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  1. Perhaps that is a problem with the rarity of a morph. People don't know what to do and then get violent. I've tried to "talk down" violent morphs before and persuade them not to just nom people but with little success. Having a survive/replicate objective like a borer might assuage that, I just think as an already implemented and coded "antag" there are loads of ways, from stealth to RP to violent that a morph could "win?" that I'd like to see a few more or it to become at least as common as borers. However - I don't see how the worst morph (i.e., NOM EVERYONE) is any worse than the best Blob (i.e., NOM EVERYONE). I think its more promising as a semi-antag.
  2. Morphs should be more common. They are more RP intensive than blob, swarmer, revenant. Reasoning: 1 - Players do not often encounter morphs, many regulars have never seen one. 2 - They are unique in their playstyle with ventcrawling and ability/motivation to engage crew. 3 - They do not need to be violent or particularly antagonistic. They can be like borers in this regard. 4 - They are unlikely to mess with players rounds and are a much more RP / Engaging role to play than other options for players removed from the round. 5 - Who doesn't love a morph. Morph is most amusing quasi-antag.
  3. Welcome. I've seen you around a few times. Those chemicals sound fierce - we'll have to test them against the trusty banana skin in the corridors sometime!
  4. Really made me laugh. More music record ones!
  5. A lovely word, meaning whatness but it isn't really the essence proper, that would be the haecceity. A favourite word of mine would be pulchritudinous meaning splendidly dressed. History buffs will approve of the etymology of pulchritudinous, after a very well dressed chap in the Roman period.
  6. I've got about a hundred overall. Played about two months. Mostly get it from clowning. Its handy to gauge whether or not I'm succeeding in amusing the crew, don't have anything really I want from it.
  7. He wanted it to hire some random people to Trans-Solar rather than as Crew. Didn't make much sense to me but paperwork is paperwork....
  8. He wanted some paperwork for an application form, was very specific its not how I would have done it necessarily. He gave all the tabs. So I just posted it here for him. Apologies that it is a bit weird/spammy. I couldn't paper-work out a better way of giving him the form.
  9. I was asked to make a specific piece of paperwork. here it is. [logo] [large]Application Form[/large] [small]Please complete this form in black ink[/small] Full Name: [field] Sector: [field] Planet/Station: [field] City/Department: [field] Present Address: [field] Mailbox Number: [field] Species: [field] Age: [field] Gender: [field] Are you a citizen? If yes, what is your rank and branch of service?: [field] Current Employment: [field] Professional Qualifications: [field] Professional Skills: [field] Reason for Application: [field] Do you have any criminal convictions: [field] If you have answered yes to the above, please list your convictions: [field] [small]I declare that the information on this application form and any supplementary material I may have enclosed is to the best of my knowledge, accurate and true. [/small] Signature: [field]
  10. Sad to see this divide into two camps: "Do it yourself" VS "Put it as literal character objectives" Surely there is a compromise? Perhaps this could be an opportunity for the HoP? If the Civilian or Assistant is not able to think of their own task the HoP should assign something to them. Perhaps there could be a list of tasks (a book even) in the HoP office with tasks to do. (I am here inspired by my workplace which has a "to-do-list-book") If there was a book in HoP office assistants/civilians/buisnessmen could ask the Hop for a task. OR better yet - a vacancies waiting room (that useless one above HoP) with books or leaflets on various kinds of tasks available. Example tasks could include: Repair the old bar Provide the Chef with a Sushi Aquarium Repair the Diner Set up your own shop filtering disposal-ed rubbish and re-selling it Build a performance area / boxing ring in the bar Work as a fire warden and ensure all extinguishers are in place Start a DnD group Start a cards group Work as a medbay porter removing SSD characters and keeping the place tidy Visit prisoners and tell them about life on the outside to help their rehabilitation Open a private surgery in the abandoned surgery Build a lounge at escape for departing crew and stock it with drinks Assist the chef in keeping the kitchen clean Build a zoo with monkeys, wolps and the odd vox at escape Help the kitchen by using the food cart to deliver snacks across the station Help the chaplain by ensuring every department and especially every prison cell has a Bible/Holy Text Organize a blood donation drive for charity (medbay) etc etc. This would mean 1 - Tasks would be available to those who are not creative or who might just not think of something (lets be honest, sometimes we don't feel too creative) 2 - HoP could be inventive in assigning non-critical tasks And it does nothing for those who: 3 - come up with their own tasks - Just ask the HoP (if needed) for any (non ridiculous) access As an added bonus (for tator tots) 4 - This would allow RP ways of completing tator objectives. Chef-killing Sushi-suppliers. Blood-driving vampires. Cmo mugging hospital porters. And so on. And a double bonus: 5 - It would allow those who suggest new roles to "try it out".
  11. If you take a heap of sand and remove one grain at a time. When is it no longer a heap?
  12. An excellent speech Honkrade! Reminds me of one from one of Giggles' ancestors: " Now is the winter of our honkcontent Made glorious summer by this sun of Honk; And all the clouds that lour'd upon our honk In the deepest bosom of space belied. Now are our brows bound with victorious slips; Our bruised arms hung up for monuments; Our stern alarums changed to merry meetings, Our dreadful marches to squeaking measures. Grim-slippaged war hath smooth'd his wrinkled horn; And now, instead of mounting stolen janicarts To fright the souls of fearful baldies, He capers nimbly in the captain's chamber To the lascivious pleasing of a horn. But I, that am not shaped for sportive tricks, Nor made to court an amorous looking-glass; I, that am rudely stamp'd, and want love's majesty To strut before a wanton ambling mime; I, that am curtail'd of this fair proportion, Cheated of feature by dissembling nature, Deformed, honkfinish'd, sent before my time Into this breathing space, scarce half made up, And that so lamely and unfashionable That vulps bark at me as I halt by them; Why, I, in this weak piping time of peace, Have no delight to pass away the time, Unless to spy my shadow in the sun And descant on mine own deformity: And therefore, since I cannot prove a hero, To entertain these fair well-spoken shifts, I am determined to prove a villain And hate the idle habits of these eves. Pranks have I laid, inductions dangerous, By drunken prophecies, libels and dreams, To set my Captain and the HoS In deadly hate the one against the other: And if the Condom be as true and just As I am subtle, false and treacherous, This day should Captain closely be honk'd up, About a prophecy, which says that 'CC' Of Captain's heirs the murderer shall be. Dive, thoughts, down to my soul: here Captain comes. Ready the skins. Earl Giggles the Third
  13. N20 is short for "neato". Release it everywhere, it'll be a dream.
  14. 3: This is probably a missed opportunity, it is entirely possible that they got such a job through family connections, bribes and that sort of thing. Plenty of historical figures in the past have had more influence or gotten ridiculous roles at early ages due to family connections. It would be nice if people paid a bit more attention to character age though, and give something topical to talk about and have to answer or explain or develop.
  15. What if the role of brig technician was instead changed away from engineering to a more caretaker role. Add: In addition to basic tools for minor damage. Add Janitorial equipment, lights and to keep the brig clean, and neat. As well as cleaning up any blood and removing corpses and SSD. This would be more roleplay based, cleaning up messes and replacing lights, as well as encouraging sec to properly process evidence to keep rooms clear and clean. Remove: Engineering access to stop powergaming (simple tools only in a closet in sec). In this way its sort of a brig specific engi-janitor hybrid. Because engineering/janitor rarely fix the minor issues in the Brig and it can be frustrating for them with lack of access and busy security.