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  1. None of the above. Emojis are superior in every way, you are clinging to a bygone era of emoticons.
  2. I've read the rest of your post, I agree there is a double standard as far as Security players making use of chems/science gear goes, and I disagree that there is no administrative bias. This particular quote I take issue with, though. You might not think of it this way, but this is you ending another player's round prematurely with no incentive to do so other than you're bored. You must remember that the gear antagonists have access to is far better than what security will receive in almost all cases, lube and death chems being a classic example of something you simply can't fight back against nine times out of ten. Not to mention the fact for the price of 16 TC you can get a duel esword, which makes you immune to almost any attack, you can then combine this with no-drop, meth, lube and chems if you're feeling particularly insecure. Bottom line, this motivation in my eyes is a very poor one, it might be fun for you to murder security members but it isn't fun for them in the slightest.
  3. Obviously this thread has lost its initial focus. I'm not sure what I expected, it was probably naive to expect people to actually evaluate how they treat people in-game. Yet again what has happened is a thread full of current or former admins defending each other unnecessarily. This thread was never meant to complain about a specific admin, but rather prompt all of them to think more about what consequences their actions might have as far as another player's enjoyment is concerned. As Dumb said, the server logs are accessible to the administrators, so dismissing all the complaints of the multitude of security mains in this thread or otherwise because they haven't screenshotted a specific occasion is merely you avoiding the issue. It's a commonly voiced concern that whenever a member of Paradise's staff receives criticism, they plug their ears whilst their fellow admins defend them rabidly. I get that you must also receive a lot of flak just for being admins, but the difference is you have voluntarily chosen to become an administrator knowing the attitude you will be facing. Playing security should not be this same kind of commitment, where you go in expecting to be metagrudged and griefed. It's a job in the game and the people who like its mechanics are entitled to have fun, just like those fortunate enough to role antag. I think I've made it clear enough, now, the initial intention of the thread. Now it being what it is, I'll add my two cents. It seems so far, all the security mains on this thread, and those I've spoken to otherwise, confirm to have felt this anti-security bias by at least some members of the staff team. The trial admin "BrandonSacawv" is being mentioned frequently, in this regard. I feel like this echoes Hylo's point that nobody ever seems to fail their trial period, or in fact ever gets punished at all, once on the staff team. I think the current method of taking on people who have been a mentor for a long time, then whizzing them through a so-called trial in which some of them are not even active, is only harmful to the server. I will say, Brandon has been one of the most active admins I've seen recently, so as much as I've had numerous disagreements with him, I can respect him on the basis that he at least appears to be putting effort into the role. I would suggest a few things. Firstly, scrutinise mistakes when they are made, the more they are ignored the less the admin will learn. I also suggest that admins be left to deal with their own critics, as currently when someone's actions are called into question it gets the entire staff team up in arms - much like this thread, apart from here I didn't even mention specific events or names at first. Adding onto this last point quickly, in admin complaint threads it seems any admin is allowed to give their opinion on the matter, but this does not apply to any player, as "non-relevant" posts will be removed. Finally, I suggest being more open about any and all disciplinary actions which staff members receive. And as far as the suggestion that I make an admin complaint, entirely futile and a waste of my time.
  4. In a recent round, two traitors were on a murder spree in science maint. They killed the HoS and multiple officers, one of these traitors was the RD. I was cornered by them in maint, they had access to meth and deathchems and I obviously did not. As they were murdering me, another officer came by (can't remember specifically who, Unathi player though) followed by a doctor, they proceeded to save and heal me. We chased them further, separating the two, I killed one of them and was prevented from pursuing the second by what definitely was a grilling from the admin 'BrandonSacawv', which was never resolved as he just ignored me after a while. This same admin also contacted the doctor, Sam Aria, antagonising them for defending themself as they healed me. It is fairly clear to me, from this situation and others that the admin in question does not like security or security players. As for vampires, I have been confronted by players and admin alike for lethality in fights with this antagonist, I'm not sure what it is about vampire recently but it seems everyone is rallying behind them more so than other antags. All in all, Ty, this thread is primarily about people's attitude to other players. It's no secret I have gripes with Paradise's staff, and I take every opportunity to point this out - but overall I think you can agree the excessive toxicity, especially toward security, needs to stop.
