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  1. You're the one who Almost killed me as my character(Drex Vexson)! Nice to meet ya pal, And Hopefully we can have a good time!
  2. Dudefff


    Catherine Quinn? Welcome to the Community and Hope you Enjoy yourself! After all, Everyone is out to kill you and You'll get cloned alot. Hopefully, I'll see you around as the Geneticist or whatever role I get. I'll be mainly Roleplaying as my Two chracters (Dante Smit and Drex Vexson) on the station, So stop on by if you need a good time and some laughs!
  3. I mean, When I earn enough Karma points, I'll try to buy all the Races and makes different Characters for each Race And keep Dante as the SUPERIOR HUMAN MASTER RACE!
  4. How come everytime I try to join Paradise within the BYOND launcher, Paradise doesn't show up in the Server listings? Hope I'm not the only one Experiencing this..
  5. Well, As a Human Player, I play as Dante Smit. I haven't played as a Clown or Mime or AI/Cyborg yet to have Actual Characters for those roles, But thinking about it soon!
  6. I'm Dudefff(As if you didn't read my username), A somewhat recent Face to the Station. I just wanted to make a "Proper" Introduction on the Forums. I'm glad I was able to finally play SS13 and Grateful that this Community was very nice and welcomed me in with Open Arms! I appreciate everything the Admins and Fellow Mentors have done to make me feel right at home with the Station's mechanics. Hope to see you on the NSS Cyberaid!