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  1. Its not everyday I play clown, but when Honks call you answer. GRN-DER took up the mantle of Honkster the Pinkster and began his unlikely journey to heroism. What followed from a simple request to talk to the Warden about getting to honk around Security escalated when Nukies attacked and Honkers was immediately outfitted in a Blood Red Hardsuit, Complete with Laser Rifle and Riot Shield. At first I was like But then I was all Nukies immediately bombed Security and the Captain was being rushed by an Operative right before me and David (The Wardens) eyes. Thanks to the Warden, a Paramedic and Myself, I had the pleasure of firing the gibbing shot into the Nukie. Sprayed with the guts of our foe, I dragged Captain through the depressurization into the Armory, and after stabilizing him he ordered me to carry and protect the Nuclear Disk. Captain was injected but still critical, however we managed to get him to Security Medical Station and I was now tasked with carrying the fate of the Station on my Honky shoulders. Warden and I quickly became a Unified Armored Honk Unit, running around constantly, shooting Spiders and Traitors with Honking efficiency and deadly speed. Likewise I was also given unprecedented Access and the bad ass title of Combat Clown. Figure 1: Historical Photo of a Type-2 Armored Honk Unit From here we cycled around until finally the station was stable, Captain was alive and well, and ultimately I returned the disk back to him per his request. Our mission was complete! Captain however, wanting to celebrate our survival, called us to the front of the bridge for a Medal Ceremony. Here I can say I had the privilege and the honor of receiving The Medal of Exceptional Heroism. I was simply stunned! This was hands down the highest honor I could have possibly received, and i am still amazed the Captain saw it in Honkers to give him such a esteemed and coveted medal. It was truly an amazing round, and I am glad my fellow Security members were also honored with esteemed Service Medals and Distinguished Service Crosses. And thats the quick and dirty on how a shit posting clown became a Nuclear Level Counter Operative.
  2. IPC is the way to go. BEEP
  3. Human Classifications: A race is a grouping of humans based on shared physical or social qualities into categories generally viewed as distinct by society. First used to refer to speakers of a common language and then to denote national affiliations, by the 17th century the term race began to refer to physical (phenotypical) traits. Broader Sociological: Social interpretations of race regard the common categorizations of people into different races, often with biologist tagging of particular "racial" attributes beyond mere anatomy, as more socially and culturally determined than based upon biology Race encapsulates a common physical relationship, as well as a cultural one. In both cases I think the IPC's qualify for the classification. IPC's have their own language which in itself is one of the first cultural achievements any race must achieve, and even if they have emulated other cultures and remixed elements, there does exist a brotherhood amongst them / common culture. IPC's generally tend to talk amongst themselves and relate quickly to one another. The experience of being an IPC likewise comes with its own cultural commonalities that are innate in their mindset. Their weakness to harsher conditions means they gravitate more to the office area's than to the asteroids or space, and those job positions influence the attitude and the mind. Likewise having energy dependence works like a double edged sword where they need not worry about food, but are expected to work harder and longer at their stations. These things coalesce to create an underlying unspoken culture that they live. I should also mention that IPC's and Humans (if we really want to get hair splitting) can be interchanged by surgical means. Difficult, but it can be done. In some capacity, this distinguishes both distinct difference, yet a common "tree branch" between the races. Almost like a common ancestor ( a poor metaphor but it will do). The lack of genetic material does not change their common physical commonalities (such as the unique brains which are common yet their own) and cultural bonds for which they have created and thus I would say the classification of "a race" is an accurate one. I am willing to grant that their culture is in infantile stages, but it none the less exists.
  4. Name: GRN-DER Age: 54 Gender: M Race: IPC Blood Type: N/A General Occupational Role(s): Medical Doctor / Surgeon, Shaft Miner Biography: Was it Grinder or GRN-DER? Was he slave or master? Plunderer or Patriot? When you’ve lived the many lives which he supposedly has endured, the memories can no longer be separated from a blur of suffering and triumph; pain and ecstasy. Such is the origin of GRN-DER; a collage of horrid ordeals broken up by immense triumph. Rumors abound but facts are sparse. Qualifications: Quick with a knife, be it a scalpel or dagger. Well versed in strategic thought and game theory. Familiar with majority of station operations both on and off sites. Has an excellent understanding of mining / resource management. Likewise familiar with medical knowledge and an astounding quick study. GRN-DER likewise has other less presentable skills which do emerge when needed, ordered or pressured. Is both loved and hated as he both hates and loves. Employment Records: Several years of records indicate he has served as both miner and medical officer before his first year on Cyberiad, though much of this record has been redacted, damage or lost. Security Records: █████ #█-███25 Medical Records: Any records from prior point before the conversion has likewise been lost between medical junctures and is likewise unknown to the patient. Personnel Photo (Appearance text):
