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  1. Well first we gotta define 'stealth ops'. Presumably, the objective of a stealth operation is to secure the disk, arm the nuke, and escape without alerting the crew. I don't think I've ever actually seen this go down. The crew almost always gets alerted there's nukies on the station but, like you mentioned, it's far too late. A legitimate stealth op isn't a bad thing, the thing I think most people really hate are Blitz Ops, which is what most 'stealth ops' tend to devolve into because someone, naturally, gets caught so it just turns into four or five bloodsuits storming the woefully unprepared bridge and murderizing anyone in sight right before arming the nuke and escaping. I think a better option would be to severely limit the equipment that nukies can purchase without declaring war. Maybe only limit it to things that would be genuinely useful for a stealth operation and open up the more devastating equipment for those that actually declare war. This way, even if nukies decide to do a blitz op, they're not as heavily armed for a full scale blitz and have to deal with the fallout of a security team that is actually readily equipped to deal with them.
  2. Corocan

    Add Oxandrolone

    With a pill of 10u at a metabolism of 0.1u per cycle if you've got enough broken bones and bloodloss to put you at a severe enough speed disadvantage due to pain, unless you've got a pillbottle full of them or you're retreating for surgery, I don't think it would be a notable advantage in a fight. Edit; I will concede on the broken bones argument but only really if the broken bone is a foot.
  3. Corocan

    Add Oxandrolone

    Why bother with painkillers when you can use patches with instant metabolism rates that'll take you out of crit, thus fixing the pain. The way salicylic acid is right now is practically a ghetto med when compared to everything else that comes in a standard First Aid Kit. The only reason I'd ever use a salicylic acid pill is if I literally have nothing else left that can heal me. It would actually work even better as a combat med if we implemented it the way that /tg/ does.
  4. Corocan

    Add Oxandrolone

    The way Salicylic Acid works on /tg/ and Paradise is different, though. Salicylic acid on Paradise has more function as a lite painkiller while healing some really minor brute damage, whereas on /tg/ it doesn't really provide any pain killer properties and works more as an emergency med for when the brute damage is really bad. If you use it when you're just lightly bruised, it doesn't heal as much. It's kind of like calomel or perfluorodecalin; you only use it when you're in an extreme condition. tl;dr Salicylic Acid on Paradise is functionally different, not identical, from /tg/'s Salicylic Acid. That being said, I think it'd actually be better to make salicylic acid function like /tg/'s version and, if that was done, it'd only be right to include oxandrolone as it functions in /tg/. Reason being, the way salicylic acid is, it never gets used and is generally considered an inferior medicine to say, saline-glucose, in every way. I think it'd see more use if it functioned like /tg/'s version.
  5. Probably results in a failure to acquire a suitable genetic sample if I had to guess.
  6. what do you mean obese people don't explode when they eat a mint Nah but seriously obesity is the appendix of disabilities:
  7. Honestly, there should be more penalties to using some of the Shadowling's abilities, especially lategame ones. It's a good incentive to prevent people from willingly chucking themselves into maints because they know their round could end due to the Shadowling requiring more bodies to fuel the machine.
  8. This has failed me before and I stand by the fact it's a syndicate myth spread to get people to let themselves be blown up.
  9. holy fuck this made me laugh more than it should have no but please can we stop the kinsies meme i'm tired of getting buli by roving vox gangs Honestly, I think this is why we see so much Vox anyways. That and the fact that one of the biggest drawbacks of being a Vox, the reliance on Nitrogen, isn't even that big of a problem. Vox can survive waaaaaaay longer off their Nitrogen than any other race can survive off oxygen. At this point, the only real negative of being a vox is you have to talk like that.
  10. And that's the unfortunate part about cult/sling/vampirethrall is that you can't really stop this from happening because often times there's not really enough substantial evidence to prove that people are getting caught intentionally. The only real incentive is to make it more painful to be an antag than to be a regular crew member. Forcing players to partake in objectives that might go against their IC wishes is probably the safest bet to make the Borers a legitimate threat rather than a neigh infinite source of free drugs and power game. I know that a lot of the player base treats willing borer participants with much disdain and I think it's well deserved since from an IC perspective they shouldn't want this brain slug in their heads and the very notion of vomiting out the offspring of said brain slug should revolt them, but it doesn't. In conclusion, I think the addition of an objective to sort of give the borer a legitimate goal that sets them against the crew is a good idea, however, this alone will be enough for the crewmember to desire to remove the head slug, so I think that keeping or removing the ability to Take Control wouldn't really sway anyone one way or the other. I think that it would actually be to the borer's benefit, as it should be in this relationship, to keep the Take Control ability. Great suggestion!
  11. I agree with this concern and would like to point out I never said that the Chaplain should have the god given right to kill the Vampires. Even if the Vampires are Vampires, they're still protected by Space Law and shouldn't be killed without good reason from Space Law. Even from an IC perspective, it makes perfect sense for them to be adversaries. Furthermore, the Chaplain has no obligation, even, to engage in any form of combat with the Vampire and may remain a strictly roleplay role if they choose. I understand the concerns with making this an official change, but, in my mind, the Chaplain would operate with the same exact RoE that Security is required to work with. I think Necaladun's suggestion is an excellent middle ground for this idea and requires no real change in the rule set, so I'm going to go ahead and request this thread be locked since there's a viable alternative I never really considered available. Thanks for your input everyone!
  12. You say that as though experienced vampires would have no problem disposing of the Chaplain, but later say that inexperienced vampires will get crushed by one. The Chaplain's immune to most of the Vampire's abilities, so it's not really about being an experienced or inexperienced vampire, but being an experienced or inexperienced player, so I don't think your notion that this puts new vampires at an unfair disadvantage holds any water. As for the inexperienced vamps lives becoming harder, that's what happens when you're new at something. You're not going to be good at it right off the bat. Artificially making the crew's lives harder by forcing Chaplains to be specifically prohibited doesn't change this fact one iota. If you're a bad vampire, you're going to get caught or die and that's just how it is. That player will very likely have another opportunity to antag again someday and they will learn to adapt their play style to get around these elements. Antagonists already have a large selection of tools at their disposal to help them combat the crew's efforts and it's their jobs to use these to the best of their abilities to complete their objectives. Chaplains are already targeted by cult on cult rounds and they very often survive regardless of this fact (In fact, they're targeted for just doing what they do already). I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the Antagonists' job is to be an antagonist. Sometimes that involves killing a player and keeping them out of the round. In fact, most antagonists have objectives specifically dedicated to assassinating players already so I don't think your claim that it'll ruin the Chaplain's round, in an unfair way, makes any sense either. Nobody likes getting dunked on, but that's all about the learning experience. SS13 is a cooperative game, but for the antag's case, they are against the crew which means they are competing against the various elements dedicated to thwarting their efforts. Antags have a lot of good tools at their disposal and more relaxed rule sets to complete their objectives. They'll learn to get better, as everyone does, I promise. Well, firstly, I don't think that if this rule gets relaxed that we'll see combat Chaplains as a regular thing. There's also nothing forcing the Chaplain to do anything in the first place, merely creating room for the possibility. Additionally, I don't think a karma locked role is going to prevent any of the things you're afraid of as we still see stuff like Redshields. IC Command should be the ones regulating, and punishing if need be, the actions of the little Van Helsing.