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  1. Mimes who use paper..... Hushie points to the drinks dispenser and holds up two fingers, and then reverts to one, Hushie holds up his hand as though holding a bottle and slowly unscrews the lid, pouring some into the lid Hushie tips the lid back and swirls the liquid around in his mouth and appears to be spitting it out Hushie holds up his second finger slowly pointing at the drinks machine Hushie draws and invisible gun, firing it a number of times at the drinks dispenser (if they still don't get it) Hushie sighs deeply and holds up both hands In his right hand Hushie forms a backwards G and in his left he forms a B Hushie flaps one arm and silently clucks to himself whilst pulling on an invisible tail Mimes are supposed to mime - they aren't mute but have made a dedicated choice to focus on their craft - miming and performing. Drawing is not much better than talking and (unless it is an emergency) a mime should not draw.
  2. Biffthegreat


    Perhaps he heard the rarely welcome sound of jackboots?
  3. Automatically restricting access to maint on red might be problematic. Sure, SOP says people should stay in department - but that is just standard operating procedure. There are many code-red situations where maint access is useful to the station and its crew. For example: Blob - where crew can use maint to get to it. Spiders - where crew can use maint to get away from them. Nuke ops - if a bomb goes off in (say) medbay, maint allows crew to escape. Surely in an emergency more access would be available - so you can escape danger. The problem is that this is a game and sometimes shitty people want their characters to "get into danger" so they can be cult or thrall. And yet, where it is problematic (Cult/Shadowling) with people almost self-antagging can be solved by decent security or command leadership; either sweeping maint in pairs, making proper use of stop & search or asking AI to bolt down sections. Limiting maint access would severely hamper antags - especially clings/vampires. Could experienced players get around this using eva/gateway/outposts etc - of course. But it would limit the experience for inexperienced antags. It would also make sling/cult laughably easy to stop.
  4. Unlucky. I was the blueshield there, you did get quite unlucky because I was just chilling out on the bridge and CE was pretty terrible (no engine at 1 h 45 mins) and hadn't bothered to get a death alarm and was a nightmare to track down, part of me didn't even really want to find him to be frank. So went down to engineering to find CE checking every locker (its a chore to search for bodies properly) and wow, he was lying dead right in the open next to storage, not even hidden in a locker or anything. I did an autopsy on him - nothing. I remember "pellet" being the main cause of death... Revived him and he shopped you specifically, although he seemed to think the holoparasite was a cyborg? Guess he did at least one thing right. Next time take the head, they can be stored in toilets (crowbar), disposal chute's(disabled) or your bag till you can cremate it. Chainsaw hand will remove heads if applied repeatedly.
  5. The problem here is the lack of distinction between Kidan and these mothbeasts. In the PR the closing comment best summed it up with two key points: (1) it is little more than a resprite and (2) there is no subspecies system within the game currently. The problem is that it is little more than a resprite and it does not make sense. For me two additional gameplay problems appear: (A) Why should a moth receive less brute damage? This makes no sense - if anything, moths (like vox) should receive more brute damage. (B) Why should the sharp modifier be applied to the attacks of a moth? Intuitively, some of the burn negatives should be carried over too, which isn't the case for Kidan in general. Not to mention the "flying in zero G provided atmos" would be borderline impossible to implement due to various pressures and so on and so on. If such a mothbeast were to become a thing - even sharing Kidan heritage and the :4 language, perhaps the wings should be purely aesthetic - at least until a reasonable method of implementation is suggested. I like other species, but this one seems bogus. If it was watered down to be a visual overhaul with some transplants of brute weakness/ fire weakness which already exist I can see it working and being a good Karma sink whilst retaining the :4 language then why not, but I see little reason effort should be thrown this way and don't understand how this would be a good idea. Must be instant killed by pest spray and suffer reverse magnititis to all lights at all times.
  6. As far as I understand it... Killing anyone SSD/AFK would be against the rules. Killing the warden as a perma prisoner (unless an antag) would be against the rules. Slipping the warden, stealing their ID and escaping wouldn't be. Consider the following (possible) convicts: Convicted for distributing pacifist literature Convicted for running black market sales of soap Convicted for stealing station equipment Convicted for industrial espionage None of these would have an IC justification for any violence beyond slipping the warden and running off. Perhaps tazing/cuffing them. They would have no more IC reason to commit violence than any other member of crew who is brigged/permad, and if the role cost a reasonable amount of Karma, people wouldn't abuse it (twice).