  5. As I have spent the better half of my 10 years being a internet barbarian with the same tribe that would shout said obscenities, I have a somewhat unique perspective. Most people who I know who set out like Orkz in 40k through cyberspace, are in it for a good trash fire and a long, hard fight. This isn't to say that they don't have legit grievances with you, or vice versa, you probably both do. The difference is they enjoy the fight too. I do not know them per se, and they don't really know me, if you catch my drift, but I know what the old hive mind happens to say and feel the tug myself. If I were to summarize, the main complaints obviously come from the Furry Aspect Some of the Rules and Regulations (far reaching). Firstly, Paradise did not bother me when I first joined, specifically because ERP is forbidden, and in this regard, I have always felt that it holds more true that the species feel like aliens more than Yiffers. Because of this as well and distinct lack of flaunting a perceived stereotype, but rather, acting relatively normal, this complaint seemed dubious. But I can understand where they come from, as like it or not Furries have a reputation, and all reputations are earned, whether fairly or un-fairly. Paradise, in my opinion, works to dispel that reputation and for this reason I could care less about it in the grander scheme of things. Secondly, many of the servers rules are far reaching and can construe much into "murderboning" or "griefing", and if there's one thing we barbarians hate, its the fun police interfering in a game. Don't get me wrong, often times we'll deliberately flirt the line or outright do it for a good time. The justification is, "but come on, didn't you see what I accomplished?" and I like the answer personally, because all to often, the wanton destruction is truly a sight worthy of the title "dumpster fire" and results in laughter if recorded for years to come. Likewise, I understand that without rules, SS13, would not be SS13, and thus I believe its a delicate give and take. For a barbarian, this is a tough adjustment, as you are used to answering only to others who you believe you have honorable duties towards, and yourself. I have heard many complaints about the Karma System, but this I attribute solely to the fact that like me starting out, they expect to be rewarded for a different behavior in a different culture. Likewise netcode is brought up but whether there's merit to that or not who knows. I have pillaged my way across FPS's and RTS's and everything in between and I cherished every second I can remember, but Paradise is actually so chill I'd say it's mellowed me out, and I've come to enjoy the more personal side of the internet again. Something I have not done outside my small inner circle for a decade. In conclusion, (using me as a personal example) I think if people tried Paradise Station in what I will refer to as, "good faith", they'd find it's actually a pretty chill place, and you guys are pretty cool.
  6. What type of music would you collect? Are there specific albums you want on LP or perhaps a Cassette? Some only collect very specific genre's or releases.
  7. A noble dream, and are you coming close to accomplishing it, or is it still a way's off?
  8. Whether it be writing the great American novel or seeing the wonders of the world, what is your dream in life? How will you accomplish it? Have you already? Share, and come to understand your fellow man.
  9. Do you like to fight, or do you prefer pacifism?
  10. As someone who went to college for Psychology as a profession, and subsequently never pursued it as a career, I would like to caution you when seeking a Therapist, Shrink or Psychologist /Psychiatrist. Parts of the following story will be altered to protect the innocent and the guilty, but the over-all feel for what you will hear shall be true. The field of Psychology is the laughing stock of its older and more robust brothers in STEM fields, and this mockery is completely deserved. When I went to college I sought out to become a Chemist, as I had excelled in it at High School and found it fascinating. However, I was quickly brought to task at 101 courses and quickly was left considering what I would do with my degree. I took several courses to get a flavor of what's out there, and ultimately settled on Psychology, which I wound up receiving my degree in. Of those four and half years of study, I can say It was the most eye opening experience I ever received. For I had received a degree in a field dedicated to the art of bullshit. Now that may sound harsh, and it is, and I might add, deservedly so. No one is really sure when it happened, (maybe the 80's) when the DSM began to spiral severely out of control, but the result has been a dumpster fire that one struggles to call a science. Before I wind up rambling, I'd like to bullet point out the major problems and take it from there: The DSM's constantly evolving nature favors politics more than science and is thereby subject to the whims of todays and flavors of the month. The DSM can categorize nearly any unsavory habit or quirk in your personality and turn it into a disorder (which conveniently there's likely pills for) Over Diagnosis is Rampant (as is "downward spiral" over prescription) Its an incredibly easy field for anyone to enter and make a profession, leading to a incredible imbalance of nincompoops and un-motivated deadweights carrying the system as a whole. Problem 4 exacerbates problems 1-3 thus rendering society worse as whole in direct contradiction to the Hippocratic Oath. The DSM manual throughout its many iterations and evolutions has reached a low now where it can be re-written to suit the political flavors of today. The more noticeable change in recent memory was the changing of the wording of Gender Identity Disorder to Gender Dyphoria. Irrespective of your politics or any debate on Gender vs Anatomical fact, you might be inclined to say this was a small change with no negative consequences, but you couldn't be further from the truth. Now stricken of its classification of disorder, cures were abandoned in favor of "treatment" which has arguably done more harm than good to those effected. Great progress was being made in this area which suggested some ingestible metals (might have been a chemical, will update later when I find it) could offer a cure to this disorder or at least counter act it effectively, and were swept by the way side in favor of re-assignment surgery. This push from this simple change has been massive and the effects on the patients has been heartbreaking, as their suicide rates remain the same across transition (some report higher) and men to female transitions suffer acutely from the lifelong process's that come in maintaining their new form. If you do not understand what I am referring to, see dilation. Many