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  1. Welcome! I hope you enjoy SS13 as long as I have been (2005 ish) ... I am also one of those old farts. If you have not yet you should consider joining the discord channel, alot of good resources there! The Wiki is also a great resource for new players as well! I look forward to seeing you around the server
  2. Welcome! Paradise is the best station going
  3. That was quite a read, but quite the tale, sounds like you had a blast though!
  4. For my Humanish fellow Glare ( Why are you looking at me like that! Please stop!) Strength ( For Maximum Robustness) Roar ( Go away please) Slash ( Slicy Dicey)
  5. Thats evil..... I like the cut of your jib!
  6. Emanz


    Welcome to the jungle!...the spess jungle
  7. Welcome! I know the feeling about coming and going! Paradise is in my opinion the best server going these days!
  8. Emanz


    Heyo Folkes, I figured since I have decided to park my posterior here I should introduce myself. A bit of background, I have been playing SS13 since about 2005ish on and off(man time flies). I knew Exadv1 and played with him on a regular basis back when he was still active actually working on an early version of the medical system. I hosted the LLA SS13 server for about 2 years before losing my passion. I have been on break from SS13 since about 2015, I decided to play a bit the other day and by damn I am hooked again. I tried several other servers and this one seems like the best one going these days! You will often see me around in the medbay as Emir Marcaden. Though I do play other positions to mix it up from time to time! I look forward to playing with you all at some point.