  7. Nuke op. War was declared. Got the usual, chainsaw, sarin grenades, implants, shielded suit and emps. BUT someone set up the teleporter. Now because I wasn't going through space and teleported in with the others I wasn't paying attention to internals like you normally do with airlocks and stuff, you know, motor memory etc. Normally internals are on because space and stuff, never forgot that, but, teleported in and didn't turn them on. Sarin grenades. Sarin. Dead.
  8. I don't see how people would take this and be "antaggy" about it because the rules still apply to them just as they do to other roles. Just because someone's a convict doesn't mean they turn into a bloodthirsty killer if they break out. What I'd like to see is this role being used early/mid-round as an event. You know how we get ERT shuttles, why can't we get a shuttle full of convicts (for some nonsense reason) to bring dead people back into a round. That would give the chance to test out how terrible or funny convicts are without having to do the heavy lifting in terms of altering code and before asking people to spend karma (not that it is hard to get) on them. Also, 5 karma is far too little for a role which might attract shittiness, that's like one or two good rounds. Something like 20 or so isn't hard to get but would be enough to make people not want to have wasted on a jobban.
  9. Better as an event on a busy shift. That way all you need is an order from Central to "fill these roles" rather than any coding or serious labour in implementing. I was going to say that it would make a good station goal, but it would be too hard to check and there is the problem Aletmange raised about that "it would cause (antag target) crew to be unreachable. As an event special antags could be installed manually with any number of made up taskssuch as "installing syndicate radios to listen in to the gateway base" or "plant a syndicate teleport beacon on the base (for nuke ops to tele in through)" and so on and so on. Or if we are bored of syndicates, splat some wizards down in there, or better yet... MORPHS!!! It could also make sure an appropriate gateway target was set - spiders being most funny.
  10. Spess vobiscum to you! Don't be mean to the vox. Their lives are hard enough.
  11. A list of (most) weapons & their damages: I died in the gateway so I thought I'd do this. Did you ever wonder which was better in combat - a spade or a shovel. Well one is better at range, the other at melee. Below an almost complete list of weapons for those who care. LISTED BY Name - Melee Damage - Ranged Damage - Modifiers Misc Ashtray 0, 3 Ashtray – Bronze, 0, 10 Ashtray – Glass, 0, 6 Baseball Bat 10, 12, Knockback Buckler 10, 5 (30% block) Cardboard Tube 1, 1 Cane, 5, 7 Candy sword, 15, 10 Cash: 1 Cigarette: 4 burn Chainsaw (Diy): 13, 13, Engaged - 21 Sharp Classic Baton, 12 Claymore - 40, 10, sharp 50 block Extinguisher: 10, 10 Extinguisher - Mini: 3, 2 Flamethrower: 3, 10 Garrote: 2-3 Oxy plus stun/silence Glass Shard, 5, 10 Guitar / eguitar, 10 Harpoon 20, 15, sharp Harmonica, 5 Holosign Projecter: 5/7 Icepick, 15, 10 Katana - 40, 10 sharp 50 block Lighter, 5 Burn, 4 Brute Light , 3, 5 Match, 3, 0 Burn Phone, 3, 2 Picket Sign, 5 Plasma Shard, 8, 15 Pneumatic Cannon, 5 Soaps, 0,0 cleanspeed 50. Homemade cleanspeed 45, Delux 40, Syndi 10. Stool, 10, 10 Spear, 10, 20, Wielded - 18 Stunprod, 3, 5 Tank 5, 10 Toolbox, 10, 10 Whetstone, add 4 damage to sharp. Capped at 30. Wirerod 9, 10 Violin, 10 Antags Alien Claws: 15 Blob Blob Spore 2/4 melee dmg (lower/upper body) Blob Zombie 10/15 Blobbernaut 20/20 + 60 ox Cult Cultblade 30/10 sharp Morph Basic attack 20 Slaughter Demon Basic attack 30 Wizard Broom, 3, 5 Scrying Orb, 7, 15 Staff: 3, 5 Veil Render 15, 10 Syndicate Artistic Toolbox, 5, 10, gains 4+4 per kill. Will heal owner. Batterer, 0, 5 Bee Briefcase: 10 Chainsaw 15, 15, Wielded - 40. 