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  1. Ah, that's quite considerate. I like the idea, especially since it's entirely optional at the discretion of each user.
  2. I think that overall, I appreciate these changes. Cryotubes DID feel pretty overpowered. As somebody who has played Medical a fair amount, I've felt for some time that it needs some sort of nerf. My beef has been with the ease of cloning, but nonetheless, I find this change to be positive overall, because it gives Chemists a bit more of a kick in the rear to mix some important chems quickly, so as to make the Cryotubes effective in the same way they were before.
  3. I fully support this, this sounds like a fun antag. I love the idea of involuntary periodic transformations that have to be hidden from the crew. (The Bartender starts shaking) "Uh... Excuse me, I have to... Find Pun Pun." (flees to office, growing claws)
  4. Apologies, I didn't realize I was necroposting. I played on another server running the map as Bartender and it was on my mind at the time.
  5. Welcome, enjoy your stay!
  6. Personally, as a Bartender player, I can second wanting glass airlocks to see through between the bar and the club. I personally don't like the bar a whole lot though. The floor tiles make it feel more like a milkshake shop than a classy bar (I like the wood floors on Box) and I feel disconnected from my patrons. There's a literal wall between my main work area and the primary hangout spot, so I feel more like the person off to the side that people briefly stop at for a drink and then leave, than part of the club and social aspect of the ship, and I like to talk to people.
  7. This is an excellent guide. Thanks for writing it up. As a Bartender player one is perfectly capable of standing out above your average fellow that tosses six Whiskey Colas and six Black Russians onto the customers' counter and calls it good. Having your own personal standards of professionalism is key, and bonus points if you can make your bar look more attractive as well. I highly suggest wrenching up the default table-and-chair layout and recreating them with the planks in a more pleasing manner. You can throw drinks onto the customers' counter and it shouldn't spill... sometimes it looks cool if you have a lot of requests going on at once and it gets really busy. Or if you're not pouring them a glass, but just giving them a space beer. Whether it fits depends on the drink.
  8. Hi, my name's LuKat. I usually play a character named Jon Fiddler (always, actually), sometimes confused with the other character named Fiddler. I have been off-and-on of Space Station 13, having taken a couple of hiatus periods over the years. When I returned most recently, I tried the different servers, and Paradise quickly became my favorite. Only one person has ever been rude to me in my experience so far. Everyone else is nice, and helpful when I have questions, so thank you for that. I also joined the Discord recently, so you might see me there sometimes. Medbay is my station of preference, the home away from home. The section in which I have worked every job multiple times. Besides medical jobs, I'd say Bartenderin's my favorite role. Nice to meet all of you. <3