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  1. MamaFarthole

    Id Shredder

    You’re right. So why don’t we just make a general shredder? I think it would be very beneficial for paperwork related roles. For example, as an Internal Affairs Agent or the Nanotrasen Rep, you’re dealing with a lot of sensitive information. If you’re writing something and you mess up, you have to either chuck it in disposals where it can be read by anyone who decides to take a gander at the rubbish. Or you can let it clog up your workplace. Sure, lighters can burn them but then you’re left with ashes all over your floor. With a shredder, you could just stick it in and let it shred. Problem solved!
  2. MamaFarthole

    Id Shredder

    That's a lot of ID's that would need to be shredded @Coldflame! I think this is a solid idea, one that would be hard to abuse. Maybe add a "log in" screen to the shredder before you're able to start shredding ID'S? That way no one can just walk in and start destroying stuff willy nilly.
  3. Do you mean printing out stacks of similar orders like this - 5 x Janitorial Supplies 2 x Pizza Crate Couldnt people just spam different types of orders causing more of a pile up? That’s why I’m leaning torwards a cooldown of some sort. Nothing too long! Maybe five, four seconds. That gives people enough time to still quickly order crates. I’m actually really for all of these ideas. Hopefully this gets some traction!
  4. Is there maybe a way to make it less “spammy”? Like the printer in the Library. There’s a short cooldown after you’ve printed a book before you can print another. Maybe that would work with the ordering console? That way people can’t just spam orders. Sure, they could still probably print about five or six orders before being stopped but that’s definitely an improvement!
  5. Every Department has that finicky mechanic that they want removed. I think re-working the order system would be nice, but I'm sure there would just be another way to abuse the new system. Couldn't you just spam multiple orders of different items and it would be the same?
  6. Is no ONE going to mention the OP's profile picture?
  7. MamaFarthole


    Heed our advice from the last shift and STUDY NOT SPESS!
  8. MamaFarthole


    This is Jake right? The Xeno dude?
  9. MamaFarthole


    Is this Jake? Hi! It's Farthole from the Discord / Qoorso! What a coincidence to JUST see your post?
  10. I can defo see an improvement! Keep going and we'll have our own Van Gogh! Just don't cut your ear off.
  11. A number twelve walks into a bar and asks the barman for a pint of beer. "Sorry I can't serve you," states the barman. "Why not?!" asks the number twelve. "You're under 18," replies the barman.
  12. I was going to comment on this! They've also implemented "extra" objectives for the staff on the Station. Do you think that would be positive too?
  13. They're great! Could you link me the program? I can't seem to find it! Haha
  14. Hey there! Look at that! Some fucko made the Skrell planet-thingy. This post is an absolute mess, but I figured that I might as well post it considering I put (some) effort into this. I was just looking at the Paradise Station Wiki, and I was looking at the images of the planets where all the different types of species are from. I thought I'd have a go at making a 3D Planet of the Skrell homeworld. it's just the images on there are a little small, and I kinda thought that it would be a good idea to do something like this. So yeah! Posting this in the graphics because that's what I was told where to put it. I know... the gif sucks, and it's laggy and what-not. Maybe one day I'll actually put some proper effort into making all the homeworlds? Eh. Who knows. Anyways! I hope you like this whoever's reading this and or looking at that weird spinning thing just below this text.