35 Arm pen. Sharp. Knockdown. Chameleon Projector, 0, 5 Energy Shield, 3, 3, (50% block for melee, bullets and lazer. 30% block for bombs. 0% energy/bio/rad) Energy Sword. 3, 3, 30 weilded (50% blockchance) sharp Energy Sword - Dual, 3, 5, 34 wielded (75% block) sharp Powerfist, 12, 10 (variable settings) Powersink, 0,5 Radiation Lazer, 3, 3 (Irradiates / Paralyses after a few seconds) Safety Scissors, 18 (special attack with help intent, 18 brute 30 oxy) Sleeping Carp, wrist wrench +5 & stun Sleeping Carp, back kick weaken Sleeping Carp, stomach kick, losebreath, stun Sleeping Carp, head kick, 20+stun Sleeping Carp, elbow drop, 50 Throwing Star 2, 20, sharp 100% Embed Toolbox - Syndicate 15, 18 silent Job Equipment Barber Scissors, 5 sharp Botany Cultivator 5, 7 Hatchet 12, 15 Scythe 13, 5 – 20armour pen Captain Chain of Command, 10, 7 Rapier, 15, 10, 50% block, 75% penetration, sharp Cargo/Mining Mineral sheet 5, 5 Pickaxe, 15, 10 improved pickaxes such as Jackhammer or diamond axe are no different Shovel, 8, 4 Spade, 5, 7 Vending Restock Unit: 7, 10 Chaplain Weapons Null Rod: 15, 10 Godhand: 15, 0 burn (No disarm) Staff: 5, 5 50 blockchance Claymore & other swords: 15,10 sharp, 30 blockchance Scythe, 15, 10, sharp, 35 penetration Hammer, 15, 10 Chainsaw Hand, 15, 0 sharp (no disarm) Clown knife, 15, 10, sharp, honks Whip, 15, 10 Fedora, 0, 20 Armblade, 15, 0 sharp (no disarm) Carp, 13 Bostaff, 13, 13 40 blockchance Pitchfork 10, 15, Sharp Rosary, 0, 0, Prays (25% chance of heal 5 oxy, 5 tox, 5 brute, 5 fire) Nullifies vampire abilities Salt, 0, 0, Calls ghosts Bread, 0, 0 Silences Chef Butcher Cleaver, 15, 8 sharp Carrot Shiv, 8, 12 Kitchen Utensil (fork, spoon, spork etc.) , 5, 0 (n.b., fork can eyestab) Knife 10, 10, sharp Meat Cleaver 25, 15 Mould, 5, 5 Rolling Pin, 8, 10 Clown Bikehorn 0, 3 Engineering Crowbar, 5, 7 Crowbar - red, 8 Crowbar - Large, 12 Crowbar - Cyborg - 10 Crowbar - Power - 15 (has unique suicide) Rods 9-10 Fireaxe, 5, 15, 24 when weilded Multitool, 5, 0 Rcd 10, 10 Screwdriver, 5, 5, Can eyestab Tile, 10 thrown Tile, Plastasteel, 6, 10 Tile, light, 3, 5 Welding tool 3, 5, 15 burn when engaged. Wirecutters: 6 sharp Wrench, 5, 7 IAA/Magistrate Briefcase, 8 Gavel: 5, 6 Gavelblock: 2, 2 Tape Recorder, 2, 0 Tape, 1, 0 Janitor Bear trap, 0, 0, Trap damage 20 Mop, 3, 5 (flammable) Mop - Advanced, 6, 8 Medical Defib, 5, 6 Health Analyser 0, 3 Mass Spectrometer, 0, 5 Nanotrasen Representative Fancy Cane, 12 knockdown Security Bola, 0, 0, Weaken, Legcuffs Combat Knife, 20, 20 Handcuffs 0,3 Krav Maga – Legsweep 5 knockdown increased by harm intent 10-15 depending on state Krav Maga – Throat punch 10 Oxy increased by harm intent 10-15 depending on state Krav Maga – Neck Chop 5 silence increased by harm intent 10-15depending on state Tele baton, (extended), 10 knockdown Tele Shield, 3,3 (50% block for melee, bullets and lazer. 30% block for bombs. 0% energy/bio/rad) Riot Shield, 10, 5 (50% block for melee, bullets and lazer. 30% block for bombs. 0% energy/bio/rad) Seclite, 9 Stun Baton 10, 7 stuns when powered Surgery Bone Setter, 8, 9 Circular Saw, 15, 9 sharp Scalpel 10, 5 sharp Robotics These all have specific defensive stats and abilities not here listed Mecha 5, 0 modifiable Mecha, combat, 30, 0 Mecha, durand, 40, 0 Mecha, maurader, 45, 0 Mecha, phason, 15, 0 Drill (Mecha), 15, 0 Clamp (Mecha), 20, 0 Missile, 15 plus modifiers
  12. This is 100% correct. Having a small number 1-3 of traitors or other threats would spice up "Terror Spiders" as well as all the other messy game plays we have at the moment such as Blob or Nuke ops". Not only would it defuse trashy play such as giving everyone all access and throwing weapons out there it would give the few other antags opportunities whilst other crew were distracted and make sure departments still have to function at some level.
  13. Be aware of race abilities and weaknesses: Instant - kill. Diona: Weedkiller pretty much instantly kills Diona. (This is also why Diona sec is vulnerable because of the free weed-killer in perma) IPC take 50% more burn and brute damage and can be instant killed with EMP. EMP is almost always worth getting as a tator/changeling because of this. Mild Vulps hate being flashed, it can blind them. Vox take 20% more brute damage. Vox can also be killed with EMP. Grey can be hurt mildly with water. Drask and Tajara are hurt more by heat. Unathi are vulnerable to cold. Skrell can't handle alcohol well.
  14. You use talisman of stunning and preferably teleport the victim to somewhere safe where you can convert them. Off station is ideal. You make more talismans with the rune of binding. Lots more, and teleport too. Always hide your runes early on. Use concealment so they cannot be found. Hiding a rune under a table is not hiding it! The mime cannot call for help and is often a first easy catch. You can often persuade others to follow you to maint, or another place and then stun/teleport them. Incapacitated people (surgery is classic) are also free catches. You can hide talismans in clipboards (cover with normal paper) or folders. You can put arcane tomes in internals box or better a hazard vest. its not ideal, but it might fool 50% of officers. Deleting records so your blood can't be traced is great if you can do it. Communication is key. I don't play engineering roles but I'm sure they could use vacuums effectively to knock people out or convert them. Biggest problem I had last time I was a starter cultist was I became a fat cultie and couldn't wear my flagellents armour and this really slowed down teleporting people off station to convert. I ate too many donks when I was making talismans. Teaming up with 1 knowledgeable cultie is your best bet. Communicate!
  15. Problem with RP / non engineering objectives: The problem with non-engineering/science objectives is confirming whether or not they have been completed without admin checking. I.e., it can be automatically checked if they have been completed. This means that RP based objectives or ones which involve no specific construction can't easily be checked. Solution? Have it so command can call in a station inspector (like an ERT) to come and check that it has been completed. They can come on the ERT shuttle, observe whatever has been completed or done, read the reports / pictures and then head back to the ERT base. They can then press a button on a new computer back where they came from at ERT base to confirm objectives complete. This way no admin involvement is required as it can be confirmed/denied in-character and it would give an extra role (or multiple roles) for those who have died to get back into the game. That way we could have silly non-engineering objectives. Some ideas: Possible objectives: (1) Put on a play to raise morale (HoP responsibility) (2) Organise a fun fair for tourists (Clown/Chef/Bar responsibility) (3) Build and populate a biodome (Biology/Engineering responsibility) (4) Establish a successful colony (Everyone's responsibility) (5) Implement a rehabilitation program and successfully rehabilitate three offenders (Security/HoP/Magistrate/HoD responsibility) (6) Hold a full station trial with jury (Security/HoP/Magistrate/Journalist responsibility) (7) Run an apprenticeship program in all departments so each has to hire and train a cadet in a new role (Everyone's responsibility) (8) Install toilets in each department (Shitty objective) (9) Replace Cloning with a pod-person programme (Botany/Genetics etc.) (10) Ensure the station is spotless and without any mess (impossible objective) Having inspectors would open the station up to bribes, or worse - what would happen if an EOC got one? Oh no!