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  1. thanks all i will start to play the role as intended
  2. Oh so doctor is really a first aider. I was playing the other day to get a prisoner to medbay is hard work, dodging all the tables people have made in the corridors then having everyone running into you pushing the medical trolley away. If your in a hurry the prisoners will die takes so long. I'm abit funny when it comes to building my own medbay as I feel it takes away the RP when a doctor starts building advanced construction items what's why the station has engineering (maybe its just me) but getting one that's not busy can be real hard and most CE don't answer you when you ask. Maybe I'm too heavy in to the role play and maybe it's the wrong server for it.
  3. I would like to suggest an improvement to the Brig doctors office. could it be enlarged a little and please could it be fitted with a full working body scanner and a operating table. i find it takes along time for me to get it setup and feels its not much help if not fully working . Thanks for looking Chris
  4. This is a role I would love to play and maybe ask to take on a trainee role and shadow a warden to get my head around it, maybe an assistant warden
  5. Thanks for all your reply Maybe I'm thinking too much in to the role play side but when the round starts it is just another day at work like in real life you shouldnt really think oh there maybe a traitor or changing. The tutor role was more of a roleplay thing instead of asking via F1 and going out of character. Maybe shadow a engineer who can show you in game. I currently just start as a assistant but the only problem being is that some rounds may not have a HOP Thanks again guys maybe something that may be looked at in more detail Chris
  6. Hi all, I am new to the server and play regularly under the name Carl Wilson. I have played Ss13 a while now but took a break that left me rusty. I enjoy the harder roles to play but like to play them in a trainee role until I'm fully qualified to play them. I think adding trainee roles that offer limited access than the main role (ie engineer not having access to the main power console) would help rusty and new players get in to the bigger roles. Maybe even add a tutor role in for other experienced players to train new folks up Thanks for your time Chris