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  1. yeah but I wonder what makes these more popular than say new servers specifically is it just they have an established community, or have they figured out a way of making the game "work" better than other I do wonder?
  2. so I found this on reddit and the interesting thing about it being four years old is like 90% of the servers no longer exist.(a bit of a shame since one of them had all the players saying what they say with text to speech and I am curious to see what that was like What was more interesting was basically all the big servers today where around then as well including paradise so admins and anyone else what do you think actually makes a server last, there seems to be a pattern since a bunch of servers people know about now where there back then so maybe if we see whats common between them we can find a pattern? anyway I just made this post as an idea.(here is the link https://docs.google.com/document/d/172vlVjp1NPqkOSS0_zg5i2AZZhyYzM14WcljO-f2mKY/edit?usp=sharing
  3. so awhile back I got 5 karma and spent it on brig physician and it felt like a bit of a waste your basically just a doctor that works for sec, so if I ever get anymore karma what should I spend that on?
  4. just a brief post on the disaster thing well funnily enough I get glimpses of those rounds sometimes like once I loged on to BYOND go onto paradise see it's really late into the round. I think I'll observe to see whats going on then I see. half the station is a terror spider hive it's code DELTA alert, the nukes about to go of the whole station is a complete shithsow of death and spiders. and I think dam why do I never get these rounds, this is part of the reason I kept playing para I was always just hoping for one of those rounds. Yet never really got one as far as I can remember.
  5. thanks for the comment, you actually gave me a really interesting idea for an event. so why don't we sort of reenact to half life plot have resonance cascade of our owen in this round. so maybe an our in the admins send in this crystal and if science messes with it(which they will) we get a resonance cascade. We'll have our owen monsters(the code is already there) obviously not half life ones but you get my idea. then as well as that we have anomalies appear on the station, in many places.(you know the random event ones) but afterwards we give everyone who died(which will be most of the station) the opportunity to play space hecu,(we obviously won't call them that) and maybe latter on also they ability to play more powerful alien type solidure things our owen version of the alien grunts and vortigaunt's(thought I don't know if the code for a monster types like that exist probably not), they wouldn't be re skins thought they would have unique traits from the half life ones of course. I think if we try this we could have an interesting round like what I described still gives ghosts something to do to.
  6. in this post I am trying to prove the point that describing SS13 as a "workplace disaster simulator" only holds true for LRP servers. . To prove my point let's say that on a round of SS13 we have a resonance cascade(from half life if you don't know what that is look it up). Let's use paradise as an example so it happens say an hour in to the round. the place get's fucked up by anomalies and xen creatures we can assume about 80% of the stations population dies within 20 minutes afterwords. The station would be left in disary creatures everywhere and the place ruined by anomalies. now I think It would be pretty sweet to play the players that survive the initial incident desperatly trying to escape and fighting for survival maybe with some buddies. But for the rest of the players it would be an awful experience having the round ended like that and dead chat would be full of salt and such and event would never be repeated again. you see what I am getting at here server that is not LRP would not tolerate a proper space disaster because it would end to many players rounds to quickly. you see I recently learned that in SS13 despite what this server says it is not a perfect mix of RP and action for anyone not playing command/sec 9/10 rounds when I play sci I feel like I am playing extended I get zero antag interaction. the only way I would get some is valid hunting that's it and so anyone RPing a normal person on paradise playing non- command/sec just have that feeling or at least I have. So what do you think about my post comment down blow.
  7. I also think it will help out antags a lot since they will actually have some space, and high pop wont be so crowded.
  8. I think it is good in many ways, only problem is science does not have it's chemistry lab which it should have.