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  1. Two fuckin' late, dude. I just robbed all the credits.
  2. Yo what's wrong with you two give the vox some love y'all the reason they don't feel love.
  3. Yup, I'm packing up, as it were. Been playing Baystation for a while and I find it's more paced for my kind of RP. So, as for the Syrix Project, consider that indefinitely postponed, as I'm working with other people to make sprites for Baystation. See ya.
  4. It's 10:11 here. I've been eighting almonds all morning.
  5. Aw, come on. I go to sleep four the night, and we got reset from thirteen?! Damn.
  6. I want to make my own thing here, but three's a crowd!
  7. Is there any art from @PhantasmicDream that contain Greys? I'd like to see how they'd/'ve drawn them!
  8. Sorry, @alex1222003. I was bogged down with other stuff, but here's the answers you were wanting. They would absorb the nitrogen, reducing kPa over time. No. They still need a jetpack. It was worded weirdly, and I'm sorry, but it's just a hardsuit. In addition, you didn't ask this, but I'll say it anyways, the crystals don't provide any nitrogen on their own. They still need a source of nitrogen with the exo-suit extended. This is a problem. I'm wanting to make it so that INJECTED nitrogen can heal organs, but nitrogen ABSORBED from the air will not. I'm not sure if this can happen, but if it can't, Nitrogen will heal organs no matter its source. Another fun case of "ZaeCathe can't word right". What I meant was that without nitrogen, the crystals of their body would stop moving. This would cause them to move slower and slower until they "freeze", quote unquote. This would also kill them. Yes. Syrix are immune to burn damage. There's nothing in or on their body that burns. Now, high pressure would still affect them (in the case of a plasma fire or fastmos), but they can't be set on fire unless there's something present that can allow for the burning to happen (For example, being covered in gasoline), and even then, it wouldn't hurt them. Both. It would be an "ability" that re-skins the "jumpsuit" layer's sprite depending on their choice. In addition, the sprite could be recolored based on either their department (Blue for Medical, Purple for Science, Yellow for Engineering, Orange for Supply, Black for Service, Red for Security, and Grey for Assistants) or by using a dye from the barber. Their bodies require Nitrogen to function. This means that there either needs to be nitrogen in the air (and enough of it that they can sustain themselves), or it needs to be injected into their bodies. One of the two, or both. Yes. The plan is to make any word above 6-8 characters not translate. This could vary in time, depending on how the admins want the balance to be. Yup. Depending on how damaged it is, it will use different amounts of nitrogen. 1:1 scale, yo! It would not. The procedure forcefully removes the exo-suit itself, it would only hurt the skin layer. The idea is to just give brute damage to the limb itself. I've been thinking about that, and I can't decide. I'm considering making it like an IPC, where you just have to insert it, considering the core itself doesn't need something like an MMI to survive, but this might change. I'd lean more towards no for now.
  9. THIS IS VERY MUCH STILL IN DEVELOPMENT. NOT ALL IDEAS HAVE BEEN FLESHED OUT AND I AM STILL WORKING ON MECHANICS. I HAVEN'T STARTED ON SPRITE WORK YET, BUT I WANTED TO HAVE SOME OPINIONS THROWN MY WAY ON THIS. ALL SUGGESTIONS PROVIDED MAY OR MAY NOT BE IGNORED. I'm gonna keep this as brief as possible. I'm wanting to make a new race for Paradise. It's something that's been on my mind since the dawn of time and I came up with an idea I thought was cool. The idea is a crystal humanoid species, reliant on Nitrogen to keep themselves alive. Their bluespace cores provide them with their sentience, and their beauty is matched only by their eloquent tongue. Their body is capable of making layers of crystals, capable of serving different purposes. Some for aesthetics, some for armor. Also, there are some things that I wanted to bring to the table, but are not part of the documentation: Inclusion of a Subspecies system, allowing for extra conditions to be added to the race. Examples include: Resistances to certain chemicals, weaknesses to other chemicals, etc. This is NOT something that has been fully worked through yet. Chemical reactions to CONCENTRATIONS of the air rather than the CONTENTS of the air. Reactions to chemicals injected into their bodies. These can be buffs and debuffs depending on what's injected. These SHOULD be different from the way humans/other species react. The following is a list of possible mechanics I could think up of. The following is a little snippet of information A surgery guide I did. This is up for possible revision as well.
  10. No. If she is calmed, and she doesn't have an intent to harm, the flame don't generate heat. If she feels angry, it might cause harm. It depends on how she feels. It's just a plot thing. Something she figured out through her research. Yes.
  11. Nimi's Redspace Flames are controllable. She can decide if it generates heat or not depending on her intent. The storm could be systems away, and she might still spark. She's not in control of the sparking, it just happens. She's like a lightning rod for Redspace Storms, only the lightning is harmless. Her Mindwave can make a persona. It's a program, an AI program, and she controls it. As for the polymorphing, it's a way to explain how she can change bodies.
  12. I am now hauling in personal relations. Several updates to come as I import and format the list.