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  1. Still need to make some fix some grammar, and other various miscellaneous additions.
  2. Brenden Singh - Crew Record. First name: Brenden Middle name: [redacted] Last name: Singh Place of birth: b182. Age: 27 Gender: Male Orientation: why would I write this in here? Hair: Red. Eyes: Yellow. Current Species: Vulpkanin. Alignment: Chaotic Good. Blood type: 0- Religious beliefs: Atheist. [Personality scanner has been added for extra protection.] Current personality is: Brenden Singh have a strange way of showing gratitude and will go in great details to make sure that his friends are okay, this has been demonstrated in continuously searching for a person for an entire shift without rest, to make sure that a person was alright. And have shown that if a person asks him for help, that he will not stop before it is completed. He has also shown that he also has great curiosity, and will usually try and investigate various problems. But he does lack awareness around situations, and tend to take guns without a thought about it, even if he knows that it is wrong. He is probably also becoming a bit crazy, as he is scared of himself and the demons around him, as he has continuously searched for the answer of [redacted]. Though watch out, he is terrified of losing science, and if you do see him angry. Then it’s probably because someone released plasma near the R&D, or made plasma stat-…[system overlord...restarting...restarting successful, starting from last save.] Information about currently allowed roles. Can take current roles: Science: Has experience in all things science, and will usually if not currently engaged in talking work to make sure that R&D is maxed. And probably using the old guide he made. Medic: He is an excellent doctor, that has some problem involved in that he usually goes for the most efficient method. Instead of the one that cares the most for the patient. And he has shown complete understanding in the course of healing all species in the advanced degree. Even though he never came to any of the classes. Captain: For some strange reason, then he was allowed access to going captain when he killed a wizard, while an armed rebellion was happening. - Note: Who authorized this person to be in command roles? Security: ...He seems lacking for security, but he has shown great promise in the advanced psychology testing, and is an excellent detective that shows outstanding promise...as long as you do not give him a gun...or any contraband. NT rep: He is allowed to be a NT rep. Blueshield: Because of excellent work as a NT rep under the [redacted] event. Then he is allowed under trial to be a BlueShield. Cargo: Have shown great wisdom in the role of QM, pity that he does not work there anymore. Current degrees and training in official NT exams. Basic and advanced: firearm study. - Degree Contraband and me - exam How not to shoot yourself with a gun - exam Basic, advanced and master: Old school science. - degree R&D, and the task of clicking well. - exam Basic and advanced: Robotics. - degree Xenobiology, and why you should not pet the slime. - exam How to make fancy papers! - exam How to stop being badcurity - exam Basic and advanced: Working as quartermaster - degree Captain and you - exam Employment record: [Redacted]: 12 years of service, in the b182 solar system. Nanotrasen: 10 months Security records: Likes to take my contraband and guns. - warden He gave me an AEG, ion carbine and various firearms. And made me a half cyborg with all these implants in me. - HoS Medical record: Brenden has never been diagnosed and refused to see any doctors that he does not trust about mental and disabilities. - Note: If there are any doctors, that can do this. Then do send a message to [redacted] to make the report. Lifestory: [scrambled and while most are deleted] Relationship: Romantically Involved | Romantic Interest | Admire | Respected | Close Friend | Good Friend | Friend | Acquaintance | Neutral/Unsure | Dislike | Hate | Despise | Death Wish | Fear [Current information is scrambled, and need to be added manually. Please make sure to send a message to [redacted], if you have any information you want to be added to here.] <If you want to be added, then send a reply here.> Faction Relations Allied | Love | Like | Neutral | Dislike | Hate | Enemy Redspace: - love: I have a deep fascination with redspace. The syndicate - neutral: They do good work, and have lots of shiny toys. Nanotrasen - Hate/love: The current relationship is strange, hates the company people that are on top. But feels that he can fix it with time. Ninja clan - like: They like fancy swords, and hate me as much as I love to take all the gadget. Wizard federation - Neutral: Where does someone buy magical items? Is there anyone that knows, I am having problems finding where they buy it. Changeling - Enemy: They take the face of my friends, and tries to take all that is there's. Vampires - Neutral: They like my blood, I give them blood, they go away. Cults - dislike: Creepy and fascinating, I would give anything to have one of those gods to study. But I hate their methods. Shadowlings - Enemy: This one thing is the most creepy creature you will ever see. Commendations [only to be added by admin]: Reprimands [only to be added by admin]: