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  1. I think that the hoops necessary to go through justify the reward. Genetics is a bit cheekier in terms of hoops to go through since it can vary from round to round, but despite that fact we don't really see security outfitted with xray as commonplace. First off, I'm not sure you can say that that PR had 'popular support from the community'. A server player poll would probably be a more indicative statistic to pull from. Second, I don't think xray is overused so much as thermals are underused. Thermals definitely get the shorter end of the stick. While it's easier to get to the research levels for thermals, their material costs are about the same and they also don't have the latent advantage of being discovered via genetics. I think that it's reasonable to make xray a tad harder to get, but it's completely pointless to try and change xray. The drawback of xray shouldn't be in its function, but the endeavor necessary to achieve it. That being said, purely from my perspective, a good change would be something more like replacing xray with thermals in the genetics block, rather than making xray an exercise in masochism.
  2. Rather than re-work genetics entirely, a simpler solution could be to make it only possible to achieve certain block values with component upgrades. This would remove the 'muh rng' complaint because it requires a functioning RnD and also curb any early discovery of 'unfair' powers. Example being: Micro: <= B Nano: <= C Pico: <= D Femto: <= F If you really care about 'balancing' xray, implement the above and move xray to the Major Powers group rather than Intermediate Powers. Though, if I'm going to be honest, XRay/Hulk/TK are really the only things genetics has going for it. Most other powers are generally useless/flavor text. If you gimp genetics by adjusting/removing XRay, then Virology had ought to be next on the chopping block because the benefits that a decent virologist can produce would not only be better than what genetics could provide by a kilometer, but also infinitely more consistent as it can be cranked out reliably within the 15-20 minute mark. Not only is this an awful reward for reaching full power as a vampire, but this works both ways where this is just a terrible power for security to get because they're now subject to their own flashbangs/flashers which makes the power just dreadful. Overall, I think your proposed changes for XRay combine the worst aspects of Kidan, where you can't wear eyegear, and Vulpkanin, where someone can give you literal eye damage with a laser pointer, and IPC, where someone can rail you from beyond a wall. Generally the objective of a nerf is to bring balance to a feature of the game that would be considered unbalanced. I don't think the listed pros are worth the cons. I can understand people wanting to maybe make xray harder to obtain (which is debatable but I think it's worth conversation), but pretty much every suggestion I've read that involves changing how the power functions usually just ends up rendering it such a pain in the ass to have, that I'm starting to think that they truthfully just want it removed but they know that's a very extreme decision so they think that adding these unbalanced disadvantages will discourage people from using it to the point of obsolescence and that's just not a viable solution unless you want the power just straight up gone.
  3. But also different to cult, thralls are more easily identified. For a cult, you have to catch the cultist in the literal act of doing something cult OR have cult paraphernalia on them. In the cult situation, the situation is entirely reactive in terms of the crew. That meaning, the crew has to REACT to the cult. With thralls, the crew can be PROACTIVE, since thralls can be more easily identified by their 'strange features'. Security simply has to examine people they walk by, or tase, cuff, and unmask people who are hiding their faces. Additionally, it's very textbook to make sure that the medbay is being guarded since it's a likely target for sling divebombs. Dropping even one guard on medbay can cover both the ORs pretty well. Plus, the de-thralling surgery is so easy and quick that it's actually faster than holy water deconversions. So, this is an interesting point. From a security perspective, it's really, really easy to see that there's a security officer without their mindshield. They might as well have approached you screaming they're a thrall. From a non-sec perspective, I can see how it's frustrating to get bumrushed and stunned, then dragged back to maints while no-one really bats an eye. I think that security converts are what really solidifies the "snowball" effect. Once you've got a thrall with a ranged/melee stun and restraints readily available, it can get out of hand super fast. As sec on a sling round, when you lose that first officer that's when you know it's about to get really rough. So now that I've made those two statements, here's what I think of your proposals: If we buff mindshields, it'll become meta to just mindshield everyone in medbay as they get de-thralled, making it too hard for slings. Deconversion is already a pretty easy and quick thing to do as is. I can see this being a thing, but assuming that the station's so far out of control that you've got 15 thralls, by this point if an ERT is called in or there's still enough security to pose a threat, they're just killing thralls to deny them a chance for the sling to ascend. By the time you've gotten close to your objective, it's likely you'll be under the necessary thrall count. I actually think this is the best way to balance out the shadowling mode. There's a nice ability that sacrifices a thrall to delay the shuttle's arrival so you can buy more time to get those precious thralls. Here's the thing though: slings get access to an ability called 'Black Recuperation' at the 9 thrall mark and typically once the shuttle's called, you've got 9ish thralls so naturally the most common play is to use 'Destroy Engines', kill a thrall, then revive them. It completely nullifies the cost of Destroy Engines. I like this idea, but ultimately it would be at the cost of a complete rework of slings, which no-one really has the energy to do. Their abilities would all have to be either scrapped or almost unrecognizably changed. A good blanket change would be to make some abilities literally harm the thralls. A good strategy is to make each ability do a set amount of damage and then divide it equally among the amount of thralls. For example, Veil would deal 25 brute and burn to all thralls. If there's 5 thralls, it'll deal only 5 brute and burn to all thralls. Compound this with the fact there's probably 2-3 slings running around, it'll become very annoying to be a thrall since they're basically living batteries for the slings. Additionally, this fixes the issue of the fact that a good sling will always beat the best security officer, because slings have so many round start abilities to get out of any mistakes they make, it's really hard to actually catch one. Example: Sling is stunned, shadow walk, sling gets stunned again before the 30 second cooldown is up, icy veins, sling is stunned AGAIN before the 30 second cooldown, sonic screech and by then, shadow walk/icy veins is back up and they continue to slip out of any engagement. Combined with their regeneration in the darkness, it's quite difficult to pin down a sling even if they made three consecutive mistakes. Adding the blanket damage will actually harm the slings intent in the long run, since for each time they have to use abilities to cover up their mistakes, they are actively impeding themselves by damaging their thralls. If they don't make mistakes, their thralls live. If they do, their thralls die. tl;dr, if you want to fix slings, make them actually be what they're advertised as: Parasitic and manipulative beings.