  5. It's fairly obvious that Paradise as a server treats security poorly. It's almost a cultural attitude within the playerbase to antagonise the people who play in this department, consciously or otherwise. Both crew and administrators will scrutinise your every move, looking for an excuse to either riot or punish you. One security officer is new or generally bad? The knee jerk reaction is to make the round less fun for everyone on the security team. There is a real problem with how players generalise the actions of people within departments, and this is especially true in regards to security. As far as administrator bias, there are particular admins who play antag roles regularly and seem to go out of their way to hinder security players. For example, a vampire murderbones several officers in maint, security respond and eventually kill said vampire in a kill-or-be-killed situation, the administrators in question will spend a pointless amount of time grilling the officers for this. The double standard here in regards to escalation is an unfair one, most antag types can get away with killing security members just for being security members with weak reasoning, where as a security officer killing these antags in an engagement runs the risk of a swift ban unless they can convince the sometimes bias admin they were justified. Not only is it dumb that you have to go to every length to protect the life of someone who is trying to kill you, usually with death chems, but the fact that they are not held to a similar standard when removing other players from the round is just not fun. The server culture as is encourages this, it used to be that powergaming with death chems was heavily frowned upon, and antags were encouraged to make the round interesting rather than purely gun for greentext, but now people are "robust" for spraying someone once with a cleaner, or lubing a hallway. An example of this occurred the other night, in which the "robust" player in question quickly lost the moment they entered space, where they could no longer abuse the slip system. The fact people who strive to remove other players from the round when not necessary are the role models of the community is a poisonous fact. Further, when these powergaming players die to security, the server population becomes up in arms - they insult and degrade the security players, ahelp it en masse, send toxic messages over the discord server and byond - and in many more numerous cases decide to grief the security department out of pure salt. This is the biggest issue I have with Paradise currently, the toxic playerbase who attack security players through a thin veil of "in character interaction". Much of the things regularly said to security players "in character" is a front to just attack them as a person for daring to carry out an arrest. They either forget or ignore the fact that being toxic to someone in the game can and will upset many people, or just make them annoyed them self and worsen the situation. The constant abuse the security department gets over comms and PDA, the needless slipping and stealing in the halls, the breaking down windows and attacking officers, it's almost never an "ic issue" as the admins will tell you, it's flat out griefing. The people who do this ruin the fun of the round for others purely because they have an excuse to, and that is toxic and frankly unacceptable. So the point of this thread, as ranty as it has been - look at how you treat security players, or even just other players in general. If science don't upgrade your ORM or an engineer is new to their role, or that officer is arresting you for something you didn't do based on evidence they received, do you flame them and become emotionally distressed? If so, it's time to take a break from the game and really think about your empathetic capacity as a person. These aren't NPCs in the game remember, they're other people like you with feelings. Put yourself in their shoes and stop being a dick.
  6. Adrenals + Desword is a guaranteed nukie win, take it from the guy who literally just did it. Nerf or make nukie only.
  7. Well, a round just went by earlier tonight where medical was entirely destroyed, so usually most of the crew are in fact worried about antags. 10 sec vs 2 traitors isn't fun, sec being outnumbered isn't the issue, it's sec being vastly outnumbered, especially considering the current inexperienced sec playerbase.
  8. I gagged. Having a duo of officers vs. a dozen traitors with uplinks allowing them to access p-p-p-p-POWERFUL WEAPONS isn't very fun for security. People wonder why security mains don't stick around, and also actively balance the game to make playing security as frustrating as possible.