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  1. Captains underwear added when? More prized than the spare ID!
  2. I think Runtime got jealous of Ian's box.
  3. This is super helpful for the Coroner! No more nasty Changelings sneaking in and stealing IDs. Last time I used this though I may or may not have filled the HOPs Office with rubbish... oops.
  4. MamaFarthole

    Id Shredder

    You’re right. So why don’t we just make a general shredder? I think it would be very beneficial for paperwork related roles. For example, as an Internal Affairs Agent or the Nanotrasen Rep, you’re dealing with a lot of sensitive information. If you’re writing something and you mess up, you have to either chuck it in disposals where it can be read by anyone who decides to take a gander at the rubbish. Or you can let it clog up your workplace. Sure, lighters can burn them but then you’re left with ashes all over your floor. With a shredder, you could just stick it in and let it shred. Problem solved!
  5. MamaFarthole

    Id Shredder

    That's a lot of ID's that would need to be shredded @Coldflame! I think this is a solid idea, one that would be hard to abuse. Maybe add a "log in" screen to the shredder before you're able to start shredding ID'S? That way no one can just walk in and start destroying stuff willy nilly.
  6. Do you mean printing out stacks of similar orders like this - 5 x Janitorial Supplies 2 x Pizza Crate Couldnt people just spam different types of orders causing more of a pile up? That’s why I’m leaning torwards a cooldown of some sort. Nothing too long! Maybe five, four seconds. That gives people enough time to still quickly order crates. I’m actually really for all of these ideas. Hopefully this gets some traction!
  7. Is there maybe a way to make it less “spammy”? Like the printer in the Library. There’s a short cooldown after you’ve printed a book before you can print another. Maybe that would work with the ordering console? That way people can’t just spam orders. Sure, they could still probably print about five or six orders before being stopped but that’s definitely an improvement!
  8. Every Department has that finicky mechanic that they want removed. I think re-working the order system would be nice, but I'm sure there would just be another way to abuse the new system. Couldn't you just spam multiple orders of different items and it would be the same?
  9. Smooth transitioning gifs has always been hard for me! I messed around with photoshop and tried to use a fading effect but it just made it look worse. Do you know of any better ways to get rid of that choppy motion? Also, oops! I’ll have to switch the names around. Thank you for telling me!
  10. Hello people! I think the lore behind the species on Paradise is well fleshed out and interesting to read. But one of the things that are a little lackluster and normally people don't focus much on is the Planets! I was messing about a while back and created a 3D model of the Skrellian planet, Jargon 4 which I think went pretty well! Following a few chats on Discord and a lot of encouragement from friends, they convinced me to post a few more of the models I made. I hope you enjoy, reader! I'm excited to see if they'll be put to good use for something. It's better than them just hanging about on my desktop collecting digital dust! Let's start off simple with Earth and our lil' Moon - The Tajaran Homeworld of Ahdomai (and of course their moon, Iluk!) A New and Improved Version of Jargon! (That's the Skrell Planet! Educate Yourselves!) The Spooky Grey-Bois Are up Next with Mauna-B! This Is a Big Ass Ball of Plasma Called Boron! Home to the Plasmamen! Can Someone Swat This Fly? Oh, Great They Made a Nest Called Aurum. A Snowman's Paradise - Hoorlm! HISSING INTENSIFIES The Chasis-Chasers Home! New Canaan. Yiff City or Better Known as Altam! Who Could Forget Everyone's Favorite? The *Squish-ers. That's it! Thank you for scrolling, and I should apologize for the god-awful format of this post. Hopefully, your eyes are still intact? I am not that great at making "looping" gifs and I'm torn between having them as static images or keeping with the rotation. Oh well. Again, Thank you! It was nice of you to get this far. Please leave a comment on what you think! Seeya reader.
  11. Hello! This is long overdue since I joined at the start of what, like 2018? So yeah. What's up? I'm a British nobhead who you'll hate. Nice to meet you, reader! Is this like an obligatory post to make at some point? Posts like this give me the "ONE OF US ONE OF US" vibe. It's great. I play a lot of characters. Maybe you've heard of them? Maybe not. Qoorso Quum, Rashat Ihez, and Brainstorm! Those are my main ones. If you see me in game, say hello! That's about it. My Discord is farthole #7075 too. I have to add something in here for pizzaz' so have this red-pilled crab.
  12. Is no ONE going to mention the OP's profile picture?
  13. MamaFarthole


    Heed our advice from the last shift and STUDY NOT SPESS!
  14. MamaFarthole


    This is Jake right? The Xeno dude?
  15. MamaFarthole


    Is this Jake? Hi! It's Farthole from the Discord / Qoorso! What a coincidence to JUST see your post?