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  1. Here is my contribution to the wiki! This is based off of when I read: Laying Down the Law Check to make sure that appropriate times are given out for violations of Space Law, and that your department only arrest people who have actually committed crimes. Remember, if they're doing something that you don't like but is technically not against the law, you can issue an official injunction - preferably in a official sounding language, written, and stamped with your Head of Security stamp - against it. Expect abuse of this power to be called out, however. Injunction Form.docx
  2. Corpe

    Ambient Sounds

    Something that is lacking on Paradise Station are the ambient sounds. The atmosphere feels empty. You don't really notice you're on a space station until you actually get outside into space. Also, some effects are too quiet, while some are too loud. If you've ever been on Aurora Station you will have noticed that it has amazing ambient sound effects: from the lockers, to the voice of the AI, to vending machines, and the doors. The little reverberations, and echoes are great. It really adds to one's immersion. Paradise would benefit greatly from this. I don't have experience with coding, or making sound effects, so I don't know the difficulty of implementing this, but if this could be changed, it would greatly influence everyone's immersion, and therefore server experience, positively.