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  1. Fursamie, I don't think you understand how different in scope the examples I listed are compared to what you are suggesting. Ever read the code? Ever tried to understand how different they are? And yes, IPC drinks and processable chem is a terrible idea. Why don't you try removing it and see what's the reaction around here?
  2. You are not comparing apple to orange. Cyborg is frequently used and making an upgrade system is relatively modular. a bunch of item that only pertains to Cyborg. Plasmaman hardsuit is literally just setting a species flag and adding in sprite Same goes for Vox breathing mask. IPC drinks is absolutely horrible because it add in a snowflake check for everyone else checking whether a species can process a reagent..then add in another check on those specific reagent checking whether you are an IPC to process them. Golem only abilities is literally just initializing the golem and giving them spells. Literally that's it. While IPC genetics? That's copying an entire system and applying it to a singular race and then making sure all the relevant systems in the game check for this specific case of IPC-unique mecvhanics. Do you understand how different in scope IPC genetics and all those five (or four) examples are?
  3. (We are discussing moving this thread to Trello. This is an intermediary solution) This is a thread where we will maintain a list of the features we want, do not want, and may want here. This thread is read-only. Before tackling something listed on this list, you are highly recommended to discuss it with a maintainer (and a head if applicable) beforehand. A feature, balance-affecting refactor, etc. listed here, pledged to by a contributor, completed within a reasonable time and with a maintainer promising to review it is counted as free under the current feature freeze. Here's an explanation for each category: 1. Pledged / Underway - These are PRs that already have a contributor pledged to finish it. You shouldn't attempt to do it yourself. If no significant progress is made on the PR after a pledge is taken (Usually within a week, with maintainer able to shorten or lengthen the timeline depending on the scope of the project), they might revoke it and hand it off to someone else. - If you wish to collaborate on the PR, contact the person pledged. - Some PRs that is currently on github will also be put here 2. Yes - These are general ideas likely to be supported by the maintainers (and heads) if applicable. Before tackling a project by pledging to it, seek a maintainers approval and promise to review the PR. If a maintainer make such a promise, it can be counted as a free feature. - We will usually only accept a pledge to a major PR if we know you are likely to be capable of doing it - We may reject the final product due to various issues, including, but not limited to code quality issue. 3. Maybe - These are PRs that we are not too sure on. We might be unsure on its implementation, or there's some other obstacles behind implementing the PR. You must contact us before trying to do so - You run the risk of rejection if you don't. 4. No - These PRs are extremely likely to be rejected. Attempting them is ground for being rejected instantly. This list is NON-EXCLUSIVE. You should still ask someone before committing to an idea! Pledged/Underway: . Yes: 1. Porting over TG's taste system and associated balance change. If some description is overly memey, discuss with a maint 2. Porting over tg's object damage system for (Feel free to separate them into different PRs): Machinery Locker & Crate - Allowing them to be shot / slashed / crushed Mecha If there's something else included not here - Please contact a maint. 3. Assorted gun changes to make them sounds and look cooler (Feel free to separate PR). Please consult a maint before actually committing to a PR. Casings sounds - Add sounds for when casing hit the ground Magazine insertion sound (And removal) - Tg/bay has them Cocking sounds on reload - Tg/bay probably have them Muzzle flash - create a brief, coloured (if appropriate for laser), lighting effect in front of the gun when fired - We might accept sprite if it is well-drawn (e.g. not the current Bay one) Make laser / energy projectile (Exempting toxbolt etc.) actually enlighten the surrounding - If performance is OK Tg on hit effect - Bullet hole, laser pointer effect on hit, etc. More gun sound effect that's distinctive. 4. Refactors all hoodie to be under its own separate typepath. Removing NODROP flags from all of them - Making it in line with tg's current implementation. - Ansari 5. Make it so that customization option in character preferences appear alphabetized. - Ansari Maybe: 1. Nearly all components on tg - We support adding in components but implementation must be discussed 2. Medical related changes (This is on maybe because mass spectrometer is needed for RnD and a replacement need to be discussed): Remove mass spectrometer Put its function for reagent scanning on all reagent scanner - PDA reagent scanner and discrete reagent scanner Add bloodtype checking to the reagent scanner No: 1. Moodlets from TG 2. Removal of PDA slot.
  4. If you can heal other mechanical organs with nanopaste then it is a bug and you should make an issue report on Github. I am sure lot of people would leap at the chance to get a brownie point.
  5. We can't let Hitler have fun. Not in my backyard.
  6. Don't read it if that's an issue. We shouldn't deliberately obscure information from our players about how to play the game. That would just favour people who can code-dive and older players unfairly. Besides, part of the fun after you figure stuffs out is to react to all the dynamic situations that arise out of it. And even then, you could squeeze hundreds of hours of entertainment out of a game like this simply learning department after department for free. That's a better deal than many other games.
  7. What do you think about Hong Kong? Should it has stayed as a british colony? What's the grammatically correct way of phrasing the previous sentence?
  8. DanTDM isn't enough to bring that much attention to Roblox. It's an active roblox campaign to attract players and revenue. We've weathered the BR tide, we've weathered streamers. Have faith in the admins, for no flood of new players can waver our faith in our God-Emperor (Blessed be its might) the banhammer.
  9. I used to be strongly against ooc being turned off. Now that it is turned off, I find out I don't miss anything. It's very serene, and without anyone accidentally spoiling the round (Including myself, I always turn off OOC as a pre-caution against myself accidentally OOCing). So, I am in support of keeping it off. We've got discord anyway.
  10. This is a thread for gathering suggestions / ideas / features that improve QOL of jobs, making it easier to play, smoother or reduce tedious, unnecessary repetition, etc. Try to keep it to mainly QOL thing, not any balance-related feature etc. Example includes: 1. Items having offset when placed on table (Yes, baycode don't have this) 2. Chemistry Dispenser able to remove reagent from them 3. Chemistry bag 4. Cloner automatically processing nearby biomass
  11. Almost forgot to post this: B Battle of Agincourt, 1415, Colorized. The french won by a steamroll An attempt by me in the next round to create a horse that would not roll over the English team.
  12. Context: Round end - On the shuttle (Zsi was opposite me)
  13. The two seconds chemical delay being thrown around is actually false.. What this PR does, as you can see, is to make it so that when someone is shot with a shotgun dart or a syringe, it'll NOT proc the ingest reaction. Under the current system, when a syringe / dart is shot at a person: 1. The chemical's ingest reaction is procced. 2. The chemicals are transferred inside the person that's shot at. With the PR merged in: 1. The chemicals are transferred inside the person that got shot. In both system, how long it take for your chemical to take effect after it is injected depends on the tick time. The chemical tick time is every 2 seconds, so your mutadone / flurosulphuric / adminrazoine can be processed anywhere between instantly to 2 seconds. As an example of what this PR will do: 1. It will stop flurosulphuric acid from doing 75 burn damage instantly when shot, because this depends on ingesting >10 unit of Facid. Damage over time still applies, but that instant 75 damage is gone. 2. If you shoot someone's dead body with syringe gun / shotgun dart, you can no longer gib them this way, because this depends on the INGEST function 3. If you shoot someone with silver sulfidazine or styptic powder, it won't cause any toxin damage, since it depends on INGESTing it. (These are just random samples) An example of what it will not do: 1. Add in a random chemical reaction delay. 2. Breaking mutadone, or any other chemicals that function by using the on_mob_life function (e.g. phlogistan)
  14. I stringed three syllables together randomly when I was in sixth grade or seventh grade to make an internet nickname. I realized later on it was a pakistani / indian name, much to my surprise. As for my other internet name, it is my initials + 1 + last name.