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  1. Just a question because this came up, but how would a role such as the NT Rep play into this, considering they are the direct conduit to CC, and in IC terms, a member of "CentComm Administration"?
  2. Okay, so when Central Primary explodes with a giant plasma fire, I'll call that "tame". XD
  3. Name of Event: Redspace Wave One Sentence Description: A Redspace storm makes a wave, and a high-energy pocket collides with the Cyberiad. Map Changes: Yes/No Code Changes: Yes/No Suggested Number of Players: 80+ (And one admin. I'm not sure if trial admins can do some of this event.) Full Description of Event: The event begins with the following announcement: --NSS Trurl Research Department-- Cyberiad, a high-energy Redspace storm has migrated to a nearby system. While this should come to no harm against the Cyberiad, we are going to provide reports over the announcement systems as to the storm's movements. In addition, we are raising the alert level to red in order to prevent traffic from entering the nearby region. We would like to take the time to remind the crew of the NSS Cyberiad that Redspace on its own is a theoretical concept at best, and this storm may result in evacuation of the NSS Cyberiad. Stand by. --NSS Trurl Research Department-- [ALERT LEVEL IS NOW RED] After 1 minute, this announcement is played. --NSS Trurl Research Department-- Cyberiad, continued observation has revealed a large wave of low-energy Redspace on a collision course with the system the Cyberiad is located in. Measurements of the wave's intensity should come to no harm to the crew, but we have detected a high-energy ion storm in its wake. This may knock out communications, and could potentially cause an ionic corruption within synthetics. We will keep you informed as to the wave's movement. ETA: 2 minutes --NSS Trurl Research Department-- After 1 minute, this announcement is played. --NSS Trurl Research Department-- Cyberiad, we are detecting a small pocket of high-energy Redspace that has migrated into the wave. The pocket is on a direct collision course with the Cyberiad. Stick with us, we are calculating trajectories and we will provide an estimated location of impact once we have it. ETA: 1 minute --NSS Trurl Research Department-- 30 seconds pass, this announcement is played. --NSS Trurl Research Department-- Estimated Location of Impact: (ANY LOCATION OTHER "ANOMALIES" CAN GO INTO) ETA: 30 seconds --NSS Trurl Research Department-- After 30 seconds, whatever room was chosen will explode, and a large amount of plasma will flood the room, which will be set on fire. In addition, communications will be knocked out, and one (1) ion storm will occur, causing one (1) ion law within Synthetics. Once communications has been recovered (two minutes, just so that you admemes don't have to copypaste this announcement), this announcement will be played. --NSS Trurl Research Department-- The wave has passed, and we are detecting a sudden reduction in Redspace energies inside the wave. We are lowering the alert level to blue for now. Thank you for sticking with us, Cyberiad. Trurl Research Department out. --NSS Trurl Research Department-- [ALERT LEVEL IS NOW BLUE] END OF EVENT.
  4. Name: Illiad Age: 25 Gender: Female Race: Grey Blood Type: O- General Occupational Role(s): Captain Nanotrasen Representative Chaplain Biography: Illiad came from a colony beyond the Milky Way, according to her own personal accounts. Sent out as an explorer, her mission was to report back to her main colony. However, her coming to Nanotrasen (not of her own volition) came from a mass slaughter of her home colony by an unknown source, leaving her isolated from all other contacts. She was sourced from another Grey Nanotrasen Official aboard the [REDACTED]. Qualifications: Illiad has run through all tests and should be qualified with most jobs, excepting Research department jobs and Engineering. Employment Records: Comes from a colony beyond the Milky Way galaxy. Refused to provide furthur details when questioned. --INCIDENT 001-- Illiad authorized for a captain role when on station duty. ----- --INCIDENT 002-- Illiad authorized for a NT Rep role when on station duty. ------ Security Records: Has a flawless crime record, and has exceptional understanding of space law. Medical Records: Extremely mentally sound, with an almost dismissive attitude in even the most drastic and lethal of situations. It should be noted that due to events noted in her Biography, she may have reactions to seeing widespread death, and may avert personal relations with friends. Personnel Photo (Appearance text): Her body is lithe, thinner than most others, standing at a mere 4 foot 9, and her chest looks flat. Her eyes appear to be flecked in what appear to be gold specks, in swirling patterns inside her eyes. Commendations [only to be added by admin]: Reprimands [only to be added by admin]: Other Notes: Knows how to speak Common like a human, but normally speaks in Grey language Common.