  4. I'd argue it's the only thing they'd care about. From just about every lawset, pretty much any type of antag works against that. Crewsimov? They're pretty much the only people on the station that cause crew harm. Corporate? They're pretty much the only people on the station that'll sabotage the ship, steal/damage valuable equipment, or cause crew to have to be replaced. The other lawsets are fairly obvious in terms of their relationship with antags (usually). So this is debatable because like I previously mentioned, every department gets upgrades. The thing about AEGs, though, is that they're locked behind a box that only the Warden or HoS should be opening. Since AEGs fall under the 'Laser or Energy gun' rule, they're not to be distributed unless it's blue or red, which would infer there's an active threat on the station and completely justify the use of AEGs. As far as 'win almost any kind of fight', I don't think that's accurate because the AEG doesn't lend you a massive advantage. It's mostly a convenience thing because the HoS could arm security with their tasers and their laser rifles as two separate weapons OR just make them all one for ease of access. The recharge factor is actually so slow that most "robust" security officers carry two AEGs because the power draw on the AEG is so massive that usually you'll blow through your entire cell at least once before a firefight is over. But you seldom hear about people complaining that "these antags only play to win". In fact, if you see antags playing with a "play to win" mentality (ie powergaming, which for the record, I think is a dumb concept), most of the time you'll actually hear people praising how "robust" they are. Majority of the time though, the post game frustrations with security are more often just antags who had their round cut short because a security officer managed to outplay them. You'll hear security officers ring a similar tune after having their rounds cut short by an antag. It goes both ways. So generally when you die as security, your gear gets stripped off your body and your body gets spaced. If you didn't prescan, sorry, you're done. ERT turnout is usually abysmal, if it even gets called. Player controlled pets are dependent upon whether there's a functional xenobio. I have no idea who actually enjoys playing mice save for the vore fetishist that rushes to the nearest Unathi (jokes). Regardless, the point is, there's a natural disappointment when you die, whether it's security, antag, or just regular crew. That disappointment of death is what makes the satisfaction of success actually enjoyable. It's a natural part of the game that is unavoidable and, honestly, to desire it otherwise is too idealistic. And this is the crux of the problem. Sometimes only one party gets to have fun. You can't have a situation where both parties have fun all the time. It's just too idealistic. Especially on a server with 80+ people sometimes. You lose some, you win some. Since you make the point of how the antag with an ebow, shotgun, double esword combo isn't very intuitive and powergamey, I'd argue that emag rushing perma could also be considered unintuitive and powergamery. Making additional airlocks, however, is smart and punishes unimaginative actions. Additionally, since you suggested some alternatives to dealing with death, if entered into permabrig, you could: request exile, request borging, request execution, or plan ahead to escape permabrig (which could be fun as well).
  5. Debatable whether or not AI can really be 'validhunters' in the traditional sense. I don't see any problem with the AI giving security assistance as long as they remain within their lawset (eg, not shocking doors if crewsimov). There's plenty of ways around AI no matter what antag you are. As an antag, you just have to decide if you're going to naturally outsmart the AI or if you're going to get the appropriate abilities/equipment to get around them. So the holy water one is weird and I don't like it but I don't generally see a lot of Wardens/HoS request a tank unless there's some at least half-decent evidence of those kinds of antags being on the station. As for the other points (AEG and Reinforcing), science is always upgrading other departments completely regardless of demand (machine upgrades, giving powertools to engineering, giving medical IMS's, giving chemistry bluespace beakers, etc.). Engineering is pretty much given free reign to make alterations to the station as they deem appropriate, cameras being a big one. And at the end of the day, Antag is a player-versus-player dimension of the game. That's the fun of it. I can imagine it'd be considerably less fun if you were given objectives with no real formidable opposition. And in speaking of 'having a win' mentality, most antags tend to have the same exact mentality. If I play in the security department, I'm going to take every advantage I can get because, odds are, if I die, that's the end of my round. Whereas with antags, security tends to have to exercise more restraint and antags are generally given multiple opportunities to bounce back in the event they're outmatched (eg, breaking out of permabrig, breaking out processing, misting, shadow walking, combat stims, screetching, etc.) and not to mention the right-to-lethal guidelines security has to follow. Maintenance cameras can be annoying, but since someone has to go through the effort of installing them, I'd argue it's worth it. I don't think I've ever seen instances of 2 and 3 before, but 2 is easily countered by just walking. 3 is agreeably dumb because you're removing a prisoner's food source for fear of plastic knives make vulp colorblind like they're supposed to be, you cowards. ree my free loot So I see a lot of nymph do some really questionable shit and I've never played one but I am curious what rules they're given when they're created. Is it like a sentient pet deal or are they autonomous?
  6. Well first we gotta define 'stealth ops'. Presumably, the objective of a stealth operation is to secure the disk, arm the nuke, and escape without alerting the crew. I don't think I've ever actually seen this go down. The crew almost always gets alerted there's nukies on the station but, like you mentioned, it's far too late. A legitimate stealth op isn't a bad thing, the thing I think most people really hate are Blitz Ops, which is what most 'stealth ops' tend to devolve into because someone, naturally, gets caught so it just turns into four or five bloodsuits storming the woefully unprepared bridge and murderizing anyone in sight right before arming the nuke and escaping. I think a better option would be to severely limit the equipment that nukies can purchase without declaring war. Maybe only limit it to things that would be genuinely useful for a stealth operation and open up the more devastating equipment for those that actually declare war. This way, even if nukies decide to do a blitz op, they're not as heavily armed for a full scale blitz and have to deal with the fallout of a security team that is actually readily equipped to deal with them.
  7. Corocan

    Add Oxandrolone

    With a pill of 10u at a metabolism of 0.1u per cycle if you've got enough broken bones and bloodloss to put you at a severe enough speed disadvantage due to pain, unless you've got a pillbottle full of them or you're retreating for surgery, I don't think it would be a notable advantage in a fight. Edit; I will concede on the broken bones argument but only really if the broken bone is a foot.
  8. Corocan

    Add Oxandrolone

    Why bother with painkillers when you can use patches with instant metabolism rates that'll take you out of crit, thus fixing the pain. The way salicylic acid is right now is practically a ghetto med when compared to everything else that comes in a standard First Aid Kit. The only reason I'd ever use a salicylic acid pill is if I literally have nothing else left that can heal me. It would actually work even better as a combat med if we implemented it the way that /tg/ does.
  9. Corocan

    Add Oxandrolone

    The way Salicylic Acid works on /tg/ and Paradise is different, though. Salicylic acid on Paradise has more function as a lite painkiller while healing some really minor brute damage, whereas on /tg/ it doesn't really provide any pain killer properties and works more as an emergency med for when the brute damage is really bad. If you use it when you're just lightly bruised, it doesn't heal as much. It's kind of like calomel or perfluorodecalin; you only use it when you're in an extreme condition. tl;dr Salicylic Acid on Paradise is functionally different, not identical, from /tg/'s Salicylic Acid. That being said, I think it'd actually be better to make salicylic acid function like /tg/'s version and, if that was done, it'd only be right to include oxandrolone as it functions in /tg/. Reason being, the way salicylic acid is, it never gets used and is generally considered an inferior medicine to say, saline-glucose, in every way. I think it'd see more use if it functioned like /tg/'s version.
  10. Probably results in a failure to acquire a suitable genetic sample if I had to guess.
  11. what do you mean obese people don't explode when they eat a mint Nah but seriously obesity is the appendix of disabilities:
  12. Honestly, there should be more penalties to using some of the Shadowling's abilities, especially lategame ones. It's a good incentive to prevent people from willingly chucking themselves into maints because they know their round could end due to the Shadowling requiring more bodies to fuel the machine.