MtF are shocked at the incredible pain such a procedure now entails post surgery, that will now last a life time. Ultimately, its a bad solution but its now the "only" one because as far as the DSM is concerned, there is nothing to cure. Small things become big, but the Psychological community at large is pleased because it has none the less, been a boon to their credibility (as the whole gender debate was in vogue for roughly 4 years after that point, possibly still is) so casualties be damned. This theme continues across all complaints. Likewise, the DSM, contrary to what you might think, has diagnosis that cross sections easily and rapidly to where diagnosis can be interchanged at whim. Furthermore, the diagnosis criteria is so broad that normal human behavior, can be reclassified at will to suit a mental illness. A great Ted Talk on this matter was given, in which a man faked being crazy to get out of a 5 year jail sentence, and was then subsequently held by force in a mental hospital for 11 years. He confessed the first day he was sane and had faked it, but they decided to hold him because what he said lined up with Psychopathy, (emotionless, manipulated for own gain, glamour / glitt outward showmanship, shallow etc), since he had manipulated the system (or tried too), this made him a Psychopath. He acutely pointed out, that many of the symptoms were cyclical and inescapable: Psychopaths do not feel remorse, so when he apologized and said he felt bad about lying to escape jail, they accused him of manipulation thus furthering his behavior as 100% guaranteed psychopath. Field Shrinks and Therapists are all too quick to shove people into boxes because its easier, plus they have a degree, (though as any STEM will tell you its arduous as to its value). This is far more common than you think. The 90's had an epidemic of false diagnosis for boys in the ADHD and ADD "outbreak" which leads into my next point. Over diagnosis has been a major problem within the field. Barring the side of Psychology which deals primary with statistics (though they are majorly at fault in their own way) Therapists, (traditionally imagined Psychologist such as Psychiatrists), are quick to throw pills at any problem. Rarely do you see activities anymore within this field to better the spirit of man, instead PHARMA PHARMA PHARMA, PILLS PILLS PILLS. If your son sits up to quick or acts like a boy in class, you best believe he is going to be medicated because Susy NoMaHney is only making 28k a year to baby sit your kid while she reflects on your son ripping Platos face in half because he wants to be a super sayain today instead. She says he'll be thrown out without Psychiatric treatment, and the Psychiatrist will have the same amount of patience and love for him as she did, and will simply Diagnosis him as ADD or ADHD. This will proceed to fundamentally alter his brain chemistry in his earliest developmental phase, which will affect him for the REST OF HIS NATURAL LIFE. The abhorrent evil of this system still brings my blood to a boil, and the effects are still being felt to this day on the 90s generation. Likewise, marks like this stick with you: For high skill jobs (depression diagnosis are particular poisonous for some fields, ADHD/ADD is a decline for military service so you best lie about it at MEPS), and they are hard to wash away. Continuing on this point, the pills can often cause subsequent problems which, you guessed it, a Psychiatrist will throw more pills to cover up those pills effects and furthermore and so on and so on, until little Timmy is on 43 different medications and has 90 Mental illnesses. Provided he can still stand, he sure wont be giving Suzy NoMaHney no lip about how Plato's a FOP of a man compared to Broly. The field of Psychology, is a laughably easy study. Anyone with a GED or High School Diploma is over qualified and fit for their "college level" courses. I dedicated no time to it and aced every test ( no that's not a joke ). I easily dropped 2500 hours in TF2 during my college years, as studying was a breeze. However for the average pleb who wanted to do this they neither had the dedication (what little there was) or the intelligence (what little is required for it) but still manage to squeak out with D's and C's, while I was more interested in finding the new Meta with Manconomy Update and rejoicing in my new Brain Slug HAT pulling A's and A+'s out of my ass. The only time I did work was when I would have to carry these brain dead SLOPS through actual Statistic based research, presentations, analysis / arithmetic and general studies. Likewise by the grace of god and people like me, a vast majority of my "Colleagues" are almost certainly treating you and the public at large right this very minute. You have my condolences. These under-qualified mental midgets likewise are paving the way to a future of mass medication as they, as you probably guessed, are foppish men or more likely non-boat rocking women (as Psychology is disproportionately female driven in terms of jobs), and both have a go along to get along attitude, meaning, they will uphold the current status quo or even further it. As for my own personal disenfranchisement; it began when my Psychology Teacher approached me and demanded I destroy my research project because the data proved politically incorrect and she did not take kindly to that. She offered me an ultimatum: I could keep my research project and fail the class and face potential expulsion (probably wouldn't have happened but who knows) or take a failing grade and never do anything like it again. I am a proud man but I am no fool and its not my money to waste, so I took the failed grade. I never forgot then what it was to be Psychologist. It is to be someone else's pill poppin political stooge, with little or no commitment to the hard truths of the time, nor the truths for the betterment of man.
  11. Well I for sure saw you that round, like a robotic fairy. And What a round it was, Medical saved lives like champions. I spent 45 minutes operating back to back surgeries alone.
  12. We may have already met, I recently created a Medical counter part since I unlocked IPC people recently, aptly and un-originally named F.R.T.Z. Slowly getting the hang of surgery, now broken bones are no prob! If only ruptured lungs were so easy. Feel free to ping in my general direction if you see me!