crew. [It might have been a downgrade from tenure, but working on a cutting edge station could be very profitable.] CURRENT INSTANCE OF NANOTRASEN EMPLOYMENT MURA is currently employed on the NSS Cyberiad, as part of the rotating command staff as CMO, and as a surgeon.[ For as cutting edge and new as this station is, They hire a surprising amount of undeclared assistants…] Security Records: Arrested for disturbing the peace with Synthetic rights protesting Medical Records: Generalised Anxiety Disorder, Surprisingly, an increase in resistance in the cables sending out power from their microbattery, similar to high blood pressure In Organics Personnel Photo (Appearance text): [credits to @PhantasmicDream] Commendations [only to be added by admin]: Reprimands [only to be added by admin]: Other Notes:
  11. Incredibly well written, to the point, and doesn't cut out any necessary info. This is the perfect guide for anyone looking to play as an MD, surgeon, or brig physician.