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  1. Half way into the shift someone mentions something about xenomorphs and wanting to contain them in xenobio or some shit asking me and the captain i have little experience with xenomorphs(No experience) and don't want to look like a idiot so i wait for the captain to respond. Turns out the captain is a idiot and is to busy sending a picture of his ass to cc to respond Forget about it 30 minutes latter Irithyll comes running into research wanting me to bring a crate into xenobio dont know whats in it and i trust Irithyll so sure. Yep thats a facehugger She gives it a monkey and i say they can keep one AND ONLY ONE like a fucking idiot We are able to talk to it with a tape recorder and i like it so i let it have 2 Stalk the messaging server monitor still trying to find the person who was mass inviting everyone to the general group chat earlier Find slith planning on raiding xenobio with mechs Call security because i dont want him to free my xenomorphs not knowing they could break out at any moment because they can burn walls Notice while i wasnt paying attention 2 xeno morphs became 6 Im not liking this i want sec to lower the pop THEY DO NOT LIKE THIS Fucking run to my office and call for all sec to come Sec fucking dies Try to get cc to fire a bsa at xenobio BUT DO NOT FEAR WITH THE BREACHES OF THE XENOMORPHS ALSO COMES THE BREACHES OF THE ABUSED SLIMES IN THE OTHER PEN HUNGRY AND ANGRY THEY ATTACK THE XENOMORPHS Ya the slimes fucking die But i think they did kill 1 Shut the blast doors and someone breaches the fastest way out hoping to kill the xenomorphs Notice we missed on vent in the breached room They all get out and flood science The ce runs in and cuffs me for some reason Ai locks the doors because the ce cuffed me Aliens kill the ce and my armor teleports me out How ever it teleports me into R&D i am still cuffed and trapped by a closet The Aliens hit me and my armor does not respond I think i am fucking dead Then the original xenomorph saves me from the other one and removes my cuffs I climb over the desk and run I make it out it was the last 10 minutes of the round when they started to breach so the shuttle arrives i get on and everyone demands i am lynched the end.
  2. Shift starts in research spawn in xenobio instantly start darting out to grab a clipboard Notice someone who looks strangely similar Notice they have a similar name Notice it is an exact copy of me instantly complain to the captain Captain Doesn't believe me drag the copy to the bridge Captain thinks it is funny but only one can be a scientist pda him fast af he is only able to tell who I am because I have a clipboard Other Makmak notices Cue chase around the bridge between me security and makmak2 We both chill in interrogation makmak2 in cuffs Security gives us talking pills as we are both mute Cue insults in a language security can't understand They try to split us up force is necessary to do this While I am being dragged out Insert Makmak3 Makmak 3 instantly starts telling security to shoot us as we are fakes All 3 of us somehow get together out of cuffs in the brig Violent fight between all 3 of us starts Makmak 2 is dragged off never to be seen again Security at this point has no clue what is happening makmak2 is idk where and me and makmak3 are insulting each other makmak3 being in a cell me outside by the door After 10 minutes of arguing security gets a great idea Lets throw em in a room and leave who ever hits first is fake Makmak3 nearly beats me to death The remainder of the shift is security trying to drag me around the fucked up station into medbay I die on the way but it doesn't matter as once we reach medbay a bomb blows up less than a foot from the guard and my stretcher Possibly the strangest shift i have played